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Map Information
Spawn Positions:
8 at 12, 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9
Competition Span:
07/2010 - Present

Outpost is an 8 player map released with the launch of SC2. It is intended for 4v4 play.

Official Map Description[edit]

Team play map. Your allies are nearby. Xel'Naga Tower overlook the two main paths to the enemy. Low ground to the north and south contains additional resources and another attack path.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Two mains are on its own land-mass with a medium sloped entrance creating a more dependent style of play between two players on the team.
  • Three natural expansions are found between the team's mains, leaving one ally to expand towards the three exterior expansions at the 4 and 10 o'clock, deviating off the main paths of attack and between the two attacking teams.
  • Those exterior expansions deviate from the paths to the main bases, however, have their own sub-path and are completely separate from one another (only one entrance/exit).
  • One Xel'naga watchtower each is placed at the corner of the main and natural area and surrounded in brush, allowing secret access to the tower if the enemy is not consistently holding it.
  • Gold expansions are found closely mirroring one another and directly in sight of both teams on the main paths.
  • Very large air space behind the main bases allows harassing air units to escape and avoid direct conflict against defensive anti-air ground units.


  • Given that two players are held by one single medium-sized ramp, it is suggested to wall off if either player is not the Zerg race in case of any early rushes from the enemies.
  • When the coast is clear and it appears the enemies have no intention of rushing for an early win or to cripple two player of the team of four, it is suggested, given the map-layout, to allow 3 players to expand and one remains on one-base for early basic defense in case of harassment and then allow that player to expand from the side expansions as all the players who have expanded have already "teched" and massed a sufficiently large army
  • The forms of harassment best suggested are those via air, given the proximity of two allies' bases as well as the large air-space behind the main bases heavily favor air-harassment in the form of Mutalisks, Banshees and/or Phoenixes. Nydus worms, Medivac drops and/or warp prism warp-ins are not suggested due to the limited spacing at the main-base and the close positions of each expansion to each other as well as backed against the main natural's high-ground wall.
  • Ensure to deny any "ninja"/secret expansions down by the deviated path at the 11/5 o'clock expansions. As Terran ensure to use the "plateau" surface to place siege tanks to cover both the deviated path and main path or as Protoss, use the "plateau" high-ground to easily blink away from surrounding enemy units for easy escape.