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Pedro Beraldo
August 10, 1987 (1987-08-10) (age 31)
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Pedro "Pedroca" Beraldo began shoutcasting StarCraft II matches in August 2010 right after its release. Since then has been very active in the Brazilian StarCraft community, being involved in the Brazilian StarCraft II community since its first steps.

Some early community-driven events shoutcasted by him include: BrasilCraft,[1] Fortnightly [2] and Hangar Combat Arena,[3] followed by events such as Fun Play,[4] Unreal Sunday Tournament,[5] Tt eSports Arena Cup.[6] Along with these community-driven events, Pedroca has also been involved in many major events.

Brood War[edit]

Pedroca used to play a lot of Brood War when he was a kid, always for fun, enjoying a lot of the Custom Maps as well. By then he knew that there was an international competitive scene, but in Brazil it was only starting out by then. Shortly after, school took over and he couldn't spend as much time playing as he used to.

The eSports Challenges[edit]

One of the main challenges took on by Pedroca is to bring the Latin American community closer together and make it more present in the global competitive scene.

Pedroca graduated in business administration in 2010, and kept a double-shift for a year and a half, until he decided it was time to go all-in.

As of March 2012, he took one step further in his career, and was able to focus 100% in eSports.


  • Between 2010 and 2012 he hosted the "Embalos de Quinta à Noite", a show with a good dose of humor and focus on having fun, which actually came up with its very own kind of Free For All, called "TCT Doidão" (considered in Brazil a classic as much as Monobattles are in the international community).[7]
  • During these shows he came up with the "Ace Ventura", a move in which he gives shout-outs to as many people from the Chat as possible during the course of a song or soundtrack.[8]
  • Binds Control Groups with the Alt Key (instead of Ctrl) for ergonomical reasons, and considers this a very important matter.

Notable Events Cast[edit]


2010 Blizzard Shoutcasting Contest - Winner






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