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Patch 3.14.0

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[e][h]Patch 3.14.0
Patch Information
SEA Release Date:
23 May 2017
NA Release Date:
23 May 2017
EU Release Date:
24 May 2017
KR Release Date:
25 May 2017
  • General
  • Balance
  • Co-op Missions
  • Bug Fixes

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void - Patch 3.14.0[edit]


  • New Products are available in the Collection
    • Tastosis Announcer
      • Professional casters Dan "Artosis" Stemkoski and Nicolas "Tasteless" Plott have joined forces for a tag-team Announcer.
      • Check out our blog for more details.
    • Amon’s Armada Carrier Skin
    • Aquatic Broodlord Skin
    • Mecha Viking Skin
    • Premiere Skin Bundle
      • Check out our blog for more details.
  • A new ‘Color’ menu option has been added.
    • All color options previously under ‘Gameplay’ can now be found here.
    • You can now adjust default colors in Color Blind Mode.
    • The color of your units on the mini-map can now be customized.
  • A new Events tab has been added to the Groups and Clans list for greater visibility into upcoming or ongoing Events.
    • The Groups and Clans button will display the total number of ongoing Events for all Groups and Clans.
    • A chat message and animation will display when an Event begins.
    • Numerous UI performance improvements.
  • Emoticon Improvements
    • The Emoticon selection screen is now larger.
    • The Emoticon menu can now be accessed while you are in a game.
  • Hitting ‘Alt’ and ‘Enter’ will now toggle between ‘Windowed-Fullscreen’ and ‘Widowed’ display modes.



  • Thor armor increased from 1 to 2.
  • Thor morph times reduced from 2.5 to 1.79.
  • Auto-Turret damage reduced from 24 to 18.
  • Auto-Turret duration increased from 7.14 to 10.


  • Kinetic Overload damage increased from 30 (+14 massive) to 30 (+22 massive).
  • Prismatic Alignment slows the Void Ray by 40% while active.
  • Charge upgrade cost lowered from 200/200 to 100/100.


  • Undetected burrow move visual effects are now more visible.
  • Undetected burrow move visual effects are now more visible.

Co-op Missions[edit]

  • Swann
    • SCV’s now have a new ability set to autocast by default. SCV Advanced Construction allows idle SCV’s to automatically assist in constructing nearby buildings.
  • Maps
    • Workers will now automatically split evenly between mineral nodes on all Co-op maps.

Bug Fixes[edit]

Co-op Commanders[edit]

  • Abathur
    • Abathur's Bio Mass tooltip now properly shows the correct values.
    • Co-op Abathur – Swarm Queens that have Bio-Mechanical Transfusion will no longer heal destructible objects when a player right-clicks on them.
  • Stukov
    • Fixed an issue where the Aleksander had infinite attack range on enemies that could not be moved.
    • Fixed an issue in which creating too many Diamondbacks would prevent additional slime trails from appear as well as enemy units.
    • The crashed Aleksander will now produce Infested Troopers or Civilians even if the player is at maximum supply.
    • Infested Bunkers that are affected by Phase Shift will no longer take damage from Kaboomers.
    • The Overseer is now properly listed as one of Stukov’s units.
    • The Apocalisk, Aleksander, and infantry will now gain speed benefits from Vorazun's Time Stop Mastery.
  • Fenix
    • Fixed a model glitch when using the ‘/dance’ command with a Colossus Purifier.
    • The Reduced Research Cost Mastery tooltip will now properly display when you mouse over upgrades.


  • Miner Evacuation
    • When the Minesweeper Mutator is active, mines will no longer have a chance to spawn inside the safe zone of the player starting location.


  • Fixed an issue after using Rewind in which the gas and minerals icons were missing for certain menus for Protoss and Zerg.
  • Black Site 2E – Fixed several issues where units were clipping into terrain and doodads.
  • Incorrect icons and strings will no longer display when viewing the Upgrades in replays from matches with custom mutators.
  • Brightened the Swarm Host's "Flying Locusts" passive button appears.


  • Fixed an issue in which Fenix’s transmission portrait would sometimes not appear during dialogue.
  • Fixed a typo for the Warbringer’s Purification Blast tooltip.
  • Fixed an issue where if both players used the Rewind function after the end of a Co-op match, the experience screen displayed ‘In Progress.’
  • Volatile Infested’s weapon tooltip now correctly reads “Volatile Burst.”

User Interface[edit]

  • Fixed an issue where Custom Game lobbies can lose a slot if "Start Game" is clicked without an invited player accepting the invite
  • Creating a group or clan name with an apostrophe will no longer create an improperly formatted chat channel
  • Fixed an issue in which the ‘Create with Mod’ button can sometimes create a lobby with the last selected map instead of the currently selected map.
  • Map Preview images on the Map Preferences dialog will no longer display a placeholder image when loading.
  • Fixed an issue where a player’s race would not be the one they selected for a tournament if they were just playing as a different race in another mode.
  • Changing which skin is equipped will no longer change the location of the unit's icon in the Large Format Games selection panel.
  • The chat bar will now remain in its correct location when using the ‘select Custom Mutator’ screen.

Gameplay and Races[edit]

  • Protoss
    • Removed the ‘Stop’ command from the Nexus.


  • The ‘Prophecy’ missions from Wings of Liberty is no longer missing text in their mission briefings.

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