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Pulse Esports

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[e][h]Pulse Esports
Team Information
James "FosTA" Foster
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Pulse Esports was a competitive StarCraft II, League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Halo team that was established in September of 2012. September 2013, the team was merged into Love your girlfriend.


  • March 12, Spanish-Korean player NaRa joins.[1]
  • April 10, hellokitty leaves Pulse Esports
  • April 14, NaRa announces his departure from Pulse Esports, together with a few of his teammates after disagreeing to additions in the contract involving Dailymotion.[2]
  • April 16, Psych leaves Pulse Esports to re-join Team Cube
  • April 20, Kane leaves Pulse Esports to join ROOT Gaming.[3]
  • April 21, SoundsFun & dannus Join Pulse Esports Blue Team
  • April 22, Snake joins Pulse Esports as a Community Member
  • April 24, MonstR joins Pulse Esports Blue Team
  • April 30, Kiddin joins Pulse Esports Blue Team
  • May 5, Pulse Esports combines A Team with the Blue Team
  • May 11, Official announcement of XionS, Ineffable, SoundsFun, Kiddin, dannus, MonstR, JaBiTo & abstinence joining Pulse Esports[4]
  • June 1, Mumming joins Pulse Esports. [5]
  • June 15, XionS leave Pulse Esports to join XPG - Esports [6]
  • June 25, Mojzii joins Pulse. [7]
  • July 14, Soundsfun, Dannus, leaves Pulse due to health reasons.
  • July 15, EggY leaves Pulse Esports.
  • July 28, Mojzii was kicked from Pulse Esports due to outrageous bad manner.
  • August 1, MariArena went inactive after contracted was finished.
  • August 14, Pikachu joins Pulse Esports
  • August 16, Lucoda joins Pulse Esports.
  • September 15, Roster merged with Love your girlfriend.
  • September 28, Pulse Esports creates its StarCraft II and League of Legends teams.[8][9]
  • November 10, desRow, Everize, and jEcho depart from Pulse Esports.[10]

Player Roster[edit]

Active at time of merge[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
United StatesAbstinenceAlan Yao2013-09-15 Love Your Girlfriend
United StatesHiaTaAndrew Hiata2013-09-15 Love Your Girlfriend
CanadaIneffableZac Batten2013-09-15 Love Your Girlfriend
IrelandLucodaPeter Healy2013-08-162013-09-15 Love Your Girlfriend
SwedenMonstRAlexander Nilsson2013-??-??2013-09-15 Love Your Girlfriend
Faroe IslandsMummingMartin Nielsen2013-09-15 Love Your Girlfriend
Czech RepublicPikachuPepa Jacko2013-08-142013-09-15 Love Your Girlfriend
United StatesTwentyOneJHyunjae Lim2013-09-15 Love Your Girlfriend

Inactive at time of merge[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
South KoreaKiddinHyun Soo-kim2013-09-15
United StatesMariArenaDerek Chen2013-09-15


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
SwedendannusDaniel Persson
CanadadesRowMarc-Olivier Proulx2012-09-282012-11-10 FXOpen e-Sports
GermanydoggyNico Mezger Alien Invasion
CanadaEggYSebastian Swierad2012-12-152013-07-15
PolandEverizeHubert Kabak2012-09-282012-11-10
United StatesFrosticlesKevin Seitz
United StatesHellokittyZifeng Wang2013-04-10 Fnatic
PhilippinesJaBiToPaolo Javier
CanadajEchoJoseph Lopez2012-09-282012-11-10 FXOpen e-Sports
CanadaKaneSam Morrissette2012-09-282013-04-20 ROOT Gaming
MexicoMakerRicardo Flores2012-09-282012-11-10 FXOpen e-Sports
PolandMojziiMateusz Kamiński
South KoreaNaRaHaneul Lee2013-03-122013-04-14
PhilippinesPsychLexuzze Tablante
CanadaSnakeTaylor Fanko Swann
SwedenSoundsFunErik Claesson
PeruXionSMichael Reynaldo Gonzales Villafuerte2013-05-112013-06-15 XPG e-Sports


Staff at time of Disbandment
ID Name Position
United States ProziamEric Biggs Owner
United States ZornZack Uherek Owner
Canada FosTAJames Foster Starcraft Manager

Team Achievements[edit]

This team has no recorded achievements.


Earnings Statistics


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