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Premier Tournaments

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Premier Tournaments offer an outstanding prize pool, are frequently played out offline, and feature the best players from all over the world. They are commonly held by well-established franchises and are considered especially prestigious amongst the community.

Legacy of the Void Tournaments[edit]


Sep 9Sep 12DH SC2 Masters 2021 Fall: Season Finals SC2 Master$50,00016World OnlineTBDTBD
Aug 3Aug 15DH SC2 Masters 2021 Fall: North America SC2 Master NA$33,60016North America OnlineTBDTBD
Jul 28Aug 15DH SC2 Masters 2021 Fall: Europe SC2 Master EU$74,00032Europe OnlineTBDTBD
Jul 1Jul 4DH SC2 Masters 2021 Summer: Season Finals SC2 Master$50,00016World OnlineItaly  ReynorSouth Korea  Maru
Jun 28Jul 292021 Global StarCraft II League Season 2: Code S GSL$118,00016South Korea SeoulSouth Korea TBDSouth Korea TBD
Jun 12Jun 27TeamLiquid StarLeague 7 TSL$31,00016World OnlineSouth Korea  TrapItaly  Reynor
Jun 7Jun 24NeXT 2021 S1–SC2 Masters NeXT$23,17016China OnlineSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  Solar
May 25Jun 6DH SC2 Masters 2021 Summer: North America SC2 Master NA$33,60016North America OnlineUnited States  NeebCanada  Scarlett
May 19Jun 6DH SC2 Masters 2021 Summer: Europe SC2 Master EU$74,00032Europe OnlineFrance  ClemItaly  Reynor
May 17May 272021 AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 2 GSL$25,60016South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  Zoun
Apr 5May 62021 Global StarCraft II League Season 1: Code S GSL$118,00016South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  Maru
Feb 20Feb 28IEM Katowice 2021 EPT$250,00036Poland OnlineItaly  ReynorSouth Korea  Zest
Jan 27Jan 302021 AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 1 GSL$25,60016South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  Zoun
Jan 12Jan 17DH SC2 Masters 2020: Last Chance 2021 SC2 Master$57,00016World OnlineSouth Korea  TrapFinland  Serral


Dec 5Dec 20TeamLiquid StarLeague 6 TSL$30,00032World OnlineSouth Korea  DarkFinland  Serral
Dec 2Dec 122020 AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 2 GSL$30,00016South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  Stats
Nov 10Nov 15DH SC2 Masters 2020 Winter: Season Finals SC2 Master$57,00016World OnlineFinland  SerralSouth Korea  Stats
Oct 27Nov 8DH SC2 Masters 2020 Winter: North America SC2 Master NA$38,00016North America OnlineUnited States  AstreaUnited States  Neeb
Oct 21Nov 8DH SC2 Masters 2020 Winter: Europe SC2 Master EU$84,00032Europe OnlineFrance  ClemItaly  Reynor
Oct 3Oct 11King of Battles: KB International Championship KoB$30,00016World OnlineSouth Korea  MaruSouth Korea  Cure
Sep 15Sep 20DH SC2 Masters 2020 Fall: Season Finals SC2 Master$57,00016World OnlineItaly  ReynorSouth Korea  Trap
Sep 1Sep 13DH SC2 Masters 2020 Fall: North America SC2 Master NA$38,00016North America OnlineCanada  ScarlettUnited States  Astrea
Aug 29Nov 12020 Global StarCraft II League Season 3 GSL$140,00028South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  TYSouth Korea  Maru
Aug 26Sep 13DH SC2 Masters 2020 Fall: Europe SC2 Master EU$84,00032Europe OnlineItaly  ReynorFrance  Clem
Jul 16Jul 19DH SC2 Masters 2020 Summer: Season Finals SC2 Master$57,00016World OnlineFinland  SerralSouth Korea  Trap
Jul 9Aug 13Douyu Cup 2020$21,16624China OnlineItaly  ReynorFinland  Serral
Jun 30Jul 12DH SC2 Masters 2020 Summer: North America SC2 Master NA$38,00016North America OnlineUnited States  NeebUnited States  Astrea
Jun 24Jul 12DH SC2 Masters 2020 Summer: Europe SC2 Master EU$84,00032Europe OnlineItaly  ReynorFinland  Serral
Jun 20Aug 152020 Global StarCraft II League Season 2 GSL$140,00028South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  Stats
May 16Jun 7TeamLiquid StarLeague 5 TSL$30,00024World OnlineSouth Korea  soOSouth Korea  INnoVation
Apr 11Jun 62020 Global StarCraft II League Season 1 GSL$140,00028South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  TYSouth Korea  Cure
Mar 18Mar 282020 AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 1 GSL$30,00016South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  MaruSouth Korea  Dark
Feb 24Mar 1IEM Katowice 2020 EPT$400,00076Poland KatowiceSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  Zest


Nov 21Nov 24HomeStory Cup XX HSC$53,00032Germany BerlinFinland  SerralItaly  Reynor
Oct 24Nov 12019 WCS Global Finals WCS$700,00016United States AnaheimSouth Korea  DarkItaly  Reynor
Oct 3Oct 62019 AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 2 GSL$25,08916South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  DarkSouth Korea  TY
Sep 6Sep 82019 WCS Fall WCS$100,00080Canada MontrealFinland  SerralItaly  Reynor
Aug 15Aug 182019 GSL vs the World WCS$82,58916South Korea SeoulFinland  SerralPoland  Elazer
Aug 1Aug 3Assembly Summer 2019 ROG$25,00032Finland HelsinkiSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  Solar
Jul 12Jul 142019 WCS Summer WCS$100,00080Ukraine KievItaly  ReynorFinland  Serral
Jul 3Sep 282019 Global StarCraft II League Season 3 GSL$141,85632South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  Trap
Jun 13Jun 16Gold Professional Championship 2019 Season 1 GPC$23,00216China ShanghaiSouth Korea  INnoVationCanada  Scarlett
May 17May 192019 WCS Spring WCS$100,00071Ukraine KievFinland  SerralMexico  SpeCial
Apr 29Jun 222019 Global StarCraft II League Season 2 GSL$151,26532South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  DarkSouth Korea  Trap
Apr 18Apr 212019 AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 1 GSL$24,65316South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  ClassicSouth Korea  GuMiho
Mar 11Mar 17World Electronic Sports Games 2018 WESG$240,00048China ChongqingSouth Korea  INnoVationFinland  Serral
Feb 25Mar 3IEM Season XIII - Katowice IEM$400,00076Poland KatowiceSouth Korea  soOSouth Korea  Stats
Feb 2Apr 142019 Global StarCraft II League Season 1 GSL$151,26532South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  MaruSouth Korea  Classic
Jan 31Apr 72019 WCS Winter Europe WCS$60,00032Europe Online/OfflineItaly  ReynorFinland  Serral
Jan 31Apr 62019 WCS Winter Americas WCS$60,00032North America Online/OfflineUnited States  NeebCanada  Scarlett


Nov 22Nov 25HomeStory Cup XVIII HSC$20,00032Germany KrefeldFinland  SerralSouth Korea  INnoVation
Oct 26Nov 32018 WCS Global Finals WCS$700,00016United States AnaheimFinland  SerralSouth Korea  Stats
Sep 27Sep 302018 AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 2 GSL$26,65716South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  ClassicSouth Korea  sOs
Sep 7Sep 92018 WCS Montreal WCS$101,00080Canada MontrealFinland  SerralItaly  Reynor
Aug 2Aug 52018 GSL vs the World WCS$94,15116South Korea SeoulFinland  SerralSouth Korea  Stats
Jul 12Jul 142018 WCS Valencia WCS$101,00077Spain ValenciaFinland  SerralTaiwan  Has
Jul 4Sep 152018 Global StarCraft II League Season 3 GSL$159,47432South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  MaruSouth Korea  TY
Jun 1Jun 32018 WCS Austin WCS$101,00080United States AustinFinland  SerralPoland  MaNa
Apr 18Jun 232018 Global StarCraft II League Season 2 GSL$159,47432South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  MaruSouth Korea  Zest
Apr 5Apr 82018 AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 1 GSL$28,18516South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  Dark
Mar 13Mar 18World Electronic Sports Games 2017 WESG$400,00030China HaikouSouth Korea  MaruSouth Korea  Dark
Feb 26Mar 4IEM Season XII - World Championship IEM$412,00076Poland KatowiceSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  Classic
Feb 5Feb 7IEM Season XII - PyeongChang IEM$150,00018South Korea PyeongChangCanada  ScarlettSouth Korea  sOs
Jan 26Jan 282018 WCS Leipzig WCS$101,00079Germany LeipzigFinland  SerralGermany  ShoWTimE
Jan 6Mar 312018 Global StarCraft II League Season 1 GSL$159,45232South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  MaruSouth Korea  Stats


Nov 9Nov 12HomeStory Cup XVI HSC$20,00032Germany KrefeldSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Solar
Oct 27Nov 42017 WCS Global Finals WCS$700,00016United States AnaheimSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  soO
Sep 28Oct 12017 AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 2 GSL$26,94016South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  herO
Sep 8Sep 102017 WCS Montreal WCS$100,00080Canada MontrealUnited States  NeebNorway  Snute
Aug 3Aug 62017 GSL vs the World WCS$96,00016South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  TY
Jul 27Jul 30IEM Season XII - Shanghai IEM$25,00016China ShanghaiSouth Korea  RogueSouth Korea  herO
Jul 13Jul 152017 WCS Valencia WCS$100,00077Spain ValenciaPoland  ElazerNorway  Snute
Jul 5Sep 162017 Global StarCraft II League Season 3 GSL$152,10032South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  sOs
Jul 3Sep 242017 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 2 - Premier SSL$54,91010South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  Dark
Jun 17Jun 192017 WCS Jönköping WCS$100,00062Sweden JönköpingUnited States  NeebFinland  Serral
Apr 28Apr 302017 WCS Austin WCS$100,00080United States AustinUnited States  NeebPoland  Nerchio
Apr 19Jun 242017 Global StarCraft II League Season 2 GSL$152,10032South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  GuMihoSouth Korea  soO
Apr 6Apr 92017 AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 1 GSL$26,94016South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  aLive
Mar 20Jun 102017 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 1 - Premier SSL$54,91010South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  Solar
Feb 27Mar 5IEM Season XI - World Championship IEM$250,00076Poland KatowiceSouth Korea  TYSouth Korea  Stats
Jan 12Jan 15World Electronic Sports Games 2016 WESG$402,00024China ChangzhouSouth Korea  TYSouth Korea  Maru
Jan 4Mar 262017 Global StarCraft II League Season 1 GSL$142,66032South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  soO


Dec 14Dec 18IEM Season XI - Gyeonggi IEM$35,00016South Korea GyeonggiSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  Stats
Dec 10Dec 12World Cyber Arena 2016 Global Finals WCA$43,6788China YinchuanSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  Patience
Nov 17Nov 20HomeStory Cup XIV HSC$20,00032Germany KrefeldSouth Korea  PatienceSouth Korea  Zest
Oct 27Nov 52016 WCS Global Playoffs and Finals WCS$500,00016United States AnaheimSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  Dark
Sep 27Oct 32016 KeSPA Cup KeSPA$49,73516South Korea SeoulUnited States  NeebSouth Korea  Trap
Sep 25Sep 252016 WCS Korea Season 2 Cross Finals WCS$25,7404South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  DarkSouth Korea  Solar
Sep 10Sep 11WCS Copa Intercontinental WCS$50,00010Mexico Mexico CityNorway  SnuteGermany  ShoWTimE
Aug 12Aug 142016 WCS Circuit: Summer Circuit Championship WCS$150,00032Canada MontrealSouth Korea  TRUESouth Korea  Polt
Jul 28Jul 31IEM Season XI - Shanghai IEM$50,00016China ShanghaiNetherlands  uThermalUnited States  Neeb
Jul 14Jul 162016 DreamHack Open: Valencia DH$50,00096Spain ValenciaPoland  NerchioFrance  MarineLorD
Jun 23Jun 26HomeStory Cup XIII HSC$20,00032Germany KrefeldNetherlands  HarstemCanada  Scarlett
Jun 2Sep 112016 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 2 SSL$120,00028South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  Dark
May 27Sep 102016 Global StarCraft II League Season 2 GSL$194,48056South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  ByuNSouth Korea  sOs
May 22May 222016 WCS Korea Season 1 Cross Finals WCS$25,7404South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  StatsSouth Korea  Dark
May 14May 162016 WCS Circuit: Spring Circuit Championship WCS$150,00032France ToursGermany  ShoWTimEPoland  Nerchio
May 6May 82016 DreamHack Open: Austin DH$50,00096United States AustinSouth Korea  HydraUnited States  Neeb
Mar 21Mar 26Gold Series International 2016 GPL$50,00016China ShanghaiNetherlands  HarstemNorway  Snute
Mar 2Mar 52016 WCS Circuit: Winter Circuit Championship WCS$150,00032Poland KatowiceSouth Korea  PoltNorway  Snute
Jan 22Jan 242016 DreamHack Open: Leipzig DH$50,00096Germany LeipzigFrance  PtitDrogoUkraine  Bly
Jan 8May 12016 Global StarCraft II League Season 1 GSL$194,48062South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  TY
Jan 7Apr 92016 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 1 SSL$113,36416South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  DarkSouth Korea  Stats


Dec 17Dec 20HomeStory Cup XII HSC$25,00032Germany KrefeldSouth Korea  MMAFrance  FireCake
Nov 26Nov 28DreamHack ROCCAT LotV Championship DH$50,00024Sweden JönköpingSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  PartinG

Heart of the Swarm Tournaments[edit]


Nov 1Nov 72015 WCS Global Finals WCS$250,00016United States AnaheimSouth Korea  sOsSouth Korea  Life
Sep 24Sep 252015 DreamHack Open: Stockholm DH$25,00092Sweden StockholmSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  HyuN
Aug 30Aug 31MSI Masters Gaming Arena 2015 MSI$25,00016United States SeattleSouth Korea  sOsSouth Korea  Solar
Aug 13Sep 132015 WCS Season 3 Premier League WCS$217,00032Germany CologneFrance  LilbowPoland  MaNa
Aug 5Aug 9IEM Season X - gamescom IEM$25,00027Germany CologneSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  soO
Jul 16Jul 19IEM Season X - Shenzhen IEM$25,00016China ShenzhenSouth Korea  ClassicSouth Korea  PartinG
Jul 16Jul 172015 DreamHack Open: Valencia DH$25,00096Spain ValenciaSouth Korea  CuriousSouth Korea  TRUE
Jul 8Oct 42015 Global StarCraft II League Season 3: Code S GSL$93,13556South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  ByuL
Jul 6Jul 12LOTTE Homeshopping 2015 KeSPA Cup Season 2 KeSPA$22,34516South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  soOSouth Korea  Dark
Jul 2Jul 5HomeStory Cup XI HSC$25,00032Germany KrefeldSouth Korea  RainSouth Korea  Sacsri
Jul 2Sep 202015 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 3 Main Event SSL$69,79228South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  ByuL
May 16Jun 282015 WCS Season 2 Premier League WCS$217,00032Germany CologneSouth Korea  HydraFrance  Lilbow
May 8May 92015 DreamHack Open: Tours DH$25,00096France ToursSouth Korea  PartinGSouth Korea  GuMiho
May 3May 5GiGA internet 2015 KeSPA Cup Season 1 KeSPA$22,77516South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  Dark
Apr 2Jun 202015 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 2 Main Event SSL$69,79228South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  ClassicSouth Korea  Dream
Apr 1Jun 282015 Global StarCraft II League Season 2: Code S GSL$93,13556South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  RainSouth Korea  ByuL
Mar 12Mar 15IEM Season IX - World Championship IEM$117,70716Poland KatowiceSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  Trap
Feb 14Apr 52015 WCS Season 1 Premier League WCS$217,00032Germany CologneSouth Korea  PoltSouth Korea  Hydra
Jan 28Feb 1IEM Season IX - Taipei IEM$25,00028Taiwan TaipeiSouth Korea  LifeSouth Korea  Maru
Jan 7Mar 222015 Global StarCraft II League Season 1: Code S GSL$84,47132South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  LifeSouth Korea  PartinG


Dec 17, 2014Mar 21, 20152015 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 1 Main Event SSL$67,68532South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  MaruSouth Korea  Dream
Dec 3Dec 7IEM Season IX - San Jose IEM$25,00025United States San JoseSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  Rain
Nov 27Nov 292014 DreamHack Open: Winter DH$75,00020Sweden JönköpingSouth Korea  ForGGSouth Korea  Life
Nov 18Dec 72014 Hot6ix Cup GSL$39,105.6016South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  sOsSouth Korea  MarineKing
Nov 13Nov 16HomeStory Cup X HSC$25,00032Germany KrefeldSouth Korea  PartinGSouth Korea  Flash
Nov 1Nov 2MSI Beat IT 2014 MSI$26,00016Taiwan TaipeiSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  PartinG
Nov 1Nov 82014 WCS Global Finals WCS$250,00016United States AnaheimSouth Korea  LifeSouth Korea  MMA
Sep 26Sep 272014 DreamHack Open: Stockholm DH$25,00096Sweden StockholmSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  soO
Sep 20Sep 21Red Bull Battle Grounds: Washington RBBG$50,0008United States Washington (D.C.)South Korea  BomberSouth Korea  Cure
Sep 13Sep 142014 DreamHack Open: Moscow DH$25,00064Russia MoscowSouth Korea  MMASouth Korea  jjakji
Sep 11Sep 142014 KeSPA Cup KeSPA$78,32016South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  herO
Sep 5Sep 7World E-sport Championships 2014 WEC$55,0808China HangzhouSouth Korea  JaedongNorway  Snute
Aug 28Aug 31IEM Season IX - Toronto IEM$25,00028Canada TorontoSouth Korea  FlashSouth Korea  Zest
Aug 22Aug 24Red Bull Battle Grounds: Detroit RBBG$25,000119United States DetroitSouth Korea  PoltSouth Korea  TaeJa
Aug 19Oct 52014 WCS Season 3 Europe Premier League WCS EU$131,00032Germany CologneSouth Korea  MMASouth Korea  YoDa
Aug 8Aug 9Taiwan eSports League 2014 TWOP TeSL$25,00016Taiwan TaipeiTaiwan  SenSouth Korea  HyuN
Jul 29Oct 122014 WCS Season 3 America Premier League WCS AM$131,00032United States Los AngelesSouth Korea  BomberSouth Korea  Heart
Jul 18Jul 192014 DreamHack Open: Valencia DH$25,00096Spain ValenciaSouth Korea  SacsriSouth Korea  MC
Jul 16Jul 20IEM Season IX - Shenzhen IEM$25,00026China ShenzhenSouth Korea  TaeJaSouth Korea  Solar
Jul 16Oct 42014 Global StarCraft II League Season 3: Code S GSL$167,63656South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  soO
Jul 11Jul 13Red Bull Battle Grounds: Atlanta RBBG$25,00071United States AtlantaSouth Korea  BomberSouth Korea  Polt
Jun 20Jun 222014 MLG Anaheim MLG$40,000268United States AnaheimSouth Korea  TrapSouth Korea  Polt
Jun 14Jun 162014 DreamHack Open: Summer DH$25,00090Sweden JönköpingSouth Korea  TaeJaSouth Korea  HerO
Jun 5Jun 8HomeStory Cup IX HSC$25,00032Germany KrefeldSouth Korea  TaeJaSouth Korea  MC
May 20Jul 62014 WCS Season 2 America Premier League WCS AM$131,00032United States Los AngelesSouth Korea  PigbabySouth Korea  Bomber
May 13Jul 62014 WCS Season 2 Europe Premier League WCS EU$131,00032Germany CologneSouth Korea  StarDustSouth Korea  San
Apr 26Apr 272014 DreamHack Open: Bucharest DH$25,00068Romania BucharestSouth Korea  LifeSouth Korea  Impact
Apr 19Apr 262014 GSL Global Championship GSL$18,50016South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  PartinG
Apr 9Jun 282014 Global StarCraft II League Season 2: Code S GSL$167,63656South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  ClassicSouth Korea  soO
Mar 14Mar 16IEM Season VIII - World Championship IEM$100,00016Poland KatowiceSouth Korea  sOsSouth Korea  herO
Feb 18Apr 132014 WCS Season 1 Europe Premier League WCS EU$131,00032Germany CologneSouth Korea  MCSouth Korea  MMA
Feb 18Apr 132014 WCS Season 1 America Premier League WCS AM$131,00032Germany CologneSouth Korea  HyuNSouth Korea  Oz
Feb 13Feb 16IEM Season VIII - Cologne IEM$25,00028Germany CologneSouth Korea  HerOSouth Korea  Polt
Jan 31Feb 1ASUS ROG Winter 2014 ROG$25,00032Finland HelsinkiSouth Korea  SanSouth Korea  Dear
Jan 29Feb 1IEM Season VIII - Sao Paulo IEM$25,00028Brazil Sao PauloSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  MC
Jan 15Apr 52014 Global StarCraft II League Season 1 GSL$167,63656South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  ZestSouth Korea  soO


Dec 6Dec 7ASUS ROG NorthCon 2013 ROG$25,00016Germany NeumünsterSouth Korea  JaedongCanada  Scarlett
Dec 4Dec 82013 Hot6ix Cup GSL$41,6308South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  RainSouth Korea  Soulkey
Nov 28Dec 1World Cyber Games 2013 WCG$52,20029China KunshanSouth Korea  SoulkeySouth Korea  Sora
Nov 28Nov 302013 DreamHack Open: Winter DH$76,26019Sweden JönköpingSouth Korea  TaeJaSouth Korea  Life
Nov 28Dec 1IEM Season VIII - Singapore IEM$25,00027Singapore SingaporeSouth Korea  herOSouth Korea  San
Nov 23Nov 24Red Bull Battle Grounds New York City RBBG$50,0008United States New York CitySouth Korea  PartinGSouth Korea  sOs
Nov 14Nov 17HomeStory Cup VIII HSC$25,00032Germany KrefeldSouth Korea  TaeJaSouth Korea  HyuN
Nov 8Nov 92013 WCS Global Finals WCS$250,00016United States AnaheimSouth Korea  sOsSouth Korea  Jaedong
Oct 25Oct 272013 WCS Season 3 WCS$150,00016Canada TorontoSouth Korea  DearSouth Korea  Soulkey
Oct 10Oct 13IEM Season VIII - New York IEM$25,00028United States New YorkSouth Korea  LifeSweden  NaNiwa
Sep 16Oct 202013 WCS Season 3 America: Premier League WCS AM$100,00032United States Los AngelesSouth Korea  PoltSouth Korea  ByuL
Sep 14Sep 152013 DreamHack Open: Bucharest DH$26,881.4092Romania BucharestSouth Korea  TaeJaSouth Korea  INnoVation
Sep 3Oct 62013 WCS Season 3 Europe: Premier League WCS EU$100,00032Germany CologneSouth Korea  MMASouth Korea  MC
Aug 23Aug 252013 WCS Season 2 WCS$150,00016Germany CologneSouth Korea  BomberSouth Korea  Jaedong
Aug 6Oct 192013 WCS Season 3 Korea GSL: Premier League WCS KR$144,15864South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  DearSouth Korea  soO
Aug 1Aug 3ASUS ROG Summer 2013 ROG$25,00032Finland HelsinkiSouth Korea  TaeJaSouth Korea  San
Jul 25Jul 28IEM Season VIII - Shanghai IEM$25,00028China ShanghaiSouth Korea  RevivalSouth Korea  Oz
Jul 19Jul 20DreamHack Open Valencia 2013 DH$26,779.9596Spain ValenciaSouth Korea  HyuNSouth Korea  Jaedong
Jul 15Aug 112013 WCS Season 2 America: Premier League WCS AM$100,00032United States Santa MonicaSouth Korea  PoltSouth Korea  Jaedong
Jun 28Jun 302013 MLG Spring Championship MLG$25,000126United States AnaheimSouth Korea  PoltSouth Korea  HyuN
Jun 25Aug 112013 WCS Season 2 Europe: Premier League WCS EU$100,00032Germany CologneSouth Korea  duckdeokSouth Korea  MC
Jun 20Jun 23HomeStory Cup VII HSC$25,00032Germany KrefeldSouth Korea  TaeJaNorway  Snute
Jun 15Jun 17DreamHack Open Summer 2013 DH$27,078.82128Sweden JönköpingSouth Korea  StarDustSouth Korea  Jaedong
Jun 7Jun 92013 WCS Season 1 WCS$150,00016South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  INnoVationSouth Korea  sOs
May 28Aug 102013 WCS Season 2 Korea OSL: Premier League WCS KR$137,66850South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  MaruSouth Korea  Rain
Apr 29Jun 22013 WCS Season 1 America: Premier League WCS AM$100,00032United States New YorkSouth Korea  HerOSouth Korea  Revival
Apr 26Apr 272013 DreamHack Open: Stockholm DH$26,625.9096Sweden StockholmSouth Korea  LeenockSweden  NaNiwa
Apr 23May 262013 WCS Season 1 Europe: Premier League WCS EU$100,00032Germany CologneSouth Korea  MvpFrance  Stephano
Mar 15Mar 172013 MLG Winter Championship MLG$75,00032United States DallasSouth Korea  LifeSouth Korea  Flash
Mar 5Mar 9IEM Season VII - World Championship IEM$100,00024Germany HanoverSouth Korea  YoDaSouth Korea  First
Mar 4Jun 12013 WCS Season 1 Korea GSL: Code S WCS KR$135,24864South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  SoulkeySouth Korea  INnoVation

Wings of Liberty Tournaments[edit]


Jan 6Mar 92013 Global StarCraft II League Season 1 GSL$161,83672South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  RorOSouth Korea  Symbol


Dec 19Dec 22HomeStory Cup VI HSC$25,00032Germany KrefeldNorway  SnuteSouth Korea  Symbol
Dec 17Dec 222012 GSL Blizzard Cup GSL$63,294.1110South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  LifeSouth Korea  PartinG
Nov 29Dec 2IGN ProLeague Season 5 IPL$100,00071United States Las VegasSouth Korea  LeenockSouth Korea  viOLet
Nov 29Dec 2World Cyber Games 2012 WCG$40,00024China KunshanSouth Korea  PartinGFrance  Adelscott
Nov 28, 2012Jan 26, 2013Iron Squid – Chapter II Iron Squid$27,00032France ParisSouth Korea  LifeSouth Korea  DongRaeGu
Nov 22Nov 25IEM Season VII - Singapore IEM$29,00024Singapore SingaporeSouth Korea  StingNetherlands  Grubby
Nov 22Nov 24DreamHack EIZO Open: Winter DH$82,998.2124Sweden JönköpingSouth Korea  HerOSouth Korea  TaeJa
Nov 17Nov 182012 World Championship WCS$250,00032China ShanghaiSouth Korea  PartinGSouth Korea  Creator
Nov 2Nov 42012 MLG Fall Championship MLG$76,000181United States DallasSouth Korea  LifeSouth Korea  Leenock
Nov 2Nov 3Electronic Sports World Cup 2012 ESWC$40,00032France ParisPoland  MaNaSouth Korea  ForGG
Oct 22Dec 142012 Global StarCraft II League Season 5 GSL$160,72756South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  SniperSouth Korea  HyuN
Oct 20Oct 21DreamHack EIZO Open: Bucharest DH$22,804.6064Romania BucharestPoland  NerchioUkraine  Bly
Oct 13Oct 142012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: Asia Finals WCS$60,00032China ShanghaiSouth Korea  RainSouth Korea  PartinG
Sep 22Sep 23DreamHack EIZO Open: Valencia DH$22,844.8564Spain ValenciaSouth Korea  TaeJaSouth Korea  ForGG
Sep 15Sep 162012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: Europe Finals WCS$60,00032Sweden StockholmFrance  StephanoSpain  VortiX
Sep 12Dec 9North American Star League Season 4 NASL$60,00045United States Long BeachSouth Korea  HerOSouth Korea  viOLet
Aug 27Oct 202012 Global StarCraft II League Season 4 GSL$156,34872South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  LifeSouth Korea  Mvp
Aug 24Aug 262012 MLG Summer Championship MLG$76,000224United States RaleighSouth Korea  LeenockSouth Korea  First
Aug 15Aug 19IEM Season VII - Cologne IEM$31,80024Germany CologneSouth Korea  MvpPoland  Nerchio
Aug 6Aug 252012 StarCraft II World Championship Series: South Korea Nationals WCS$26,53532South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  Squirtle
Aug 2Aug 4ASUS ROG Summer 2012 ROG$30,00032Finland HelsinkiSouth Korea  TaeJaSouth Korea  MC
Jul 28Sep 8TeamLiquid StarLeague 4 TSL$35,50032 OnlineSouth Korea  CreatorSouth Korea  Life
Jul 20Jul 222012 MLG Summer Arena MLG$26,40032United States New YorkSouth Korea  TaeJaSouth Korea  Alicia
Jul 16Oct 272012 Auction All Kill OnGameNet Starleague OSL$93,30030South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  RainSouth Korea  DongRaeGu
Jun 16Jun 18DreamHack EIZO Open: Summer DH$28,481.73128Sweden JönköpingPoland  MaNaUkraine  DIMAGA
Jun 8Jun 102012 MLG Spring Championship MLG$76,000160United States AnaheimSouth Korea  DongRaeGuSouth Korea  Alicia
May 26May 27Red Bull Battlegrounds: Austin RBBG$41,00016United States Austin (TX)South Korea  MCSouth Korea  Bomber
May 21Jul 272012 Global StarCraft II League Season 3 GSL$151,43764South Korea BusanSouth Korea  SeedSouth Korea  MC
May 18May 202012 MLG Spring Arena 2 MLG$26,40032United States New YorkSouth Korea  viOLetSouth Korea  Symbol
Apr 21Apr 222012 DreamHack EIZO Open: Stockholm DH$22,420.65128Sweden StockholmSweden  ThorZaINSouth Korea  Polt
Apr 11Jul 15North American Star League Season 3 NASL$100,00045Canada TorontoFrance  StephanoSouth Korea  Alicia
Apr 6Apr 8IGN ProLeague Season 4 IPL$100,000140United States OnlineSouth Korea  aLiveSouth Korea  Squirtle
Mar 23Mar 252012 MLG Winter Championship MLG$76,000272United States ColumbusSouth Korea  MarineKingSouth Korea  DongRaeGu
Mar 10May 192012 Global StarCraft II League Season 2 GSL$147,94564South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  MvpSouth Korea  Squirtle
Mar 6Mar 10IEM Season VI - World Championship IEM$83,00024Germany HanoverSouth Korea  MCSouth Korea  PuMa
Feb 24Feb 25ASUS ROG Winter 2012 ROG$20,00032Finland HelsinkiSouth Korea  PoltFrance  Stephano
Feb 24Feb 262012 MLG Winter Arena MLG$26,00032United States New YorkSouth Korea  MarineKingSouth Korea  DongRaeGu
Feb 19May 5Iron Squid – Chapter I Iron Squid$25,00020France ParisSouth Korea  MMASouth Korea  Symbol
Feb 8Feb 11IEM Season VI - Global Challenge Sao Paulo IEM$21,00016Brazil Sao PauloSouth Korea  viOLetSouth Korea  SuperNova
Jan 19Jan 22IEM Season VI - Global Challenge Kiev IEM$21,00016Ukraine KievSouth Korea  MMAUkraine  DIMAGA
Jan 9Mar 32012 Global StarCraft II League Season 1 GSL$154,90864South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  DongRaeGuSouth Korea  Genius
Jan 5Jan 8HomeStory Cup IV HSC$20,00032Germany KrefeldSouth Korea  MCSouth Korea  Sound


Dec 12Dec 172011 GSL Blizzard Cup BlizzardCup$58,48010South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  MMASouth Korea  DongRaeGu
Dec 8Dec 11WCG 2011 WCG$27,00056South Korea BusanSouth Korea  MvpChina  XiGua
Nov 24Nov 26DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Championship DH$57,01264Sweden JönköpingSouth Korea  HerOSouth Korea  PuMa
Nov 18Nov 202011 MLG Pro Circuit Providence MLG$120,000272United States ProvidenceSouth Korea  LeenockSweden  NaNiwa
Oct 21Oct 23Electronic Sports World Cup 2011 ESWC$66,00048France ParisFrance  StephanoPoland  MaNa
Oct 21Oct 22BlizzCon 2011 StarCraft II Invitational BlizzCon$85,00016United States AnaheimSouth Korea  MvpSouth Korea  NesTea
Oct 14Oct 162011 MLG Pro Circuit Orlando MLG$14,000276United States OrlandoCanada  HuKSouth Korea  MC
Oct 13Oct 16IEM Season VI - Global Challenge New York IEM$21,00016United States New YorkSouth Korea  DongRaeGuSouth Korea  FruitDealer
Oct 6Oct 9IGN ProLeague Season 3 IPL$100,00032United States Atlantic CityFrance  StephanoSouth Korea  Lucky
Oct 1Oct 4IEM Season VI - Global Challenge Guangzhou IEM$21,00016China GuangzhouUnited States  IdrAFinland  elfi
Sep 19Oct 222011 Global StarCraft II League October GSL$126,10564South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  MMASouth Korea  Mvp
Aug 30Dec 4North American Star League Season 2 NASL$100,00040United States OntarioSouth Korea  PuMaSouth Korea  HerO
Aug 26Aug 282011 MLG Pro Circuit Raleigh MLG$14,000255United States RaleighSouth Korea  BomberSouth Korea  CoCa
Aug 17Aug 21IEM Season VI - Global Challenge Cologne IEM$21,00016Germany CologneSouth Korea  PuMaSouth Korea  MC
Aug 8Sep 102011 Global StarCraft II League August GSL$134,00064South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  MvpSouth Korea  TOP
Aug 4Aug 5ASUS ROG Summer 2011 ROG$21,424.5032Finland HelsinkiUkraine  DIMAGAPoland  MaNa
Jul 29Jul 312011 MLG Pro Circuit Anaheim MLG$14,000273United States AnaheimSouth Korea  MvpSouth Korea  MMA
Jun 27Jul 302011 Global StarCraft II League July GSL$134,96064South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  NesTeaSouth Korea  LosirA
Jun 18Jun 20DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Championship DH$29,519.7648Sweden JönköpingCanada  HuKSouth Korea  Moon
Jun 3Jun 52011 MLG Pro Circuit Columbus MLG$14,000272United States ColumbusSouth Korea  MMASouth Korea  LosirA
May 23Jun 18LG Cinema 3D Super Tournament GSL$187,86064South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  PoltSouth Korea  MMA
Apr 18May 142011 LG Cinema 3D Global StarCraft II League May GSL$130,00064South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  NesTeaSouth Korea  InCa
Apr 1Apr 32011 MLG Pro Circuit Dallas MLG$14,000272United States DallasSweden  NaNiwaCanada  KiWiKaKi
Mar 28Apr 92011 LG Cinema 3D World Championship Seoul GSL$97,88216South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  MvpSouth Korea  MarineKing
Mar 19May TSL3 TSL$34,50032 OnlineSweden  ThorZaINSweden  NaNiwa
Mar 1Mar 5IEM Season V - World Championship IEM$30,00012Germany HanoverSouth Korea  AcESouth Korea  Moon
Feb 21Mar 192011 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Global StarCraft II League March GSL$128,96064South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  MCSouth Korea  July
Feb 11Feb 12Assembly Tournament: Steelseries Challenge ASM$6,762.6564Finland HelsinkiNetherlands  RetSweden  MorroW
Jan 20Jan 23IEM Season V - European Championships Finals IEM$18,00012Ukraine KievSweden  SjoWUkraine  White-Ra
Jan 2Jan 292011 Sony Ericsson Global StarCraft II League January GSL$129,93264South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  MvpSouth Korea  MarineKing


Nov 25Nov 27DreamHack SteelSeries LAN DH$21,451.5032Sweden JönköpingFinland  NaamaPoland  MaNa
Nov 15Dec 182010 Sony Ericsson StarCraft II Open Season 3 GSL$173,05364South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  MCSouth Korea  Rain
Nov 5Nov 72010 MLG Pro Circuit Dallas MLG$17,500128United States DallasSweden  JinroCanada  TT1
Oct 22Oct 23BlizzCon 2010 StarCraft II Invitational BlizzCon$43,00016United States AnaheimSouth Korea  GeniusChina  Loner
Oct 15Oct 162010 MLG Pro Circuit Washington D.C. MLG$7,00064United States Washington (D.C.)United States  IdrASouth Korea  SeleCT
Oct 9Nov 132010 Sony Ericsson StarCraft II Open Season 2 GSL$180,00064South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  NesTeaSouth Korea  MarineKing
Oct 8Oct 10IEM Season V - American Championships IEM$12,4008United States New YorkPeru  FenixUnited States  qxc
Aug 28Oct 22010 TG Sambo Intel StarCraft II Open Season 1 GSL$170,00064South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  FruitDealerSouth Korea  RainBOw
Aug 27Aug 282010 MLG Pro Circuit Raleigh MLG$7,00062United States RaleighCanada  HuKCanada  KiWiKaKi
Aug 18Aug 22IEM Season V - Global Challenge Cologne IEM$15,00016Germany CologneSweden  MorroWUnited States  IdrA

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