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Patch 1.1.1

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[e][h]Patch 1.1.1
Patch Information
SEA Release Date:
September 29th 2010
NA Release Date:
September 28th 2010
EU Release Date:
September 28th 2010
KOR Release Date:
September 29th 2010
  • Bug Fixes

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty - Patch 1.1.1[edit]

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed an issue where Ultralisk cleave range was being unintentionally extended by larger targets.
  • Fixed an issue where the Phoenix's Graviton Beam was automatically cancelled if you used it just after the Phoenix reached 50 energy.
  • Fixed an issue where queuing Return Cargo on a worker would cause it to ignore the built-in delay after it finished gathering.
  • Fixed an issue where players watching older replays or saved games would experience stuttering.
  • Fixed an issue where some Mac users were unable to join games properly.