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Reactor Hellion/ into Stim Rush (vs. Zerg)

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Strategy Information
Pressure, Economic, One Gas, Timing


Based off the Reactor Hellion into 2 Rax Marauder All-in that was a common all-in during the more aggressive days of pre-release Wings of Liberty. This build uses a combination timing of Stimpack and Infernal Pre-Igniter to devastate anything on Hatchery-based Tech.

This is the Bio-heavy alternative to the 3 Tank Push (vs. Zerg), but the transition into Bio-Tank is the same for the mid-game.

Basic Build Order[edit]


  • Start single Hellion production the second Tech Lab (2) finishes and Infernal Pre-Igniter as soon as gas is available. Also start Marauder production after this.
  • Keep the Hellions active around the map hunting for Zerglings and poke the natural regularly to make the Zerg player more likely to over react with defenses and possibly Roaches.


  • This rush can be Marauder-heavy, by adding a third Rax with a Tech Lab, if a Roach Warren is scouted but Marauders are only used for taking down Spine Crawlers.
  • Target fire the Marines and Marauders to Spine Crawlers and Queens to break the natural, if you have the micro: target fire Hellions to Zerglings and Drones.
  • This is only a pressure attack, meant to cause an over-produce of Zerg army, the transition MUST-BE Siege Tanks to properly defend an aggressive retaliation afterwards.