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Reactor Hellion/ Three Tank Push (TvZ)

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[e][h]TerranFour Hellion Fast Expand into Three Tank Contain
Strategy Information
Push, Contain


The standard push timing for punishing fast Spire and Hatchery (3) builds that were common until Reactor Hellion builds became standard. Siege Tanks are purely for anti-Baneling crowd control, the real strength of build was a large Marine count from 3 Barracks with Stimpack.

The Reactor Hellion opening is used to deny Creep spread so Zerg does not know that the large force of units is there until its firing on the natural or third mining base (ideally).

Depending on how many Zerglings the Zerg player is making, sometimes it's favorable for the Terran to delay swapping the Factory with a Tech Lab and instead continue producing a higher amount of Hellions (6 or 8, sometimes more) before switching into Tank production. Also when favoring heavier amounts of Hellions researching Blue Flame before Siege tech and switching into a Hellion+bio composition is a strong follow up into the mid-late game.

Basic Build Order[edit]


  • May want to produce a few Marauders to repel any early Roach pressure.
  • Build a Supply Depot as soon as the Factory finishes so as not to get supply blocked by the first set of Hellions.


  • Scouting early for Hatchery First build is a start. If the opposing player is going for a one base build, Bunker up and do not skip Marines, if a Roach rush build a few Marauders as well.
  • Afterwards, scout and scan for Extractor timing and if they are going for a fast third mining base, push into the third base if so; if not Siege contain the natural.


  • Reinforce in groups and not waves to make sure the enemy cannot interrupt the resupply line with just a few Zerglings.
  • Carefully move across the map and make sure the Tanks are not caught un-sieged against Banelings as Marines make most of the damage threat.


Pro features[edit]

Works well on maps with a clear path to the opponent (Blistering Sands, Lost Temple, Steppes of War).

Con features[edit]

Maps that include naturals that are hard to defend and wall-off can make pushing before expanding, off of a Rax Fact Opening, make more sense or just if Terran prefers earlier push timings.


The 2 above builds are not as described on this page! They also hit very different timings.