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ReG GaminG

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[e][h]REGENERATE eSports
Team Information
Sergei "ReaLPoG" Kudryaviy
Player Breakdown
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REGENERATE is an international esports team whose StarCraft: Brood War squad was created on February 25th, 2006 and whose StarCraft II squad was created on 2013. The ReG StarCraft II division is currently divided into the first squad, "Alpha" which includes top Master and Grandmaster players on the European server, and the second squad "Beta" which consists of Masters and Diamond players.


  • March 3, ReG GaminG Beta Squad takes fourth place in 3rd Division of the RSTL#7.[1]
  • July 13, ReG GaminG takes fourth place in 1st Division of the Alpha League.[2]
  • January 19, ReG GaminG takes first place in Group Beta of the 300 APM League. [3]
  • February 25, ReG GaminG is formed Sc2 Squad.
  • July 21, ReG GaminG takes third place in the SC2CL Division 4e.[4]
  • September 2nd, ReG GaminG takes third place in the group stage of Division 3 of minor Russian team tournament RSTL #3.[5]
  • October 10, ReG GaminG takes third places in the playoffs RSTL #3.[6]
  • December, ReG GaminG takes third place in the SC2ITL Season 1 Group B.

Player Roster[edit]

Active Rosters[edit]

Alpha Squad[edit]

Active Squad
IDNameJoin Date20142015201620172018
Russian FederationRafRafael Kremchen-----

Beta Squad[edit]

Active Squad
IDNameJoin Date20142015201620172018
Russian FederationHitkaYaroslav Gostyukhin-----
Russian FederationJobaFedor Novikov-----
Russian FederationMildSe7enXArtur Nikolaev-----
Russian FederationRafikiVladislav-----
Russian FederationShadowMarineDmitriy-----
UkrainesleepCOWAlexandr----65 - 80th 2019 WCS Summer
Russian FederationVladRockVladislav Gluschenko33 - 48th 2014 DreamHack Open: Moscow----
Russian FederationVoldmarRichVladimir Udakov-----
Russian FederationwaidmannsheillAleksey Gorunov-----


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
Russian FederationAllHaiLuLuMihail Zaharov2019-09-08 3D!Clan
Russian FederationBeePavel Zhigarev2016-??-??2016-??-?? 3D!Clan
PeruBLordJulio Sotomayor Thunder Awaken
Russian FederationExostrikerNikita Surovtsev201?-??-??2019-09-08 Alpha X
Russian FederationGeniesAleksey Gasanov2016-??-??2019-05-23 Hasu Players
Russian FederationGrimReaperDenis Kurtin Hasu Players
Korea (South)HHQuanTaKim Hyeon Ho2018-02-152018-10-08 DuSt Gaming
FrancehinORobin Carrière2017-11-242018-02-01 Nuit Blanche
Russian FederationNicoractVitaliy Mishin2018-02-152019-04-27 Hasu Players
Russian FederationSKillousNikita Gurevich2017-01-172018-01-19 7x Team
Russian FederationwispVadim2019-10-20 IsIMBA


ID Name Position
Russia ReaLPoG Sergey Kudryaviy Manager/Founder/Owner/CEO
Russia dichevvv Danila Bibichev COO

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Placement Tier Tournament Result Prize
2019-09-22 3 - 4th A3Minor Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 14 EU Semi-Pro 0 : 3 $0
2016-06-02 1st A3Minor Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 5 EU Amateur 3 : 0 $0