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Point Defense Drone (Legacy of the Void)

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This article covers the current multiplayer version of this structure. For another version see Point Defense Drone (Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm).
[e][h] Point Defense Drone
Unit Information
Small Air Unit
Uses a laser to shoot down enemy missiles within range 8 (9) at the cost of 10 energy. Cannot target special attacks. Times out after 14 seconds.
 0  0  0  0
Unit stats
50 0 (+2)
200 / 200


The Point Defense Drone (or PDD for short) was a light-air Terran unit removed in the 4.0.0 patch, it is deployed by a Raven at the cost of 100 energy. The Drone is immobile and cannot attack, but will negate specific enemy projectiles near itself, protecting allied units. The Drone spawns with 200 energy, which allows for up to 20 attacks to be negated. Point Defense Drones can be constructed within 3 range of their host Raven. Once deployed, the Raven can leave the area, and the Drone will remain for its 14-second duration.

  • Units with multiple attacks, such as the Phoenix or Thor, require 10 energy per each projectile fired.
  • The Point Defense Drone can be destroyed by attacking the drone itself with units which are not countered by its defensive laser, listed below.
  • The Point Defense Drone regenerates energy almost twice as fast as other caster units (1.4 energy per second vs 0.7875 energy per second). This allows it to defend against an additional projectile every 7 seconds.
  • Although the unit lists Ship Plating as its armor type, the Point Defense Drone's armor is only affected by the Engineering Bay's Building Armor upgrade.
  • Is considered a building and mechanical for spell targeting purposes (Immune to the Ghost's Snipe and High Templar's Psionic Storm spells. Also targetable by Corruptor's Caustic Spray spell)
  • Can be affected by a Ghost's EMP Round spell, reducing the number of Point Defense Lasers available.
  • Can be affected by a High Templar's Feedback spell, destroying it almost every time due to its low HP and high energy.
  • As a mechanical unit, the Point Defense Drone can be repaired by friendly SCVs.
  • Durable Materials allows the Point Defense Drone to be placed pre-emptively with a lower risk that it will go un-used.
  • Will defend against any enemy projectiles that pass through its protective range, even if the attacking and defending units are outside of said range.
  • Will consume energy defending attacks from fake units created by Hallucination.
  • Point Defense Laser marginally scales as the game progresses, because it negates upgrade damage (In a Marauder vs Marauder battle, a single PDD would stop 400 damage with no Infantry Weapons upgrades. With +3 Infantry Weapons researched, the PDD stops 520 damage, a 120 damage difference).
  • Ranged units which also have a melee attack animation, i.e. Roaches, Hydralisks and Locusts, will not trigger Point Defense Laser when using the alternate animation. Queens also do not trigger pdd when using their ground attack at range of less than 3.
  • Multiple drones will not attack same projectile.
  • As an important note the PDD no longer stops Broodlings fired from Brood Lords (Since Patch 1.3.3)
  • Another important note is that the while Cyclones regular attacks will be shot down by PDDs, the projectiles fired by Lock On will not be stopped by the PDD.


The white circle denotes the build range of 3
Range: 8 (+1)
Automated defensive laser that intercepts enemy projectiles. Effective against Marauders, Vikings, Banshees, Battlecruisers, Thors, Missile Turrets, Stalkers, Phoenixes, Photon Cannons, Queens, Mutalisks, Corruptors, Hydralisks, Spore Crawlers.

This spell is the core of the Point Defense Drone. It fires a bright red laser from the PDD, burning the enemy projectiles out of the sky. It can only activate if the PDD has energy.

In general, visible projectiles can be shot down, but not energy streams (e.g. from Void Rays), invisible bullets (e.g. from Marines), or blobs of goo (from Roaches). The PDD is therefore ineffective against the ground attacks of Vikings and Thors, despite these units being listed; only their anti-air attacks feature visible projectiles to be shot down.


 100      100      80 Hotkey: H
Researched from: Engineering Bay
Increases the attack range of Missile Turrets, Auto-Turrets, Point Defense Drones, and Planetary Fortresses by 1.

This upgrade increases the defensive range of Point Defense Laser to 9, allowing the Point Defense Drone to protect a larger area. This upgrade assists with Raven survivability, allowing them to deploy Point Defense Drones while keeping distance from the opposing army. The difference in range pre and post upgrade is displayed below;

8 Range, Prior to the Hi-Sec Tracking Upgrade
9 Range, Post Hi-Sec Tracking Upgrade

In addition to its increased protective range for friendly units, Hi-Sec Auto Tracking also provides improved survivability for the PDD. The 9 range allows the PDD to be placed farther behind the Terran Army, making it easier to keep it out of harm's way.

Building Armor
 150      150      140 Hotkey: B
Researched from: Engineering Bay
Increases the armor of the Point Defense Drone, Auto-Turret, Missile Turret, Planetary Fortress, and all other Terran structures by 2.

The additional armor is generally not researched if the Terran player intends to use Ravens primarily for PDDs. It provides marginal benefit for PDD usage at the cost of additional gas on an already gas-heavy build (Each Raven costs 200 gas).

Competitive Usage[edit]

Vs. Protoss[edit]

Orcmaniac(T) protects his Siege Tanks from eNtitY's(P) attacking Stalkers with Point Defense Drones during a high level ladder game.

The Point Defense Drone can defend missile attacks from the following units:

Vs. Terran[edit]

A Terran player's defensive placement of Point Defense Drones allows his Ravens to withstand the enemy's Viking assault, negating all of their damage.

The Point Defense Drone can defend missile attacks from the following units:

  • Susceptible to (cannot defend itself against) the air attacks of the following units;

Vs. Zerg[edit]

A Terran Player defends against the Hydralisk onslaught by supporting his Bio-Mech army with Point Defense Drones.

The Point Defense Drone can defend missile attacks from the following units:

  • Susceptible to (cannot defend itself against) the air attacks of the following units;


Notable Games[edit]


The game one of matches between BoxeR and Rain in winners bracket of MLG Anaheim


DayWalkeR vs DarkShaman on Metalopolis, Bescene Benelux Tournament 2: 9 Minutes into their match, DayWalkeR crushes DarkShaman's Stalker force with a well placed Point Defense Drone, protecting his Marine and Siege Tank force from harm.


Patch Changes[edit]