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[e][h] Rail
Player Information
Артём Авраменко
Romanized Name:
Artem Avramenko
December 15, 1993 (1993-12-15) (age 26)
Alternate IDs:
Samuel, Horowitz, Weak, VERDI, Verdi, GerichRail
Total Earnings:
Approx. Earnings 2020:
EPT Korea rank:
EPT Circuit rank:
× 2
????-??-?? — ????-??-??
new Generation Team
????-??-?? — ????-??-??
New Tiberium Order
2010-10-22 — 2010-11-09
2010-11-15 — ????-??-??
2011-07-31 — 2012-01-10
2012-04-29 — 2012-05-08
2012-05-08 — 2012-09-05
2013-01-28 — 2013-10-02
2013-10-02 — 2014-02-26
2015-02-04 — 2015-06-19
2015-07-01 — 2015-12-19
2015-12-19 — 2015-12-26
2015-12-26 — 2016-07-25
2017-04-22 — 2017-06-12
2017-06-12 — 2017-07-22
2017-11-11 — 2018-01-29
2018-04-07 — 2019-04-07
2019-07-20 — 2019-11-07
2019-12-09 — 2020-01-18
2020-02-01 — Present

Artem "Rail" Avramenko, previously known as "Verdi" or "VERDI", is a Protoss player from Russia who is currently playing for Team WardiTV. He retired multiple times, the last being in April 2019 to play Warcraft III [1].


Verdi began his gaming career at a young age with Warcraft III, participating exclusively within national events. His achievements included a bronze medal at the Kalashnikov Cup Online Qualifier 2010, two top-four Moscow opens, a silver medal at the Asus Spring Cup 2010, a silver medal at ESWC Russia 2010 and several top-four performances at the Proplay.Cup. During his career with Warcraft III, he was one of the final players in the Ukrainian mix squad of new Generation Team.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

Having been so committed to Warcraft III, VERDI began playing StarCraft II competitively relatively late in the overall time line of professional players[when?]. However, after a few months of competitive play, VERDI made a name for himself, winning the Tournament and taking the second place of eSahara Cup. On 31 July 2011, VERDI signed on with eSahara.[2] VERDI eventually decided to leave his team on 10 January 2012, in order to focus on his studies.[3] However, he decided to rejoin the French team on 3 February 2012.[4] After several Russian managers were removed from eSahara (in particular, teSt), VERDI decided to leave once again.[5][6] He then briefly played for,[7] before joining Vega Squadron in August 2012.[8] He left the team in September 2012, and joined Anexis eSports e.V. in January 2013.[9]

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

During the third WCS Europe Premier League Qualifier he met PandaTank in the Round of 32. After losing the first map he proceeded to call his opponent an awful player and a stream cheater with a bad build. In the second game of the best of 3 he locked in as Terran and proceeded to give a preemptive gg before proceeding with his SCV pull all in. PandaTank held the push and won the series 2-0 against Verdi.[10]

Verdi competed in Dreamhack Stockholm 2013. During the group stages, he defeated Adelscott, MaNa, Bischu and ThorZaIN. This earned him a spot in the playoffs, where he was defeated by Jaedong.[11]

On 8 February, 2014, Verdi changed his race from Protoss to Terran, but went back to Protoss eventually.

Legacy of the Void[edit]

In November 2017, he joined Team GERA.[12] At the end of January 2018, Rail announced that GERA stopped sponsoring him.[13] On April 7, 2018, Rail announced that he was back as full-time player with a sponsorship from GERA.[14]


  • VERDI commonly participates in ladder play under the pseudonym of "Samuel", an homage to Samuel "DarthBotto" Horton, the former Assistant Manager of SK Gaming's StarCraft II squad.[15]
  • Following the cast of an ESL exhibition match with StrifeCro, Kevin "RotterdaM" van der Kooi stated that VERDI has some of the most-effective harassment strategies in Europe. [Citation needed]
  • He plays Human in Warcraft III.


In A2Major tournaments
2018-12-161stCup of Russia 20183 : 1 Cyan$3,819
2015-10-073 - 4thWorld Series of Video Games Maldives 20150 : 2 MacSed$1,500
2012-10-043rdIeSF 2012 World Championship2 : 1 Masterok$900.78
In A3Minor and A5Monthly tournaments
2019-12-221stKing of CIS: December 20190 : 1 Basset$161
2018-11-101stRoad to Moscow 23 : 0 Arctur$653
2018-10-271stFederation Cup3 : 2 Bee$182
2018-10-041stWESG 2018 - Russia Qualifier3 : 1 Brat_OK$700
2018-09-232ndBattle for the CIS2 : 5 Bly$148
2018-09-021stBlue Shell Cup Season 1, Tournament #13 : 2 InZaNe$150
2018-07-081st2018 StarLadder Ultimate Series Season 13 : 1 BRAT_OK$1,000
2018-04-141stRoad to Moscow3 : 0 Strange$564
2018-02-111stKing of CIS: February 2018ZZZZZ1 : 0 Hellraiser$103
2015-05-151stRSTL Solo League4 : 1 Bly$464
2013-07-132ndThe Cup of Russia 20131 : 1 sLivko$459.64
2013-06-301stBattle of Four3 : 1 Happy$1,065.92
2012-11-111st300 Actions per Minute: NovemberZZZZZ3 : 1 Turuk$380
2011-12-132ndeSahara Cup1 : 4 Satiini$130.34
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