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Psionic Aftermath

[e][h]Psionic Aftermath
Team Information
Team Captain:
John "starkiller" Puchalski
Team Earnings:
$ 50 USD
October 2012

Established in 2012, Psionic Aftermath relaunched in September 2016 and developed a semi-professional roster with a community team behind it. There were two branches- PsiX (Masters & GMs) and PsiXa (Diamonds & under). The team also hosted regular showmatches (PsiX Pro Series) for GMs in partnership with AfreecaTV and Matcherino, featuring players of all regions.

In December 2018 it was announced that Psionic Aftermath was disbanding its StarCraft 2 operations [1] with some of its former officers and all of the players forming Alpha X Esports. [2]


Player Roster at the time of Disbandement[edit]

First Team[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
United StatesAntisNikola Pratte2018-11-192018-12-26 Alpha X
United StatesAstreaMax Angel2018-12-072018-12-26 Alpha X
FranceFireFoXJean-Pierre Songpadith2018-11-262018-12-26 Alpha X
United StatesGuitarcheeseAlex Tarkoff2016-??-??2018-12-26
FrancehinORobin Carrière2018-09-012018-12-26 Alpha X
United StatesJinnMatthew Marroquin201?-??-??2018-12-26 Alpha X
RomaniaLightDereli Dan Adrian2018-07-222018-12-26 Alpha X
PolandMatizMateusz Kowalski2018-09-242018-12-26 Alpha X
MexicoPacomikeFrancisco Rodriguez2018-11-042018-12-26 Alpha X
United Statesstarkiller CaptainJohn Puchalski2018-07-222018-12-26 Alpha X
FranceUzikotiJacques2018-11-292018-12-26 Alpha X

Academy Team[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
United StatesAegiSCharles Versaw2018-12-26 Alpha X
FranceBarbarossaArnaud Pouchoulon2018-03-252018-12-26
ChinaDarkZeroJoie Li2018-12-26 Alpha X
CanadaFireZergSam Prowse2017-09-012018-12-26 Alpha X
United StatesFlume2018-12-26
JapanhiohuYosuke Nasu2018-12-26 Alpha X
BelgiumHTOMarioGeoffrey van der Spek2017-02-272018-12-26 Alpha X
United StatesJettorixKameron Gulley2018-12-26 Alpha X
CanadaKingSlayerWade2018-12-26 Alpha X
FranceKunamatataMaxime Caly2018-12-26 Alpha X
United StatesLingboyCameron Cox2018-12-26 Alpha X
AustraliaNovaXSam Robinson2018-12-26 Alpha X
United StatesPsychMitch Lange2018-??-??2018-12-26 Alpha X
United StatesRavageJohn Tkebuchava2018-12-26 Alpha X
CanadaSacDeFromageOlivier St-Louis-Desjardins2018-11-302018-12-26
United StatesSaZeRaCTim Saucedo2018-12-26 Alpha X
United StatesScisyhp2018-12-26 Alpha X
United StatesSonnySonny Nguyen2018-12-26 Alpha X
United StatesSwagharMehar Mangat2018-12-26 Alpha X
United StatesTruthMonty Kelm2018-06-262018-12-26 Alpha X

Former Players[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
United StatesBowmanBeau Bowman2017-12-152018-03-11 Risen from the Gosu
South KoreaDRGLingLee Won Ju201?-??-??201?-??-?? Retirement
United StatesJardozerJared Collins2017-11-012018-07-04 Infinity Gaming
CanadaNaerokBraden Sawatsky201?-??-??2018-12-26 Alpha X



Admins at time of Disbandment
ID Name Position
United States JediZealot Brandon Co-Founder
United States Insaneguy David Co-Founder
Singapore Sushi Grant Admin/Manager
United States Droptimus Daniel Admin/Manager
United States Snoopy Kevin Admin/Manager
United States Guitarcheese Alex Admin/Manager/Team Captain


Staff at time of Disbandment
ID Name Position
Canada KingSlayer Wade PsiX NA Officer
United States Swaghar Mehar PsiX NA Officer
Australia Salivanth Jay PsiX NA Officer
United States Psych PsiX NA Officer
South Africa LordofTerrans Devin PsiX EU Officer
France Migwel Arthur PsiX EU Officer
Romania Baxter Lucian PsiX EU Officer
France Lio Léonard PsiX EU Officer
United States SippyCup PsiX EU Officer
United States XenoDactyl Caleb PsiXa Officer
United States Gorgonoth Andrew PsiXa Officer
United States Pixie Christina PsiXa Officer
United States Axis Sean PsiXa Officer
United States WarbuffII Parker PsiXa Officer
United States Sentinel Geo PsiXa Officer/Graphic Designer
United States Lanfear Corey Contact Liaison Officer
Canada Sunlily Lindsay Graphics Designer

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Placement Tier Tournament Result Prize
2018-12-15 2nd A6Weekly IxG Saturday Showdown, Week 1, Team Match 1 : 4 $0
2018-11-18 1st A3Minor Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 12 AM Amateur 3 : 0 $0
2018-10-13 1st A3Minor PsiX Team Wars Edition #1 3 : 1 $50
2018-07-27 4th A3Minor Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 11 EU Amateur 2 : 3 $0
2018-03-31 1st A3Minor Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 10 AM 3 : 1 $0
2017-12-15 4th A3Minor Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 9 AM 1 : 3 $0
2017-06-01 3rd A3Minor Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 8 AM 3 : 2 $0

PsiX Pro Series[edit]

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