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Reaper Openings and Rushes


Using the early mobility of Reapers off of one Barracks, Terran can buy some time for extra Barracks and Reactors to finish before the opponent can leave their base; while fast expanding as well.

Depending on the distance and if the opposing player is fast expanding as well, Terran can also add a macro-Orbital Command (3); but expanding again is a poor choice that over-extends the already small army size.

Builds Using Reapers[edit]

  • Reaper FE (vs. Zerg), which can also be used against Terran, makes use of three Reapers to control the map and get out a faster expansion.
  • The other opening that involves Reapers is one version of 2 Rax Pressure (TvP), which uses Reaper (1) to target down Sentry (1) or flank the mineral line to break the ramp with ease for the rest of the forces.