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[e][h]Protoss Pigbaby
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Yang Hee-soo
December 14, 1992 (age 30)
Alternate IDs:
Neo.G_Haruhi, HS
Approx. Total Winnings:
Years active:
2013 - 2015
2012-04-12 — 2013-07-10
2013-07-10 — 2014-04-10
2014-12-01 — 2015-10-31
Recent Matches
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Yang "Pigbaby" Hee-soo (born December 14, 1992) is a retired Korean Protoss player.

He was also known as "HS".

Wings of Liberty[edit]


On January 30, 2013, in the 2013 Global StarCraft II League Season 1 Preliminaries he made it to the finals of Group 10 by defeating Monster 2-1 in the Semifinals and BeSt 2-1 in the finals to qualify for 2013 Global StarCraft II League Season 1 Code A.

Heart Of The Swarm[edit]


Proleague streak[edit]

Pigbaby played a total of six games for 8th Team / Jin Air Green Wings in the 2013-14 seasons of SPL. He notably defeated Zest, RorO, Rain, Hydra and DeParture, before finally losing to Super. Less than a month after the end of his streak, he was removed from Jin Air's roster alongside CoCa, leaving him with a 5-1 record.

First breakthrough in WCS America[edit]

Pigbaby attempted to qualify for 2014 WCS Season 2 America, he played in the Ladder Wildcard qualifier where he defeated PiLiPiLi, SaroVati, iAsonu, and Ryung, a very strong, high level, Korean Terran Player to qualify for Challenger league.

Pigbaby's opponent in Challenger league was the Taiwan Protoss Player Has, whom Pigbaby defeated 3-1, qualifying himself for Premier League. In the Round of 32, he played in Group A, with Revival, HuK, and HerO. He defeated Revival with a score of 2-0 in his first match, and the Canadian Protoss HuK 2-1 in his second match, placing him at the top of the group and advancing him to the next round of the tournament.

In the Round of 16, he was placed in Group A this time with Heart, Oz, and XiGua. He lost against Heart, but then defeated Oz and XiGua to advance out of the group in second place. In the Round of 8, he was seeded against TaeJa, who was a heavy favorite for the WCS title. However, Pigbaby disposed of the Terran player 3-0, showing a great use of observers in every game, causing cheers from the crowd. Expectations grew up as he defeated the winner of Season 1, HyuN, with a score of 3-1. In the finals, Pigbaby lost three of the first four matches against his opponent Bomber, but was able to turn the match around and win 4-3 in the end. The series featured Carriers in Game 1 and Tempests in the last and deciding game. With this victory, Pigbaby became the 2014 WCS Season 2 America Champion in his first WCS America participation, making a name for himself in the foreign scene.

In the 2014 WCS Season 3 America Premier League, Pigbaby advanced second in his Round of 32 group after defeating the Chinese Protoss Shana twice while losing to Check in the winner's match. In the Round of 16, he lost 0-2 to HyuN, but defeated Jaedong 2-1 and TaeJa 2-0 to advance to the playoffs. In the Round of 8 he faced Bomber in rematch of the Season 2 finals, but this time fell 1-3, and in the Best of 5 was unable to mount a similar comeback to the previous season's.

Despite his achievements in WCS America, Pigbaby was unable to acquire overseas support through sponsorship or a team. Additionally, changes in the 2015 WCS system required him to cease participation in WCS America. He therefore returned to Jin Air Green Wings on December 1, 2014, to resume competing in Korea.[1]


On October 30, 2015, he decided not to extend his contract with Jin Air Green Wings and left the team.[2]


In A1Premier Tournaments
2015-10-102nd2015 SK Telecom Proleague
Jin Air Green Wings
2 : 4SK Telecom T1SK Telecom T1$1,888.89
2015-07-042nd2015 Proleague: Round 3
Jin Air Green Wings
3 : 4SK Telecom T1SK Telecom T1$495.03
2015-04-252nd2015 Proleague: Round 2
Jin Air Green Wings
3 : 4CJ EntusCJ Entus$516.17
2015-02-142nd2015 Proleague: Round 1
Jin Air Green Wings
2 : 4SK Telecom T1SK Telecom T1$505.88
2014-10-115th - 8th2014 WCS Season 3 America Premier League1 : 3$5,000
2014-09-119th - 16th2014 KeSPA Cup0 : 3$1,958
2014-07-061st2014 WCS Season 2 America Premier League4 : 3$25,000
2014-04-011st2014 Proleague: Round 2
Jin Air Green Wings
4 : 1MVPMVP$1,771.71
2013-08-2817th - 24th2013 WCS Season 3 Korea GSL: Premier LeagueJin Air Green WingsJin Air Green Wings1 : 2$1,500
2013-07-097th2012–2013 SK Planet Proleague: Regular Season
Jin Air Green Wings
16–26Grp S.$988.09
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Matches & VODs[edit]

First Person View Match VODS[edit]



Matchup Statistics

 vs Protossvs Terranvs Zergvs RandomTotal
as Protoss62 - 3464.6 %35 - 4344.9 %50 - 4453.2 %2 - 0100 %149 - 12155.2 %

Earnings Statistics

1v1 Medal Statistics



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