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Plasma Shield

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The Plasma Shield mechanic is a permanent, passive attribute of all Protoss units and buildings. It provides a supplementary source of hit points which must be removed before any damage is done to the standard hit point pool. If a unit or building is not damaged for a period of time, its shields will regenerate until they are fully replenished or more damage is taken. Shields apply their own armor stat (which starts at 0) independent of the unit or building's standard armor which reduces damage to hit points. Shield armor can be improved by 3 levels of upgrades via the Forge, similar to normal armor, but it is a separate upgrade, and applies to all units and buildings.


  • Shields begin to recharge after 10 game seconds have passed. Faster plays at 140% speed, so shields will begin to recharge just after 7 real time seconds have passed. Note that in LotV, in-game timers now reflect real time.
  • Shields recharge at a rate of 2 points per game second.
  • Shield armor reduces incoming damage to the shield total the same way Armor reduces attack damage to hit points.
  • Unlike in Brood War, shields use the attributes of the unit when computing damage. For example a Marauder deals the full 20 damage to the shields of a Stalker, but only 10 to the shields of a Zealot.

Interaction with Other Units[edit]

  • The Terran Ghost's EMP Round does 100 points of damage to shields, but unlike an attack overflow is not removed from hit points. As this is a spell, no shield armor upgrades are applied.
  • The Terran Widow Mine does bonus damage to Shields.
  • The Protoss Disruptor's Purification Nova deals 55 additional damage to shields on top of its 145 splash damage.