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[e][h] PsY
Player Information
Derrick Anderson
Alternate IDs:
vilePsY, PsY, QuanticPsY
????-??-?? — 2012-05-04
2012-05-04 — 2012-12-04

Derrick "PsY" Anderson is an American Zerg player and YouTuber.


PsY is an American Zerg player from Oregon, USA. He has been a member of the Starcraft community for a long time. PsY played StarCraft: Brood War casually throughout his childhood and became a more serious player when the StarCraft II beta was announced. In just two months of playing, he ranked up to B- on iCCup playing as Zerg.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

Psy played StarCraft II from release, focusing mainly on ladder results and holding a position in the Top 200 for a period of time. He joined Team Vile,, both playing and acting as a sort of team spokesman for them. Psy runs the YouTube channel PsyStarcraft which he started after being inspired by Husky and HD. The majority of his videos playing usually by himself or other Vile players "that intend to teach, inform, and entertain the community." The channel had a leap in popularity after a plug by Husky and Psy's joining with the Gamestation. Psy's casting style is very colorful and typically focuses on his decision making in-game.

He was part of Team Vile until May 4, 2012, when the entire StarCraft II team roster was acquired by Quantic Gaming.[1] When Quantic Gaming disbanded [2] he was without a team, with Quantic reforming he was reacquired by the team.


Some of PsY's contributions to the Zerg play style can be seen in all levels of Zerg play. He popularized the style of getting mass upgrades for Zerglings with the support of Infestors in his YouTube casts of his own games.

He also popularized a push at Lair Tech with Swarm Hosts, Queens, Overlords, Spine and Spore Crawlers.


  • PsY runs the popular YouTube Casting channel PsyStarcraft.
  • He plays fan games on his stream.
  • Owns a deaf cat named Isaac.
  • Does videos for other games, with Zai.


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