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[e][h] Reality
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Kim Ki-hyun
(1993-06-06) June 6, 1993 (age 27)
Total Earnings:
Years Active:
2012 - 2016
2009-??-?? — 2013-09-07
2013-09-07 — 2014-11-13
2015-02-27 — 2016-10-18

Kim "Reality" Ki Hyun is a StarCraft progamer from South Korea who is currently teamless. He plays Terran.


Whilst Reality hasn't done a huge amount in individual leagues for Starcraft 2, he has been a solid player for Samsung KHAN in Proleague in 2013. He has been a crucial part of their resurgence in rounds 3 and 4 of Proleague 2012-2013, gaining 6 wins with only 2 losses in round 3.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

Reality played his first SC2 official match during the hybrid 2011-2012 Proleague Season 2.

World Championship Series[edit]

2012 WCS Korea Preliminaries[edit]

In the 2012 StarCraft II WCS South Korean Preliminaries, he was able to defeat Heart 2-1 to win his Group, qualifying him for the World Championship Series: South Korea Nationals. Along the way, he defeated the Zerg power house Symbol 2-0 as well as Shine 2-0. Reality was the only KeSPA player to qualify for the 2012 WCS South Korean Nationals through the preliminaries, and one of only two to go through the first round, in his case defeating YugiOh 2-0 (RorO - a fellow Samsung KHAN player - was the other).

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

In the early months of Heart of the Swarm Reality did not participate in many individual tournaments, instead opting to focus on the Proleague. He plays regularly for Samsung Khan and has scored wins against players such as TY, Trap, and Flash.

On June 26, 2013 Reality entered the WCS Korea Season 2 Qualifier. He was placed in Group G of the Evening Session. After receiving a BYE in the first round he was able to beat 이원주, Supreme, and Zest 2-0, qualifying himself for the Challenger League without dropping a map.

On July 10, 2013 Reality participated in the KeSPA Cup of the IEM Season VIII Shanghai Asian Qualifier. He was placed in Group D. There he beat Fake, Action, Hydra, and eMotion to move on to Stage 2 of the qualifiers.

After dropping out of Code A and requalifying twice in a row, Reality made it back into 2014 GSL Code S in Season 3, looking very strong as he takes out herO and Super, only dropping a match to sOs. Being back in Code S for the first time in over a year, Reality, although being the underdog, placed once again second behind Maru in his group. In the Round of 16 however, he was eliminated in last place, dropping matches to Soulkey and Cure.


In A1Premier tournaments
2015-09-253 - 4th2015 DreamHack Open: Stockholm1 : 3 HyuN$3,000
In A3Minor tournaments
2016-09-062ndOlimoLeague Monthly Finals: August 20161 : 3 ByuN$225
2016-08-302ndOlimoLeague Week #692 : 3 Neeb$70
2016-04-222ndLeifeng Cup 1442 : 4 ByuN$400
2016-04-201stOlimoLeague Monthly Finals: April 20164 : 1 Hydra$350
2016-04-141stDouyu Cup Monthly Finals #12 : 0 Solar$800
2016-04-021stOlimoLeague Week #583 : 1 TRUE$100
2016-01-301stOlimoLeague Monthly Finals: January 20164 : 2 aLive$250
2016-01-161stOlimoLeague Week #513 : 2 Solar$75
2015-11-251stLeifeng Cup 1383 : 0 iAsonu$75
2015-11-152ndTournament of Champions #52 : 4 Solar$100
2015-10-312ndOlimoLeague Monthly - October2 : 4 ByuN$150
2015-10-241stOlimoLeague Week #433 : 0 TRUE$75
2015-05-051stOlimoLeague Week #293 : 0 Seed$75
2015-04-301stLeifeng Cup 823 : 1 GuMiho$50
2014-10-262ndAgainst The Odds3 : 4 ByuL$400
In A4Basic tournaments
2015-10-221stASL Bacon Infinity Weekly Cup 53 : 0 iaguz$57.22
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Team Achievements

In A1Premier tournaments
2012-09-222nd2011-12 SK Planet Proleague Season 20 : 2$1,787.15
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  • Reality defeated firebathero in his first official StarCraft II game.

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Matchup Statistics

 vs vs vs Total
as 168 - 12956.6 %184 - 12459.7 %223 - 11266.6 %575 - 36561.2 %

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