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Patch 3.0.4

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[e][h]Patch 3.0.4
Patch Information
SEA Release Date:
10 November 2015
NA Release Date:
10 November 2015
EU Release Date:
10 November 2015
KOR Release Date:
10 November 2015
  • LotV launch

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void - Patch 3.0.4[edit]

  • Witness the conclusion to the StarCraft II trilogy.
    • Command the noble Protoss to save the galaxy over the course of 19 exciting missions that span multiple worlds.
    • Take control of the ancient Protoss arkship, the Spear of Adun, to call down devastating strikes directly onto the battlefield.
    • Explore mysterious new planets with the addition of eight new and vibrant tilesets.
    • After you’ve completed the Legacy of the Void campaign, experience the resolution to the storylines of Jim Raynor, Sarah Kerrigan, and Artanis in “Into the Void”, the 3-mission epilogue campaign to Legacy of the Void and the capstone to the epic story that begun in the original StarCraft.
  • Compete in the definitive version of the StarCraft II multiplayer experience.
    • Six new units have been added across the Terran, Protoss, and Zerg races.
    • A number of existing units from both Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm have been retrofitted with new abilities and upgrades.
    • Wage war across 10 new multiplayer maps with more to come in each new ladder season.
  • New game mode: Co-op Missions
    • Play cooperatively with your friend, or be paired with a partner of your skill level.
    • You each select one of StarCraft’s legendary commanders, which defines your army options.
    • Work together on a campaign-style mission, with objectives that need to be completed in order to win.
    • Completing missions gains you experience and levels up your commander.
    • As levels are unlocked, gain new powerful abilities that increase the strength of your commander.
  • New Multiplayer option: Archon Mode
    • Two players team up to share control of a single base.
    • Play at a new level of competition, with your combined focus allowing for more complex strategies.
    • Compete on the ranked ladder, all the way up to Grandmaster League!
  • Become a StarCraft II champion in daily Automated Tournaments.
    • Sign up for tournaments and participate in the ultimate expression of the StarCraft II competitive experience.
    • Tournaments run every two hours throughout the day, and tournament games feed into your 1v1 rank and league standing.
    • Compete in 3-round tournaments on weekdays and 6-round tournaments on weekends.
    • Earn trophies to fill up your trophy case and show off the spoils of your victories!
  • And much more:
    • The level cap has been raised to 150 (15 new levels per race), along with the addition of a plethora of new achievements and rewards.
    • Tactical and scripted A.I. have been updated to utilize the new multiplayer changes in Legacy of the Void.
    • New players can learn the game through an updated Tutorial experience that steps through the different races.
    • Multiplayer Training missions have been updated to reflect the changes to gameplay in Legacy of the Void.
    • Race-specific mouse confirmation cursors now appear when utilizing rally points and waypoints.
    • Destructible rocks and Xel’Naga watch towers now appear on the minimap.
  • Legacy of the Void includes all of the awesome new features recently added in Patch 3.0 and Patch 3.0.3, including the free “Whispers of Oblivion” prologue campaign, a completely revamped user interface, a redesigned Chat system, an updated Arcade, Regional Game Servers, new SC2 Editor features, and much more!