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Patch 3.19.1

[e][h]Patch 3.19.1
Patch Information
NA Release Date:
12 October 2017
EU Release Date:
13 October 2017
KOR Release Date:
13 October 2017
  • General
  • Bug Fixes

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void - Patch 3.19.1[edit]


  • Autostart has been re-enabled for public lobbies, with an added 5 second delay to give users more time to make selections before it starts.
  • The “Open to Public” button has been moved next to “Start Game” as well as renamed to “Make Public”. Additional labeling has been added to help clarify when a lobby is private or public.
  • “Mode” has been added to the open lobby list so you can once again see which mode a map is set to before joining the lobby.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Custom
    • Custom game lobbies now can be properly searched by both lobby name and map name.
    • Scrolling to the bottom of the map list in Arcade now properly displays more maps.
    • Fixed a display issue where the lobby preview panel would not update properly.
    • Fixed a display issue where bookmarks would not show up in the quick bookmarks panel.
    • Fixed an issue where the Open to Public button could become disabled based on match privacy, making it so some games were impossible to make public.
    • Fixed a display issue where the genre filter dropdown could appear empty.
    • The open lobbies list now properly updates when clearing the filter by using the “X” button.
    • Create Offline Game is now properly displayed in the map context menu.
    • Pinned maps no longer continue to appear after logging in with a different account or changing regions.
  • Multiplayer
    • Fixed an issue where Hellions could use Hellbat Mode without an Armory.
    • Thors with the Special Forces skin now appear the appropriate size.
    • Queens with the Leviathan skin now appear the appropriate size.
    • Oracles can no longer place Stasis Ward within structures.