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PartinG's "Adios Amigo" Cannon Rush (vs. Zerg)

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[e][h]ProtossPartinG's "Adios Amigo" Cannon Rush
Strategy Information
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This is a different take on a Cannon rush because it opens with a Gateway before getting a Forge, quickening the pace at which you're able to get tech onto the field after securing a Cannon contain. You're going to be using this to your advantage by following up with an extremely quick Immortal/Warp Prism attack. The trade-off for having faster tech is that this particular Cannon rush is completely ineffective against a Zerg who opens Spawning Pool first, requiring a transition to a different opening if such a build is scouted.

Although the build was initially shown by Hellraiser, the build's name is taken from PartinG's on-stream antics. When streaming, PartinG will often say "adios amigo" at the start of games when he intends to use this build, and this has happened often enough that his Twitch channel has an emote of a Cannon wearing a sombrero specifically for this purpose!

This build can be characterised as a cheese as it's unlikely to work if the opponent knows that it's coming early enough and also knows the correct response.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Build Order
  • 14 Pylon[1]
  • 16 Gateway[2]
  • 17 Assimilator
  • 19 Forge
  • Cut Probe Production at 20 Supply!
  • 20 Proxy Pylon[3]
  • 20 Cannon
  • 20 Cybernetics Core
  • 20 Assimilator
  • Resume Probe Production
  • Cut Probe Production at Full Saturation
  • @100% Cybernetics Core: Robotics Facility[4]
  • @100% Robotics Facility: Immortal, Robotics Facility[5]
  1. Whether you build this at your main ramp or your natural choke is optional. Building it at your natural choke will mean that your Cybernetics Core cannot be used to wall-in your first Cannon later in the build, but it does make it easier to transition into an expansion if the opponent doesn't open Hatchery first.
  2. Send the Probe that makes this Gateway to scout. If the Zerg isn't opening Hatchery first, abandon this build and transition into something else.
  3. At the location where you intend to start your Cannon rush. Add Pylons as required to create a full wall to protect your first Cannon.
  4. Add additional Cannons and Shield Batteries as required to defend your proxy location.
  5. After the first Immortal, produce a second Immortal. Once the second Robotics Facility completes, start a Warp Prism.


  • Waiting until you have 200 minerals before building your first proxy Pylon ensures that you'll have enough minerals to complete a wall-off if required against a Drone pull.
  • Always cancel Pylons that you no longer need for walling purposes. Keeping them slows down the build substantially.
  • Switch to only two Probes in each Assimilator once the second Assimilator completes. This gives 4 Probes mining gas and 18 Probes mining minerals. Not doing this will result in you pooling gas and being mineral starved whilst trying to produce two Immortals at a time.
  • Add additional static defence as affordable once you've placed your Robotics Facility. You will need several Shield Batteries by the time your first Immortal is finished to allow it to pressure effectively, and further Shield Batteries as the ones you have are drained of energy.
  • If you suspect Nydus Worm play, you should save energy for a Strategic Recall. Adding Shield Batteries and Cannons near to your Nexus will also help.
  • If you suspect Spire play, you should be able to eliminate the Zerg with your Immortals as saving for Mutalisks will leave them shy of units to defend your attack. However, adding a Stargate near your proxy is a good idea so that you can counter the Mutalisks with Phoenixes. Don't forget to defend your mineral line with Cannons and Shield Batteries!
  • If the Zerg allows their Hatchery to finish, you will not be able to follow through with this opening as Creep will block building placement. Throw down two more Cannons in range of the Hatchery to ensure it dies and send your Probe to scout for hidden expansions. At the same time, make a Stargate at home and start your own natural expansion. Your first Void Ray can then be used to pressure any hidden expansion the Zerg tries to take, whilst your Cannon contain should prevent the Zerg from breaking out fast enough to challenge your expansion.


Pro Features[edit]

  • Maps where a Pylon built at the top of the Zerg's main ramp is able to power an easily walled-in Cannon on the low-ground[1].
  • Maps where there is a three Pylon wall that can be made behind the Zerg player's natural expansion[2].

Con Features[edit]

  • This build is not ideal for maps where Hatchery first openings are uncommon.

Replays & VODs[edit]

South Korea Protoss Zest Zest using a single Assimilator, single Robotics Facility version of this build against Rogue during the IEM Katowice 2020 grand final.
South Korea Zerg Rogue
Date: 2020-03-01
Patch: 4.11.4 VOD
Taiwan Protoss Has Has using a double Assimilator, single Robotics Facility version of this build against Serral during the WCS Valencia 2018 grand final.
Finland Zerg Serral
Date: 2018-07-14
Patch: 4.4.0 VOD


  1. A guide for this build exhibiting this approach.
  2. Both replays in the VOD section of this article exhibit this approach.

Further Strategies[edit]