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Polygon Gaming was formed around the ideal of creating content for and promoting the StarCraft 2 scene. Content types include everything from talkshow discussion on topics of interest to the scene, to tutorials for players of all skill levels; event creation, management and casting; and a variety of streams for every preference. When asked to describe the team, Shaft submitted the following:

      "The world of eSports is changing all around us. Colossal conglomerates have crumbled, empires extinguished and a new day has dawned. The next generation of eSports competition is here and it is known as Polygon Gaming. We understand the trends and forces that will shape the Starcraft 2 community and are swiftly moving to prepare for what is to come. We must get ready for tomorrow today. We have a long-term goal of success exemplified by undaunted dedication and unparalleled passion for the community around us."

Previous Events[edit]

Invite-Only Show Matches[edit]

Date 1st 2nd Score Prize Pool Thread VODs
2016-06-03 Brazil  Kelazhur Spain  Botvinnik 4-1 $50 USD Polygon Invitational #1 VoD
2016-06-20 South Korea  Hydra Ukraine  Kas 4-0 $125 USD Polygon Invitational #2 VoD
2016-07-23 Poland  Elazer Netherlands  Harstem 4-1 $111 USD Polygon Invitational #3 VoD
2016-08-27 Canada  MaSa Germany  TLO 4-1 $104 USD Polygon Invitational #4 VoD
2016-12-03 USA  Neeb Canada  Scarlett 4-3 $179 USD Polygon Invitational #5 VoD
2017-01-14 South Korea  GuMiho South Korea  Seed 4-0 $150 USD Polygon Invitational #6 VoD
2017-01-14 South Korea  Classic South Korea  soO 4-3 $186 USD Polygon Invitational #7 VoD
2017-02-18 South Korea  soO South Korea  Bunny 4-1 $104 USD Polygon Invitational 8 VoD
2017-02-18 South Korea  INnoVation South Korea  soO 4-1 $52 USD Polygon Invitational #9 VoD
2017-03-29 South Korea  Dark South Korea  INnoVation 4-2 $126 USD Polygon Invitational #10 VoD
2017-08-18 South Korea  Ryung South Korea  Classic 4-2 $80 USD Polygon Invitational #11 VoD

Open Tournaments[edit]

Event Title Date 1st 2nd Score Prize Pool Thread
Clash of the Clanless #1 2016-08-20 USA  Zeal  Theory 4-1 $66 USD Clash of the Clanless

Events Staff[edit]

ID Name Position Content Social Media
Japan Maarsch Wally Caster Twitch
USA PhoenixSD Harrison Gonka Caster Twitch Twitter
Argentina Sr Colter Javier Colter Observer Twitch Twitter
USA DisReSpeCTsc2 Brian Rowntree Chat Moderator Twitch Twitter
Canada TRaFFiCxxx Alyosha Zeifman Live Reporter Twitch Twitter
USA Shaft Malcolm Heath CEO YouTube Twitter

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name
caCanada z TRaFFiCxxx Alyosha Zeifman
caCanada p Deadzergsc2 Scott Ross-Molyneux
jpJapan p Maarsch Wally Nes
usUSA z PhoenixSD Harrison Gonka
arArgentina t Sr Colter Javier Colter
usUSA z Shaft Malcolm Heath


ID Name
usUSA t DisReSpeCT Brian Rowntree
usUSA T Arthisios Ryan Vincent
usUSA z Risk Carter Woetzel
usUSA z Impravido Nate Price
usUSA p praiise Alex Brown
seSweden p Sehyo Alex Noble
caCanada t Shuuyiw Shu Yi Wen
caCanada p Gotoudeath Jordan Trehearne
USUSA t Arkham Devin Knox
USUSA t Elghty7Gaming Derek Pritchard
USUSA z Gytz Ian MacDonald
seSweden z Kamina Ludwig Sedin
usUSA T Masterxexe Joel Thomas


ID Name Position
USA SGMattC Matt Cox Content Assistant
Canada IITALL Michael Gates Content Manager
Japan Maarsch Wally Nes Events Manager
Canada TRaFFiCxxx Alyosha Zeifman Social Media
USA Shaft Malcolm Heath Marketing

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