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Proxy Marauder Rush (vs. Terran)

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[e][h]TerranProxy Marauder Rush
Strategy Information


An uncommon rush timing that can have some success against a 1/1/1, 1 Rax FE or any build that skips on the early Marine count. But this build is very micro intensive to kite the Marines and this needs to be done blind to hit a possible timing


Used in the same way as Stalkers are in TvP, Marauders are used to try and break a walled-off, this is purely to force a worker pull and Marauders need to kite the Marines. This is a somewhat common build before of the dominance of 1/1/1 openings that tend to rely on Hellions and Banshees to pin Terran to the base and build up and army.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Proxy Marauder