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Patch 3.10.0

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[e][h]Patch 3.10.0
Patch Information
SEA Release Date:
24 January 2017
NA Release Date:
24 January 2017
EU Release Date:
25 January 2017
KOR Release Date:
26 January 2017
  • General
  • Co-op Mission
  • Bug Fixes

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void - Patch 3.10.0[edit]


Co-op Mission[edit]


  • Nova
    • Mastery: Combat Unit Life Regeneration.
      • Life Regeneration kicks in after not taking any damage for 10 seconds.
  • Stukov
    • Infested Diamondback
      • Life increased to 250 from 200.
      • Cost changed to 225/100 from 200/150.
      • Range increased to 7 from 6.
Developer Comments: Stukov's Factory units have been underperforming so are getting significant buffs. We are reducing the gas cost of the Infested Diamondback by 33% and shifting a bit of the overall cost towards minerals. Increased life and range should help the Infested Diamondback stay behind the Infested Infantry and survive a bit better.
  • Infested Siege Tank
    • Life increased to 200 from 160.
    • Cost changed to 200/100 from 200/125.
    • When the Infested Siege Tank consumes Civilians and Troopers, it also heals 20 life in addition to providing more ammo.
    • Added a new ability: Deep Tunnel.
      • Moves to a new location anywhere on the map with vision and creep.
Developer Comments: The Infested Siege Tank also needed some better survivability in the form of additional life. We also added a bonus healing effect when consuming infested. One area where the tanks struggle is escaping a fight when the front line of Infested Infantry die and the Infested Siege Tank is in siege mode all alone. Now with their new ability, they can quickly escape and regroup.
  • Retinal Augmentation
    • Increased Marine and Troopers range by 1 (down from 2).
Developer Comments: This change along with the change to the Diamondback's base range allows the Diamondbacks to fire safely from behind the infested Infantry line.
  • The Liberator Cloud Dispersal
    • The attack sticks on to the main target, while still dealing area damage to other enemies around the main target as the target moves.
    • Increases damage reduction amount in this form to 90% (up from 75%).
Developer Comments: This should increase the overall effectiveness of the infested Liberator and help absorb a lot more damage once upgraded.
  • Mastery Points Reworked.
Dev Comments: Stukov had a Mastery category which increased life regeneration on his units. This was intended to help his mechanical units but it wasn't working out as well as we had liked. So we replaced it with a new one that increases attack speeds of Factory and Starport units. We also moved around some Mastery upgrades to create more interesting choices. Along with the buffs to his mechanical units we hope this makes these units a powerful part of his toolkit.
  • Zagara
    • Baneling Nest: Spawn Baneling
      • Gains up to 4 charges every 30 seconds.
      • Stores a max of 4 charges.
      • Spawning Baneling has no cooldown.
Developer Comments: Previously if you were near supply cap the ability would use up its cooldown and may spawn less than 4 Banelings and potentially waste some. Now if your supply cap frees up additional space in between cooldown cycles, you can still maximize those free Banelings. We got this suggestion from the forums about how to improve this ability, and we thought it was a cool idea, thanks!

Bug Fixes[edit]


  • Nova Covert Ops
    • Fixed an issue where a certain cheat could load into an unselected mission.
    • Fixed a display issue with Nova’s Equipment selection menu.
    • Fixed an issue where the Holo Decoy could be cast over the walls at certain locations of the map in “In The Enemy's Shadow”.
    • Fixed an issue where casting the Holo Decoy on unpassable terrain or doodad could cause the ability to go into cooldown without spawning a decoy in “In The Enemy’s Shadow”.
    • The Gun Turrets now properly behave depending on Nova’s suit type.
    • Updated a tooltip description for the Spider Mines unit upgrade in “Dark Skies”.
    • Fixed an issue where the Internalized Tech Module upgrade could allow Battlecruisers to be built without a Fusion Core in “End Game”.

Co-op Missions[edit]

  • General
    • The loading screen and the score screen for a custom mutator match now properly display the mission name and the name of the mutator challenge.
    • Fixed an issue where AI could use decals inconsistently.
    • Updated multiple tooltip descriptions for Commander’s ability cooldown time.
    • Hybrid Dominator
      • Plasma Blast no longer kills units inside of transports or other units it should not be able to target.
    • Hybrid Nemesis
      • Phase Shift can now target Infested Bunkers, and Dark Pylons.
  • Commanders
    • Alarak
      • Alarak can now sacrifice invulnerable units under the effect of Phase Armor to save himself.
    • Karax
      • Fixed an issue where the Chrono Wave, Chrono Field, and Chrono Boost could negatively impact energy on Orbital Commands.
    • Nova
      • Automated Refinery and Ghost Academy life now have 100% more health than the standard Terran versions like all of her other structures.
      • Updated multiple tooltip descriptions for Nova’s upgrade.
      • Nova’s portrait now properly plays facial animation when selecting her.
      • Fixed a display issue with the Banshee’s missile launch animation.
      • Nova’s Ghost Academy, Defensive Drone, and Bio-Mechanical Repair Drone now properly receive Structure Armor upgrade.
    • Stukov
      • The Infested SCV is now able to issue a build command in the fog of war.
      • Brood Queens
        • Fungal Growth can now be cast without requiring the Brood Queen to come to a complete stop, to make this ability feel more responsive.
        • Updated a tooltip description for the Fungal Growth debuff.
        • Updated a tooltip description for Brood Queens on the Units tab.
      • Infest Structure
        • Infesting Enemy Pylons will now disable its power-field.
        • Infesting Enemy structures will also disable its ability to detect.
      • Troopers are now properly affected by the timed life mastery.
      • Timed Life Bars now always show up even if you have life bars set to normal.
      • The crashed Aleksander can no longer be selected with F2.
      • The Infested Bunker no longer benefits from Guardian Shell while in bunker form.
      • The Infested Siege Tank no longer becomes disconnected from its Zerg crawler legs when affected by the Hybrid Destroyer’s Graviton Prison ability.
      • Stukov’s Commander Stats now properly display in the score screen.
      • Fixed an issue where the Aleksander could remain on the map after the timer had expired while in the Slayn Elementals Cocoon.
      • Updated multiple tooltip descriptions.
    • Swann
      • Icons for the Drakken Laser Drill are now displayed consistently in all locations.
    • Vorazun
      • The Time Stop ability now functions properly in relations to Bonus Objective timers.
    • Zagara
      • The Banelings that spawn from the Baneling Nest no longer generate 5 minerals and 1 gas.
      • Hunter Killers can now be cast in areas Zagara cannot path to. For example, areas blocked by a wall of buildings.
  • Maps
    • Miner Evacuation
      • Commander voice over now states the race of the enemy properly.
      • Eradicator missile attack sound can no longer be heard through the fog of war.
  • Mutators
    • The Candy Remaining counter bar now properly updates when the Candy Bowl is empty with the Trick or Treat mutator.
    • Fixed an issue where enemy units could be resurrected without Void Reanimators in range to cast the ability.


  • Addressed an issue that was causing some Arcade games with custom models to crash.

User Interface[edit]

  • League borders on the Profile now properly display the highest ranked tier.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting the game while on the Collection.
  • Fixed multiple display issues in the Collection.

Gameplay and Races[edit]

  • General
    • Fixed an issue where a custom offline game could not be saved and loaded back properly.
  • Terran
    • Battlecruiser’s Yamato Cannon no longer gets interrupted by the Infestor’s Neural Parasite once it is cast.