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Pride of Altaris LE

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[e][h]Pride of Altaris LE
Map Information
(Void) Spear of Adun
Spawn Positions:
2 at 4,10
Competition Span:
2021-10-19 — Present
40 seconds

Pride of Altaris is a 2-player map.

Created by: 4096SP

Official Description[edit]

This is a large sized map which is set to be part of one of the three ancient arkships: the Pride of Altaris. Its beautiful landscape restores the ship's relaxing garden which consists of gold mines, plants and mild creatures. Through the glass floor in the middle of the map, it can be seen that the Spear of Adun cruises beside. This map utilizes up to four terrain height levels. The six expansion mines spot on the lower ground can be easily assaulted, especially the gold mines. However, it also possesses eight pieces of gold mineral patches that could be worth the risk. The gold mines consist of 8 mineral patches instead of six. The locations of gold mines are at the lowest level of terrain height, each location has a higher ground area at the back which can be easily attacked from. And because of the high risk of taking these mines, I hope that by increasing the amount of gold mineral, the high risk of mining these gold can be worthwhile.



vs. vs. vs. Mirrors
Pride of Altaris LE1001130666450.8%31216015251.3%26312214146.4%6088148


  • China 奥塔里斯之傲
  • German Speaking Stolz von Altaris
  • Spain Orgullo de Altaris
  • Spanish Speaking Orgullo de Altaris
  • France Fierté d'Altaris
  • Italy Orgoglio di Altaris
  • South Korea 프라이드 오브 알타리스
  • Poland Duma Altarisa
  • Portugal Orgulho de Altaris
  • Russia Гордость Алтариса
  • Taiwan 亞塔利斯之傲