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Polt Timing Attack (vs. Protoss)

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[e][h]TerranPolt timing attack
Strategy Information


This build works towards a timing attack after two Banshees and a Point Defense Drone are ready. With a Banshee Opening or a Two Barracks early attack to prompt the opponent to start their Robotics Facility early for fast Colossus. Though the attack encourages early Colossus, it does not matter greatly as this attack will deal effectively with all the common Protoss unit mixes that are possible before the mid-game. The Colossus-based timing attack is performed as the first one completes, or simply when the opponent expands; whichever comes first.

Build gained its fame and name when used by TSLPolt in his Ro64 match against MC in the first GSL Open.


Producing a Raven early in the game to gain enough energy for a Point Defense Drone alongside two Banshees and a massed Bio army for an early attack timing to straight up destroy the opponent.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Basic Build
  • Orbital Command Opening
  • 15 Marine (1-2)
  • 18 Refinery (2)
  • 21 Barracks
  • Then Tech Lab on Barracks (2)
  • @100gas > Factory
    • If close air positions > Scout with Factory
  • @Next 100gas > Starport
    • Tech Lab on Factory > Swap with Starport
    • Raven > Banshee (1) (2)
  • Attack when Banshee (2) completes


  • As you get a Reactor early on, make sure you do not get supply blocked
  • Stimpack is ideal, though the timing uncertain and should not delay the Raven.
  • Bring some SCVs when moving out for Bunker construction in the opponent's base, try to keep the opponent's army at bay during construction.


  • Stargate or 4 Gateways, either will most likely come before the attack can be performed, if the opponent stays on one gas then Stimpack should be researched and delay Starport or the units producing. Phoenix are a problem if they can kill the Raven or Banshees, keep the army close together and hotkey Marines for quick response.


  • Pre-engagement gun down any rocks that might speed up your attack and reinforcements (such as on Scrap Station or Kulas Ravine).
  • Each unit in your composition has a certain role. As you attack use them to best fulfill these roles.
    • Raven: Used for PDD. Get it in position as in-the-Protoss'-face as possible.
    • Banshee: Kill off any Sentries first. While the Banshees are safe from Stalker fire (PDD) these units are the only ones that can hit them. It will also negate Guardian Shield or, if applicable, Force Fields. Next target the Colossus, freeing up the way for your Marines.
    • Marines/Marauders: Gun down any Zealots first. When they are gone stim in the Marauders to take down any Colossi while the Marines kill any Immortals. Stalkers should be dealt with last.
    • SCVs: Tanking some damage and walling the Zealots. Keep one or two alive for the Bunker follow-up if possible.


  • The attack focuses mainly on doing good damage to a Robotics build. You can, however, adapt to:
  • 4 Warpgate build
    • Get a double Bunker setup, if you can defend you're usually in a good position. Invest in Cloak or Drop to flank a Protoss that moves out.
  • Stargate build
    • Get a Viking out, especially when the Protoss opts for Phoenixs and deal with any air harass first. Void Rays can be troublesome if the opponent engages with the main army.


Pro features[edit]

Polt did this build originally on Scrap Station. A short rush distance and breaking down Destructible rocks to reduce the distance are all the more advantageous.

Con features[edit]

Four-player maps in general, as makes for harder scouting and longer distances, especially on cross-positions. This situation is ill-advised and fast expanding then doing a high economy version with more upgrades is preferred.