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[e][h]Protoss Oz
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Kim Hak-soo
April 23, 1989 (age 33)
Alternate IDs:
PkDOz, OzOz, Twilight, SeCret, HakSoo. FXOz, Endless, Drug, Reborn[1]
Approx. Total Winnings:
Military Service:
Years active:
2011 - 2015
2008-??-?? — 2010-??-??
2010-10-01 — 2011-06-16
2011-06-16 — 2012-05-06
2012-05-06 — 2013-02-11
2013-03-28 — 2013-12-13
2014-04-06 — 2014-11-13
Recent Matches
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Oz Protoss South Korea
South Korea Zerg Hydra
2015-01-24 07:30:00UTC  
Oz Protoss South Korea
South Korea Terran Polt
2015-01-19 13:00:11UTC  

Kim "Oz" Hak-soo (born April 23, 1989) is a retired Korean Protoss player.

In Brood War, he played for hite SPARKYZ.


Oz joined hite SPARKYZ under the ID SeCret in early 2008 as a Brood War professional, and after participating in several leagues quit in October 2010. He has taken games off of notable Brood War players during his career such as Bisu, free, Anytime and Violet.


Oz, as described by GSL casters Artosis and Wolf, was one of the first players to begin integrating early High Templar timings in his play and using Warp Prisms to protect them from EMPs and general harm. He is also known for his strong mechanics and all-around solid play as well as stellar unit control and micromanagement.

FXO's Unstable described Oz as a very preparation-based player.[2]

Wings of Liberty[edit]

After retiring from Brood War, he joined the fOu team for StarCraft II acting as a player and coach, holding two accounts in the top 25 South Korean Grandmaster ladder. While looking to expand his presence in SC2 to the global scene, Oz approached FXOpen e-Sports as a potential new team.[3] Oz played for FXO until May 2012, where he joined Fnatic due to his intent to participate in more foreign events, which conflicted with FXO's own vision.[4]

In the Team Ace Invitational, Oz was placed in Group D with CoCa, Sage, Bomber, and BBoongBBoong. He cleanly defeated CoCa, BBoongBBoong and the heavily favored Bomber respectively, topping his group 3-0 and avoiding Sage.[5] In his next match he played against Mvp but fell to the GSL Champion 1-2, ending Oz's run in the Arena of Legends.

At WCG 2011, Oz won his Ro32 match against Sculp 2-0. He advanced to the Ro16 in Group C with MarineKing, sC and San[6] but only went 1-2, falling to both MarineKing and sC but beating San. This ended his run in WCG Korea.[7]

Oz also participated in the KSL in the second week on December 7, 2011. There he crushed TOP and YangSongE 2-0 before being defeated in the finals by jjakji for second place and a $50USD prize. At the KSL 2012 Opening Ceremonies on December 27, 2011 featuring FXO and IM in a Bo11 Oz defeated Seed to bring his team up to 1-3, but fell to Happy in the next game.

Oz played at MSI's RaidCall Invitational 2 where he defeated Ryung 2-0 and HerO 2-1, but lost to Seed 2-1. In the third place match he fell to teammate Lucky, taking fourth place.

Global StarCraft II Team League[edit]

Though Oz did not appear frequently in the GSL due to his role as fOu's team coach, he played in the GSTL for both fOu and eventually FXO and Fnatic.

In GSTL March, Oz (still playing under the ID Twilight) played for fOu in the quarterfinals match against TSL, defeating former GSL Champion FruitDealer but falling to aLive. fOu lost 2-4 against TSL. This was Oz's only appearance in the GSTL prior to joining FXO, as he was not present for GSTL May or GSTL February.

After transferring to FXOpen, Oz became a regular for the team in the GSTL Season 1. Oz was frequently sent out as FXO's first pick in the GSTL, described by Wolf as their Ace player alongside qxc and team captain Sheth.

FXOpen's first match on June 24 was against team StarTale, where Oz defeated Curious but fell to Squirtle, managing two wins after teammate Sheth's win against Tiger. In week two, FXO was all-killed by Hack in the match vs ZeNEX, with Oz losing the final game to the Terran player. Oz began FXO's next match against HoSeo, managing to defeat Zerg player Seal before falling to jjakji, who later swept FXO. Oz's final game in the first season was against his former team fOu, where he lost to GuMiho. FXO ended up losing the match, with qxc managing to beat GuMiho before falling to Choya.

Oz played for FXO against SlayerS in 2012 Global StarCraft II Team League Season 1 as their last player against MMA, but lost 3-5. In the losers' bracket against ZeNEX, Oz played after Lucky's 3-1 run, crushing Avenge and TREME to give his team a 5-1 win. In FXO's next match against MVP however, Oz was not able to demonstrate the same success, losing to finale for a total score of 2-5 in favor of MVP, dropping them down into the losers' round and pitting them once more against SlayerS. There, Oz managed to beat CoCa and Puzzle before falling to Ryung. FXO ultimately won 5-3 against SlayerS.

In the 2012 Global StarCraft II Team League Season 2, Oz made several minor appearances for Fnatic in Group B, losing to TSL's Symbol in the second match. With his team advancing due to an automatic win against oGs (due to the team's dissolution), he played their first match in Group A against Prime, but lost to Creator. In their next match against MVP Oz was eliminated quickly against finale. In Fnatic's most recent match, Oz was selected after his teammates ByuL, Rain and Moon fell to JYP (due to the SlayerS-EG partnership in the GSTL) in decisive games. Oz was able to counter yet another proxy Gateway cheese from his opponent and finally bring Fnatic up 1-3 against SlayerS-EG. He then played against YugiOh, who he managed to defeat after a lengthy and dangerous base trade. He then lost CoCa. Fnatic lost the match 4-5, which eliminated the team from Season 2.

In the third season, Oz was not a frequent pick for Fnatic, appearing in the first round against Incredible Miracle only to fall to YongHwa, who all-killed the team. Able to advance to the second round due to a victory over New Star HoSeo, Fnatic played against FXO in the first match of the second round, where Oz lost to Tear, who closed off a 5-2 victory for FXO. In their match against Prime, which resulted in a similar 5-2 defeat and subsequent elimination from the third season, Oz did not play.

Global StarCraft II League[edit]

Code A[edit]

Oz entered the October Code A preliminaries in 2011 and made it to the finals against BoxeR. He utilized heavily Zealot-focused armies to sweep the Emperor 2-0, gaining a spot in Code A. In the Code A Ro32 on September 20, Oz managed to defeat ByuN 2-1 after a shaky first game. He advanced to the RO16 against SUPERSTAR, sweeping the Zerg player 2-0 to move to the Ro8, defeating the heavily-favored JYP 2-0. He then went to the semifinals against another heavily favored player, Sage and managed to win 3-1, closing out the last game with excellent Probe micro to hold off his opponent's proxy 2-gate rush. (His teammate GuMiho was the other FXO player who managed to reach the semifinals, but was beaten handily by Curious.) Oz advanced to the finals to play against Curious but was swept 0-4, losing his final game due to a failed proxy gateway rush. Despite the one-sided and sudden loss to the Zerg player, Oz's run through Code A was met with surprise by many, who expected easy victories by the more prolific and lauded Protoss players at the time, such as JYP and Sage.

He later participated in the Up & Down Matches in Group B, against KeeN, HongUn, JYP and YugiOh. He managed to lead his group with a score of 3-0, defeating KeeN, HongUn, and JYP. This guaranteed him a Code S spot regardless of the result of his final game, which he ended up losing to YugiOh.

Oz played against JKS in the 2012 GSL Season 3 Code A Ro48, advancing to the Up&Down matches with a convincing 2-0 victory. In his next match against YoDa however, Oz was upset 2-0 in decisive games.

In the following season, Oz attempted to reclaim his Code A spot in the Up&Down matches in Group E with Ryung, Life, and TheStC. Oz went 0-3 in the group and was ousted from the GSL. To date, Oz has not entered the preliminaries or re-qualified for the GSL.

Code S[edit]

In GSL November, his first Code S Season, Oz played in Group F against CoCa, NaDa and TaeJa. He lost his first game to CoCa but defeated NaDa, knocking the oGs player into Code A for the first time in his career. He then defeated TaeJa in a spectacular match, winning 2-1 and advancing to the Ro16.

In the Ro16, Oz played in Group B with SangHo, Happy, and aLive. He defeated Happy in his first match and played aLive next, but fell to the TSL player after losing many Probes to Cloaked Banshees. His final game was a victory against Killer -- Oz finished second in his group with a 2-1 score behind aLive's 2-0, securing an Ro8 spot. In the RO8 he played against the heavily favoured MMA, and managed to defeat his opponent 3-2 to secure a spot in the Semifinals.

Oz played against jjakji in the Semifinals but lost 2-3 in a close series, ending his run in Code S for November and taking third place.

For the next Code S season, Oz was placed in Group D with Curious, Bomber and InCa.[8] His first opponent in GSL January 2012 was Curious once again, but Oz claimed vengeance for his Code A finals loss with a 2-0 score. He then defeated InCa for his second match 2-1 and advanced to the next round topping his group, with the final game coming down to intense Zealot micro through InCa's 2-gate proxy.

In the Ro16 Oz first played against MMA, but lost 1-2. In the loser's match he played against SuperNova, who he managed to defeat 2-1 before falling again to MMA in the final match 1-2 once more, causing him to play against Avenge in the Code A Ro24. There he crushed his Protoss opponent in a decisive 2-0, reclaiming his Code S spot for next season.

In the next season of Code S, Oz was seeded into Group H with PartinG, ForGG and Polt. He went go 2-1, cleanly defeating both of his Terran opponents 2-0 but falling to PartinG. He then played in the Ro16 Group Stages in Group D, against MC, Maru and Squirtle. He defetaed MC 2-1 and Maru 2-1, but fell 0-2 to Squirtle, qualifying him for the playoffs. Oz fell 0-3 to PartinG in his Ro8 match, ending his Code S run.

In the following season of Code S Oz was seeded into Group G with Maru, DongRaeGu and viOLet. Oz placed last in his group, falling 0-2 to viOLet in his first match and Maru 1-2 in his second, dropping him to Code A.

Outside Korea[edit]

Oz looks to compete in international events such as MLG and DreamHack, which was a prime reason for his switch from FXO to Fnatic in 2012.

He participated in the BenQ StarCraft II Clash along with GoOdy as replacements for NaNiwa and ToD. He defeated Jinro in the RO16 2-1, crushed aLive and Brat_OK 2-0 in the Quarter and Semifinals respectively, but lost to KeeN 2-3 in the finals to claim the €250 prize.

Oz participated in IPL4 in the open bracket. There defeated Kukracha and Heavens 2-0, Scarlett 2-1. However, Oz then lost to GanZi 0-2, dropping him to the losers' bracket. There he was eliminated by Team Vile's Illusion 1-2.

Oz was the only Korean Protoss invited to the RSL 3. He was placed in Group B against Brat_OK and Bly and topped his group, going 3-0 and 3-1 respectively. In the playoffs Oz defeated monchi 3-1, advancing to crush Leenock and then LoWeLy 3-0. In the finals, he played against VortiX and took a close 4-3 victory, securing first place and a $3,000 prize.

North American Star League[edit]

In the NASL Team League, Oz made several appearances. In week one he brought FXO up 1-0 against Reign, defeating SLush while in week four he dismantled Quantic's flo to give his team the 3-1 win. In the play-offs, Oz fell to HerO 2-0. FXO took third place after defeating Empire, though Oz did not participate in the match.

Oz was selected as a replacement for Puzzle in NASL 4, where he was placed into the second division against HyuN. Zenio, PuMa, NaNiwa, SeleCT, Galaxy, TLO and ClouD. Defeating Galaxy 2-0, ClouD, TLO 2-1, Zenio and NaNiwa 2-0 but losing to HyuN 0-2 and PuMa, Oz placed second in his group behind HyuN with a score of 6-2 (12-6 for maps), qualifying him for the Wildcards bracket. However, he lost to NaNiwa in his first match 1-3, eliminating him from the tournament.

Intel Extreme Masters[edit]

Oz also participated in the open bracket of the IEM Season VII. In his first match he defeated DBS 2-0 but was taken out by TargA 0-2 in his next game, dropping him into the losers' bracket. There defeated Adelscott 2-1, but was defeated and eliminated by Grubby 0-2, mirroring the outcome of the 2012 MLG Pro Circuit Spring Arena 2 where they had last met.

On November 22, 2012 Oz participated in IEM Season VII - Singapore, having qualified through the Open Bracket. He failed to make it out of the group stages, going 3-2 (6-5 on maps).

Major League Gaming[edit]

At MLG Anaheim 2011, Oz went through the first 3 rounds of the Open Bracket defeating relatively unknown players. He faced ViBE in round 4, defeating the American Zerg player 2-0, and TriMaster in round 5 in a closer match resulting in a 2-1 victory for Oz. He lost 2-1 in round 6 to Rain, who proceeded to win his group 5-0 (10-3), while his Championship run was short lived, losing 2-1 to Protoss player wbc with a 29th place finish.[9]

He did not attend MLG Raleigh 2011, and tweeted (tearfully) to a fan that he would also not be attending MLG Orlando 2011.[10] Oz was announced to be competing at MLG Providence 2011. On the first day of Providence Oz fought through the open winner's bracket in round 4, defeating relatively unknown players 2-0. He then fell to teammate Leenock 0-2, dropping him into the losers' bracket in round 6. There he beat Binski 2-0 and GanZi 2-1. Oz lost to KeeN 0-2 in the game deciding who would advance to the championship bracket.

At the MLG Winter Arena 2012, Oz displayed excellent performance; in the Winner's Bracket he defeated fan-favorite IdrA 2-1, DeMusliM 2-1, teammate Leenock 2-0 but lost to HuK 0-2. In the Finals Bracket, however, Oz fell to DongRaeGu 1-2. Oz finished the tournament in fourth place with $2,000.

Oz, due to his stellar performance at the Winter Arena was seeded into the MLG 2012 Winter Championship at Columbus in Group D against PartinG, Grubby and TheStC. The final spots from the open bracket were filled by aLive and Rain. Oz's final score in his group was a shaky 3-2 after defeating Grubby, PartinG and Rain, but falling to TheStC and aLive. He was eliminated in the championship losers' bracket by Polt, losing 1-2.

Oz was invited to the 2012 MLG Pro Circuit Spring Arena 2 due to his high placement in the Korean Qualifier, defeating opponents like inori, aLive and finally Symbol 4-2 to take first place. Oz was unable to replicate his successes in the South Korean qualifier. He was upset in the first round by Grubby losing 0-2, dropping him to the losers' bracket only to be eliminated from the tournament altogether by Alicia 0-2, which came as a surprise to many due to Oz's results in the previous event.

In the MLG Summer Arena, Oz defeated roof 2-0 in his first match, and then was able to take a victory over viOLet 2-1, who had defeated Oz's teammate Rain in the previous match.

He then advanced to play against the seemingly indomitable Stephano, who recently took a victory over Revival. In the poll that took place deciding who would win the match, 93% of viewers voted for Stephano, while only 7% voted for Oz. However, Oz managed to defeat the French player 2-1, showcasing excellent builds and decision-making. Oz then faced Alicia, but was defeated 2-1. This dropped him into the loser's bracket where he faced Stephano once again, but Oz was able to take the (extended) series 4-1, taking the final game with a powerful build that featured Dark Templar and Carriers. Oz's final game was a rematch against Alicia, starting at 1-2 due to the extended series rule, managing to gain a 3-2 lead in the early stages of the series. However, Alicia was able to close the last two games off, securing a narrow 4-3 victory against Oz, eliminating him and securing a third place finish for the Fnatic player. Despite his elimination, both of Oz's series against Stephano were widely praised for their ingenuity against the Zerg player, who had crushed Protoss opponents like MC and HerO in prior tournaments with ease.[11]

In the 2012 MLG Fall Championship, Oz was seeded into pool play through the 2012 MLG vs Proleague Invitational. He participated in Group A with Leenock, hyvaa, Rain, ViBE, San, Polt and HerO. In his first match against hyvaa, Oz proved to be the first victory against the KeSPA players participating in the MLG after a string of non-KeSPA defeats, beating hyvaa 2-0. In the next round Oz defeated Polt 2-0, and then his former teammate Leenock 2-1. However, Leenock came back from a 1-2 deficit in the final extended series of Group A with a 4-2 score, sending him to the Championship Losers' Bracket in Round 6. Oz was eliminated in yet another PvP by HwangSin, ousting him from the tournament and placing 9th-12th with a $1500USD prize.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

Oz joined Evil Geniuses on March 28, 2013[12]

2013 StarCraft II World Championship Series[edit]

Season 1[edit]

Oz participated in the 2013 WCS America Season 1 Premier League Qualifiers. He was able to advance through seven rounds of competition including aLive and DeMusliM to qualify for [[2013_WCS_Season_1_America/Premier|2013 WCS Season 1 Premier League.

In Premier, Oz was placed in Group B for the Ro32 along with Scarlett, viOLet, and State. Oz lost to State and viOLet to be eliminated from Premier League in Season 1. Oz was matched against Jim in his Challenger League bracket and was defeated 2-1. He was able to advance from his Challenger League group in second place by beating Sen and Fenix which qualified him for WCS America Premier League Season 2.

Season 2[edit]

Oz was placed in group G of the 2013 WCS America Season 2 Premier League along with HerO, Scarlett, and ViBE. Oz was able to advance in first place by defeating HerO 2-1 and Scarlett 2-0 to advance to the Ro16. In the Ro16 his group consisted of Jaedong, Ryung, and viOLet. Oz was able to advance in second place by receiving a walkover due to viOLet's absence and defeating Ryung 2-0. In the Ro8, Oz faced Polt and was defeated 3-0. In the consolation bracket to determine qualification for the Season's Global finals, Oz was defeated 2-0 by his teammate aLive and did not qualify. His performance in season 2 qualified him for Premier League in Season 3.

Season 3[edit]

Oz was placed in Group F of 2013 WCS America Season 3 Premier League along with teammates DeMusliM and Suppy, as well as Apocalypse. Oz was able to advance first in his group by defeating Suppy 2-0 and Apocalypse 2-1. In the Ro16 he would face a group consisting of MacSed, Scarlett, and NesTea. Oz was able to advance in second place by defeating both Scarlett and NesTea. In the Ro8, Oz faced HerO and won 3-0, therefore claiming his spot in the Season 3 Global Finals. In the semifinals Oz would face Polt and be eliminated 3-2.

At the Global finals Oz in first place from his Ro16 group, defeating both VortiX and reigning WCS Korea champion Dear by 2-1 scores. Oz then played Soulkey in the Ro8 and was defeated 3-0.

2014 Starcraft II World Championship Series[edit]

Season 1[edit]

Oz's WCS 2013 Season 3 qualified him for the 2014 WCS America Season 1 Premier League. He was placed in a Ro32 group with NesTea, Alicia, and desRow. Oz was able to advance to the Ro16 in second place by defeating NesTea twice.

In the Round of 16, Oz faced a group consisting of HyuN, puCK, and Heart. Oz defeated Heart 2-0 in his opening match and then beat puCK 2-1 in the winner's match to advance in first place.

In the quarterfinals, Oz faced Arthur. Oz was able to quickly and convincingly defeat him 3-0 to advance to the Ro4 for the second straight season. In the Ro4, he faced his ex-Teammate Revival. In a hotly contested series, Oz was able to come out on top, winning 3-2 and advancing to the finals. There he would face HyuN, whom he avoided playing in his Ro16 group. The series started off neck and neck, as the two traded matches from games 1 to 4. Unfortunately for Oz, HyuN was able to take games 5 and 6 and Oz lost the series 2-4. Oz's finalist appearance is his strongest WCS result yet.

Season 2[edit]

Oz's Top 2 result from Season 1 qualified him for Premier League in Season 2. Oz was placed in a Ro32 group with viOLet, puCK, and qxc. Oz started off slow in the group, suffering a surprising loss to qxc in his first match of the group. Despite that, Oz was able to defeat puCK 2-0 in the loser's match and then beat qxc 2-0 in their rematch to advance in second place from the group.

In the Round of 16, Oz was placed in Group A along with Pigbaby, Heart, and XiGua.

Other Tournaments[edit]


Oz participated in Dreamhack Open Stockholm 2013. He started from the Second group Stage and was able to advance in second place of his group by defeating Fuzer and Babyknight. Oz was eliminated from the third Group Stage after losing to Jaedong and Coca.

Oz participated in Dreamhack Open Bucharest 2013. He started from the second group stage and was able to win his group by defeating both HuK and DeathAngel. He was then once again eliminated in the third group stage with losses to TLO and elfi.

Oz participated in Dreamhack Open Summer 2014. He advanced from group stage two in first place by beating PiG and MC. In the third group stage Oz advanced in second, losing to eventual tournament champion TaeJa but beating both StarDust and Harstem. In the Round of 16, Oz faced San and was defeated 2-1 to be eliminated from the tournament.


Oz participated in IEM Season VIII Shanghai on July 26, 2013. He was forced to play through the Dual tournament bracket and was able to qualify for the main tournament despite a loss to DongRaeGu with victories over Courage, Loner, and Grubby. Oz then advanced from his Ro16 group in second place, losing to his teammate aLive but defeating both MacSed and sLivko. Oz defeated DongRaeGu 3-1 and HerO 3-2 to make it to the finals to play his teammate Revival. Unfortunately, Revival swept Oz 4-0 and Oz had to settle for silver.

This performance qualifed him for the IEM Season VIII World Championship in Katowice. At the World Championship, Oz faced sOs in the first round. Oz gave sOs some stiff competition but ultimately lost the series 1-3, while sOs would go on to win the tournament.


Oz participated in the 2012-2013 Proleague season, playing for Team EGTL. He began play in round 4. Oz finished the season with a 9-9 overall record.

Oz was released from Evil Geniuses on December 12, 2013 because EG felt that they didn't need such a large Korean roster when they would not participate in Proleague in 2014.[13]

Oz began a partnership with Incredible Miracle during Round 3 of the 2014 Proleague Season. As of week 3 in Round 4, Oz held a 2-2 record in Proleague, having lost to soO and Super but beating Rogue and Zest.

2014 GSL Global Championship[edit]

Oz's top two finish in WCS America 2014 Season 1 seeded him into the second group stage of the GSL Global Championship. He was placed in Group B along with San, Maru, and soO. He was defeated 2-0 by soO and 2-1 by Maru and was eliminated from the group in last place.



Accounts seem to vary, but the first televised instance of this rivalry would apparently be Oz's victory over Curious in the GSTL, which ended with the Protoss player building a Nexus in the main base of the Zerg player. This rivalry would remain rather dormant until the Code A finals months later in October, where Oz had defeated Sage and Curious had swept GuMiho. FXOpen's account on TeamLiquid stated that the finals would indeed be a grudge match.[14] When asked by a forum-goer as to why/how the rivalry sprung up, FXOpen responded that it was 'internal' and not for 'public display'.[15] The pre-game final interviews for both players contained typical friendly and competitive banter, though the finals themselves would end decisively in Curious' favor with a score of 4-0 over Oz.

Despite Oz's loss, he would top his group in the Up and Down matches and after attaining Code S, he stated in his winners interview that he sought revenge for his loss to Curious in the finals. Curious however would be ousted from Code S early into the tournament by aLive and MarineKing, while Oz managed to remain in Code S.

Oz and Curious would clash again in the 2012 Global StarCraft II League Season 1, with Oz defeating Curious 2-0.


  • Drafted into hite SPARKYZ in Brood War.
  • Acted as player coach for team fOu.
  • Was one of the first South Korean players alongside Rain and PhoeNix to join an international team.
  • After switching to FXO, he wanted to change his ID to FXOPoo, but was advised against it by the FXO team.
  • Name was often mistaken to be "z" because of the O in FXO. With Oz's joining of Fnatic, this trend was finally put to rest.
  • Once had to sleep on a bed outside in the balcony of the GOM house due to overcrowding at the time of FXO's GSTL run.[16]
  • Has wrestled SjoW.
  • Coached desRow in English (with Khaldor) at the GOMTV house while he was streaming.[17]
  • According to Khaldor, Oz does not want to stream his first person play due to his self-alleged lack of skill and popularity. He also believes that he must win GSL before he begins streaming.[18] He began streaming on December 19, 2012 to the excitement of many fans.[19]
  • Oz has been criticized for inconsistency in his results,[20][21] managing to both display incredible performances in Code S and MLG Championships, but also under-performing massively in those same tournaments -- dropping from Code S to Code B and placing poorly in many MLG tournaments.


In A1Premier Tournaments
2014-04-132nd2014 WCS Season 1 America Premier LeaguePlanetkey DynamicsPlanetkey Dynamics2 : 4$15,000
2013-10-203rd - 4th2013 WCS Season 3 America: Premier LeagueEvil GeniusesEvil Geniuses2 : 3$7,000
2013-07-282ndIEM Season VIII - ShanghaiEvil GeniusesEvil Geniuses0 : 4$4,000
2012-07-223rd - 4th2012 MLG Summer ArenaFnaticFnatic3 : 4$2,900
2012-04-073rd - 4th2012 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 1
FXOpen e-Sports
3 : 5PrimePrime$441.82
2012-03-183rdNorth American Star Team League
FXOpen e-Sports
3 : 2Team EmpireTeam Empire$100
2012-02-281st - 12th2012 Global StarCraft II League Season 1: Code AFXOpen e-SportsFXOpen e-Sports2 : 0$895.55
2012-02-264th2012 MLG Winter ArenaFXOpen e-SportsFXOpen e-Sports1 : 2$2,200
2011-11-283rd - 4th2011 Global StarCraft II League November: Code SFXOpen e-SportsFXOpen e-Sports2 : 3$4,455
2011-10-102nd2011 Global StarCraft II League October: Code AFXOpen e-SportsFXOpen e-Sports0 : 4$856.75
In A2Major Tournaments
2012-12-281st2012 Ritmix Russian StarCraft 2 League Season 3FnaticFnatic4 : 3$3,000
2012-07-012ndEvil Geniuses Master's Cup Series League VII
2 : 3coL.MVPcoL.MVP$500
2012-03-094thIPL Team Arena Challenge 2
FXOpen e-Sports
2 : 5New Star HoSeoNew Star HoSeo$285.71
In A3Minor Tournaments
2011-12-162ndBenQ StarCraft II ClashFXOpen e-SportsFXOpen e-Sports2 : 3$326.21
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 vs Protossvs Terranvs ZergTotal
as Protoss152 - 10658.9 %154 - 14950.8 %171 - 14953.4 %478 - 40354.3 %
as Random0 - 0-0 - 0-1 - 233.3 %1 - 233.3 %

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