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Rainbow Rush (vs. Protoss)

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[e][h]TerranRainbow Build
Strategy Information


A rush build from the Beta, popularized by Rainbow. Basically this is a rush that hits when a proxy-Factory lands in the opponent's base, with Marauders to Bunker-rush if the opponent went for a Gateway FE or a Nexus First build; the Factory floats into the opposing base and produces Hellions that go straight for the mineral line.

This strategy hits best when the opponent has to split their attention between the two fronts, this build can be done with one or two Barracks; does not really matter, but Barracks (2) delays Factory (1) a little.

Rainbow originally did it with one and when into Starport (2), Cloaking Field-upgraded Banshees for a quick match. But this strategy does fine transitioning into a normal fast Command Center (2).


Proxy the Factory as close as possible, and Bunker-rush the front if the opponent has fast expanded.

Build Order[edit]


  • Try to locate the opponent as quickly as possible, and keep the SCV around until the first Stalker is finished.
  • If the opponent does not expand do not try this attack and go for a normal Marauder expand and try to get quickly to Medivacs and a big Bio-army.


  • Do not bother micro-ing Hellions as they are just for a distraction.
  • Micro Marines and Marauders around the Bunker/s try and win by getting the Bunker finished.