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[e][h] ParanOid
Player Information
Rafał Kontowicz
October 28, 1988 (1988-10-28) (age 31)
Alternate IDs:
MYM.ParanOid, ToT)ParanOid(, aAa.ParanOid, MgZ)ParanOid, GOsia
Total Earnings:
2010-10-13 - 2011-01-14
2011-01-14 - 2011-03-29
2011-04-04 - 2011-07-17
2011-07-19 - 2016-03-01

Rafał "ParanOid" Kontowicz is a Zerg player from Poland, currently teamless.


ParanOid used to be the most prominent Polish Brood War player, under the ID GOsia. He won the World Cyber Games 2009 Poland Qualifiers, and was a member of team Templars of Twilight. He was and still is a close friend of fellow Zerg Mondragon, who was his captain in Templars of Twilight and who got him contracts in Meet Your Makers and Team Acer.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

ParanOid joined Mousesports on October 22, 2010,[1] but eventually left it for against All authority on January 2011.[2] He was pretty much inactive at this time, and was dismissed by the team on March 2011.[3][4] On April 2011, he signed with Meet Your Makers,[5] only to leave it three months later alongside his managers and friends Kaoru and Mondragon in order to become a part of Team Acer's initial roster.[6]

IGN ProLeague[edit]

IPL Season 5[edit]

On July 21, 2012, ParanOid participated in the IPL 5 European Satellite Qualifiers. ParanOid started off in the semifinals and defeated Sheggi by a score of 1-0. Then he advanced in to the finals to face Welmu. After he defeated Welmu by a score of W-0, he was able to take first place. His first place finish qualified him for the IGN ProLeague Season 5. However, ParanOid decided to forfeit his spot and compete in WCG instead.


In A1Premier tournaments
2013-01-1821 - 24thIEM Season VII - Katowice1-4Grp S.$600
In A3Minor and A5Monthly tournaments
2013-09-282ndPC na wypasie2 : 3 pal$192.24
2011-12-151stGo4SC2 November 20113 : 2 Tefel$651.01
Complete Results in any Tournament

Team Achievements

In A2Major tournaments
2014-07-271stAcer TeamStory Cup Season 310 : 7$1,666.67
2013-12-151stAcer TeamStory Cup Season 25 : 1$1,428.57
2013-09-142ndSC2L1 : 4$428.57
2013-08-182ndAcer TeamStory Cup Season 13 : 5$833.33
2012-12-163rdEvil Geniuses Master's Cup Series League VIII0 : 3$400
In A3Minor tournaments
2012-05-272nd4PL Clan League Season 20 : 3$209.61
Complete Results in any Tournament


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