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Patch 3.12.0

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[e][h]Patch 3.12.0
Patch Information
SEA Release Date:
28 March 2017
NA Release Date:
28 March 2017
EU Release Date:
29 March 2017
KR Release Date:
30 March 2017
  • General
  • Bug Fixes

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void - Patch 3.12.0[edit]


  • New products are available in the Collection.
    • Junker Hellion Skin
    • Bone Ravager Skin
    • Adun Immortal Skin
    • D.Va Announcer
    • Nova Announcer
    • Elite Skins Bundle
    • For more information, see our blog.
  • Noble Garden event is coming!
    • Three exclusive portraits, one for each race, can be earned by completing 15 games in any combination of the following game modes from April 17th to May 8th:
      • Co-op Missions and Mutations
      • Multiplayer vs AI
      • Multiplayer Ranked or Unranked
    • For more information, see our blog.
  • A new “Large Format Games” UI has been added to the Skins section of the Collection.
    • Players will be allowed to choose up to four units per race for use in “large format games” (games with five or more total players, including AI).
    • The currently equipped skin for the selected units will be used in large format games.
    • Only units that have a non-default skin equipped will appear as selectable under Large Format Games.
    • If a selected unit’s default skin is equipped, it will automatically be removed from Large Format Games.
    • Units that are not selected for use in large format games will not have their skins display in these games even if a skin is equipped. The equipped skin will still display in games with four players or less.
    • This limitation is a necessity to keep StarCraft II’s memory use at an acceptable level for a wide variety of computers.
    • We are looking forward to hearing your feedback regarding the Large Format Games unit selection experience and will continue to make improvements.

Bug Fixes[edit]


Fixed an issue where the API document in Archives could not update the Clan tag change properly. Fixed an issue where players could be redirected to the home screen upon reconnecting.


  • Wings of Liberty
    • Fixed a display issue with the Thor model in the Mission Pitch screen of Wings of Liberty campaign.
  • Heart of the Swarm
    • The MinedCraft achievement now can be properly granted by meeting the requirements.
  • Nova Covert Ops
    • Nova now properly receives kill credit for units killed by the damage-over-time portion of the Plasma Shot ability.
    • Blazefire Gunblade now properly benefits from the Rangefinder Oculus.
    • The Units Killed with Gorgons, Units Killed with Yamato Cannon, and Units Killed with Nova scores now accurately display how many units were killed.
    • Updated tooltip descriptions for multiple abilities.

Co-op Missions[edit]

  • General
    • Fixed an issue where Lurkers could unburrow and burrow repeatedly.
    • Enemy Adepts now properly attack structures and units as intended.
  • Maps
    • Chain of Ascension
      • The Void Reanimators can no longer reanimate the Solarite Cocoons.
    • Dead of Night
      • Fixed an issue where air units could clip into the building structures at certain locations.
    • Oblivion Express
      • Fixed an issue with the last attack wave on Brutal difficulty to be consistent with the rest of the mission.
    • Rifts to Korhal
      • Fixed an issue where units could target an invisible target when the Pirate Capital Ship was extracting the Vespene Gas.
      • Updated a tooltip description for the Pirate Ship’s Electric Field debuff.
    • Void Launch
      • Fixed an issue where the Tech Reactors were not properly attached to their corresponding Starports for the enemy Terran at a certain location.
  • Mutators
    • Enemy units now properly display the Plague debuff when they have the Black Death mutator active on them.
    • The Just Die! mutator is now properly removed after it is cycled out of Chaos Studios.
    • Fixed an issue where the Just Die! mutator could cause the trains to be destroyed more than twice on the Oblivion Express.
    • Infested Units now properly interact with the Just Die! mutator when the Day cycle starts on Dead of Night.
    • The Void Reanimators can no longer reanimate the M.U.L.E.’s.
    • Torrasque rebirth cocoons no longer leave behind invisible units after being hit by the Fatal Attraction mutator.
    • The Mutually Assured Destruction mutator no longer damages the Pirate Capital Ship on the Rifts to Korhal, and the Slayn Elementals on Chain of Ascension.

User Interface[edit]

  • The Recently Played list for Multiplayer and Arcade games now properly sorts the most recently played map to the top.
  • Fixed multiple display issues with the Clan tag.
  • Fixed an issue with the dropdown menu in the Arcade or Custom game lobby.
  • The mouse cursor can no longer block the worker and army supply count tooltip.
  • Fixed a display issue where text could remain after entering an invalid search on the Portraits or Decals section under Collection.

Gameplay and Races[edit]

  • Protoss
    • Removed an Attack hotkey from the Nexus.

Balance Update[edit]

On April 19, Blizzard released a Balance Update.[1]


  • Maximum Health reduced from 80 to 70.

External Links[edit]

  1. Blizzard Entertainment. "Legacy of the Void Balance Update -- April, 2017".