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Premier Tournaments/Team Events

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Premier Tournaments offer an outstanding prize pool, are frequently played out offline, and feature the best players from all over the world. They are commonly held by well-established franchises and are considered especially prestigious amongst the community.

Legacy of the Void Tournaments


Aug 10Oct 11Gold Series Team Championship 2020 Fall GTC$42,4218China Online/Offline KaiZi Gaming Alpha X
Jul 24Aug 16War Chest Team League$107,8009World Online Benny and the Boys War Pigs
Mar 23Jun 28Gold Series Team Championship 2020 Spring GTC$42,4219China Online/Offline Dragon Phoenix Gaming Brave Star Gaming


Sep 30Dec 8StarCraft II: NationWars 2019 NW$46,38924France Paris Finland South Korea
Aug 25Oct 13China Team Championship 2019 Season 2 CTC$42,24712China Online/Offline Jin Air Green Wings Pixel 1
Aug 15Aug 182019 GSL vs the World WCS$8,2742South Korea Seoul Team Dark Team Serral
Apr 15Jun 11China Team Championship 2019 Season 1 CTC$46,3508China Online/Offline Triumphant Song Gaming Team LaoPaoer


Aug 2Aug 52018 GSL vs the World WCS$13,3392South Korea Seoul Team Serral Team Maru
Mar 29Apr 22StarCraft II: NationWars V NW$50,00016France Online/Offline South Korea Netherlands


Aug 3Aug 62017 GSL vs the World WCS$3,5582South Korea Seoul Korean All Stars World All Stars
Jul 1Dec 30NEO Star League 2017 NSL$22,1278China Shanghai Invictus Gaming Dawn Raid


Dec 21, 2016Jan 21, 2017StarCraft II: NationWars IV NW$30,00016France Online/Offline South Korea Poland
Mar 27, 2016Jun 4, 2017NEO Star League 2016 NSL$29,0008China Shanghai Invictus Gaming X-Team
Feb 1Sep 32016 SK Telecom Proleague$146,4307South Korea Offline Jin Air Green Wings KT Rolster


Dec 3, 2015Jan 3, 2016NationWars III NW$17,56516France Online France South Korea

Heart of the Swarm Tournaments


Dec 22, 2014Oct 10, 20152015 SK Telecom Proleague$140,9258South Korea offline SK Telecom T1 Jin Air Green Wings
May 7Jul 26NationWars II by O'Gaming TV NW$27,98916France Offline Norway Mexico


Dec 29, 2013Aug 9, 20142014 SK Telecom Proleague$156,0528South Korea offline KT Rolster SK Telecom T1
Sep 3Nov 232013 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 2$81,017.435South Korea Offline Axiom-Acer AZUBU
Mar 22Jul 202013 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 1$82,0428South Korea Offline Incredible Miracle MVP


Dec 8, 2012Aug 3, 20132012–2013 SK Planet Proleague$267,599.018South Korea offline STX SouL Woongjin Stars

Wings of Liberty Tournaments



Nov 1, 2011Feb 1, 2012TCL4$35,000,300,00010Taiwan Online Clan aLive NewBlitZ
Jun 23Oct 82011 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 1$38,07512South Korea Offline MVP Prime
May 16May 19Global Starcraft II Team League May$13,8078South Korea Offline SlayerS MVP
Mar 21Mar 24Global Starcraft II Team League March$13,3998South Korea Offline SlayerS Incredible Miracle
Feb 7Feb 102011 Global StarCraft II Team League Feb$13,3798South Korea Offline Incredible Miracle StarTale
Jan 12Mar 20GosuCoaching Premiere League Season 1$9,5008North America Online Fnatic Team Dignitas