Overlord (Legacy of the Void)

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This article covers the current multiplayer version of this unit. For other versions see Overlord (Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm) and Overlord (Heart of the Swarm Campaign).
[e][h] Overlord
Unit Information
Air Unit
100 0 18 0
200 0 (+1)
0.902 (+1.728)
Morphs into:
Overseer (Lair)


The Overlord is the Zerg's supply unit and is the equivalent of the Terran's Supply Depot and the Protoss Pylon. The Overlord provides the Zerg player with 8 supply. More must be built to create additional units.

SC2's Overlords are not Detectors (their Brood War counterparts had the ability). Instead, the Zerg morph Overlords to Overseers for mobile detection. Overseers require a Lair.

Overlords may be placed behind the opponent's natural expansion, offering map vision and information about when they have started their expansion.

Many Zerg players spread out their Overlords early on, so when they have reached Lair tech they can start using the Generate Creep ability and thus expand the Creep.

Good Zerg players also know when to use Overlords for setting up a chain of vision. When the threat of air attack is low it is advisable to place Overlords across a section of or the whole of a map in a line or Curve as an early warning system. It is also advisable to place Overlords around the map in general or to allow them to patrol, spotting early enemy raiders, aerial drops or pushes. Use high ground to hide the Overlords from ground units. It is vital that a player researches Pneumatized Carapace for Overlords in order to facilitate a quick escape.

In Legacy of the Void, the Overlord can still morph into an Overseer, but it can also morph into an Overlord with Ventral Sacs, which now is an ability for a single unit, not all Overlords. Ventral Sacs change the Overlord's appearance, denoting to the enemy that they may carry units. This can be used tactically, e.g. feigning an imminent drop using empty Overlords. Ventral Sacs require a Lair. Overlords with Ventral Sacs can still morph to Overseers, but they lose their ability to load units, and the upgrade can only performed while the Overlord is empty.


Duration: 12 s
Hotkey: V
Morphs the selected Overlord into an Overseer. Requires Lair.
Duration: 11 s
Hotkey: G
When selected, the Overlord will create Zerg creep beneath it, spreading out to a 2x2 area.

Generate Creep is a useful ability for the Overlord and can allow them to quickly reinforce their units to key parts of the map. Overlords are often used to generate creep by expansions to prevent Terran or Protoss players from expanding.

Duration: 12 s
Hotkey: T
Enables the Overlord to transport units. Requires a Lair.
Hotkey: L
The Overlord has a cargo space of 8. Overlords can use the Load ability only after mutating Ventral Sacs.


 100      100      43 Hotkey: P
Researched from: Hatchery
Increases the movement speed of Overlords to 2.63 and Overseers to 4.72.

Competitive Usage[edit]

Vs. Protoss[edit]

Overlords can be sent to scout the opponent's base, but once the Cybernetics Core is built, the Overlords should be moved to a safe location to prevent it from getting sniped by a Stalker or Sentry. Players should also watch for a Stargate. Void Rays and Phoenixes are very effective against Overlords.

Vs. Terran[edit]

When sending your Overlord to a Terran opponent's base, you have to be very careful to not let it get sniped by Marines. On most maps, the Terran player will already have Marines, so it may be suggested to scout with a faster Drone at 13 supply instead.

Since Terran players can scan your base to scout your tech, the Overlord's Generate Creep ability can be used in a discreet location in your base so that an important building like a Spire can be built underneath it, keeping the building hidden from the enemy scan. Just be careful, as the building underneath it will start to die from lack of creep if the Overlord moves away or is killed.

Vs. Zerg[edit]

Overlords should be sent to the bases of the opposing Zerg player, but once the Spawning Pool completes, the Overlords should be moved to a safe location since the Queen can attack air units. Conventional ZvZ play does not use units that attack air, so Overlords can generally be spread throughout the map without fear of losing them, granting enormous map vision. However, if the enemy makes Hydralisks or Mutalisks, this can be a liability if all the Overlords are easily killed.


  • When acting as a shuttle, the Overlord - like all transporter units - can unload 1 unit per second, independent of size.
  • Cannot mutate into an Overseer while transporting units.



Patch Changes[edit]


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