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Reaper Openings and Rushes

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Using the early mobility of Reapers off of one Barracks, Terran can buy some time for extra Barracks and Reactors to finish before the opponent can leave their base; while fast expanding as well.

Depending on the distance and if the opposing player is fast expanding as well, Terran can also add a macro-Orbital Command (3); but expanding again is a poor choice that over-extends the already small army size.

Builds Using Reapers[edit]

  • Reaper FE (vs. Zerg), which can also be used against Terran, makes use of three Reapers to control the map and get out a faster expansion.
  • The other opening that involves Reapers is one version of 2 Rax Pressure (TvP), which uses Reaper (1) to target down Sentry (1) or flank the mineral line to break the ramp with ease for the rest of the forces.