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[e][h] PsinSin
Player Information
Алексей Садовский
Romanized Name:
Alexey Sadovsky
March 20, 1990 (1990-03-20) (age 29)
Sponsored by:
2018-05-01 - Present
2019-03-01 - Present

Alexey "PsinSin" Sadovsky is a Russian caster, from Vladivostok.

He started playing StarCraft II, as Protoss, in 2017 and now he regularly casts StarCraft II tournaments.

He has organized and run Young Leonid (a tournament for CIS players with less than 5500 MMR), Valkyrie Tournament and Battle for the CIS.

He is a streamer for Team Cascade and a team manager for Team Blacer.

Notable Events Casted[edit]

Date Tier Tournament Position Partner List
2019-05-19 A1Premier   2019 WCS Spring Other Language Commentator
2019-04-07 A1Premier   2019 WCS Winter Europe Other Language Commentator
2019-04-06 A1Premier   2019 WCS Winter Americas Other Language Commentator
2019-03-17 A1Premier   World Electronic Sports Games 2018 Other Language Commentator
2018-09-09 A1Premier   2018 WCS Montreal Community Commentator
2018-07-14 A1Premier   2018 WCS Valencia Community Commentator
2018-06-03 A1Premier   2018 WCS Austin Community Commentator
2018-01-28 A1Premier   2018 WCS Leipzig Community Commentator
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