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Team Information
Mitchell "Magico" Lawrence
Recent Matches
RDs 4:2 ReG
December 18, 2021 - 20:16 UTC
RDs 1:3 iX
January 19, 2021 - 19:00 UTC

RedDragons (ЯD), previously known as Forged Force Gaming (FoFoG), is a European StarCraft II team based in the United Kingdom.

In January 2014, FoFoG was founded by a few passionate StarCraft II players who wanted to strive to be the best community and team within the UK. Their goals were to create an environment where providing a positive and fun aspect to the game was their number one priority. Furthermore, the team aimed to bring a sense of family where players support and respect one another both in and out of game.

RedDragons regularly attends LAN events primarly in the UK, namely epic.LAN in Kettering. In addtion, members take part in both online individual leagues and team leagues (PassionCraft/WardiTV Teamleague/Alpha Team League/etc).

On March 1st, 2020 the team was rebranded to Red Dragons or ЯD.


As Red Dragons [edit]

  • March 1, the team is rebranded as "Red Dragons".[2]
  • March 7, RazerBlader joins the team.[3]

As Forged Force Gaming [edit]

  • January 6, TeebuL joins the team.

Player Roster[edit]


Semi Pro[edit]

Active Squad
IDNameJoin Date2020
United KingdomAzuresTimothy Marsden-
United KingdomBobicus-
United KingdomDistanRyan Hamblett-
United KingdomExoLightningLuke Davies-
United KingdomKray-
United KingdomRosscO-
United KingdomSavageSam O'Neill-
United KingdomVoltacusJames Flint2020-03-09-
GermanyEsranSaim Akankan2020-08-08-


Active Squad
IDNameJoin Date2020
United KingdomArc-
United KingdomEmteeMatt Terry-
United Kingdomfishert-
United KingdomFlux-
United KingdomMagicoMitchell Lawrence-
United KingdomMudkipz-
United KingdomPhoenix-
United KingdomRadman-
United KingdomSlickOne-
United KingdomSync-
United KingdomTao-


Active Squad
IDNameJoin Date
United KingdomAshiaaVictoria O'Mahoney
United KingdomCrazyJackJakob Greilhuber
United KingdomDzerzhinsky
United KingdomFazedAlex Edwards
United KingdomFloru
United Kingdomgleepower
United KingdomHyonraJames Speirs
United KingdomIGnition
United KingdomJustinian
United KingdomKoYa
United KingdomMattscooMatt Walton
NorwayMasterNoodleOdin Hoel Dalåmomo
SwedenMultiPontus Cervin
United KingdomNEQ
United KingdomSCIIWoL
United KingdomZiroyLucas Zierold
United KingdomZiggy

Notable Former[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
United KingdomAsTeRConnor Richardson2019-01-282019-08-07 Alpha X
United KingdomCladorhizaDavid Phillips2014-05-202015-05-01 ECVisualize
DenmarkDaffeDag Erik Gjørvad
United KingdomGamerRichyRichard Cox2019-??-??2020-??-?? Risen from the Gosu
United KingdomDistanRyan Hamblett
United KingdomMoominChloe Chippindale
United KingdomMythiCThomas Simpson2017-08-312019-07-09 Retirement
United KingdomRazerBladerRaza Sekha2020-03-072021-03-01 Dominaticus Esports
United KingdomRiSkyJoshua Hayward2018-01-082018-02-25 Team RevolutioN
DenmarkSpazymazyMartin Mouritzen2016-??-??2016-10-15 Redbloods
SpainSouLeerSergiu Cristescu2017-04-242017-10-04 Baskonia eSports
United KingdomTeebuLHaseeb Ishaq2020-03-012021-03-01
United KingdomWokRyan Liu2019-02-20 ePunks
DenmarkWPzTimo Fischer Retirement


ID Name Position
United Kingdom MagicoMitchell Lawrence Team Owner & Manager
United Kingdom SavageSam O'Neill Admin
United Kingdom FazedAlex Edwards Admin
United Kingdom Flux Admin
United Kingdom AzuresTimothy Marsden Admin

Team Achievements[edit]

2021-01-19CA3 - 4thA4BasicAlpha SC2 Team League: Season 17 EU Semi-ProAlpha SC2 Team League: Season 17 EU Semi-Pro1 : 3$0
2020-08-12AA1stA4BasicAlpha SC2 Team League: Season 16 EU AmateurAlpha SC2 Team League: Season 16 EU Amateur3 : 1$0
2018-11-18CA3rdA4BasicAlpha SC2 Team League: Season 12 EU AmateurAlpha SC2 Team League: Season 12 EU Amateur3 : 1$0
2018-03-31EC5 - 8thA3MinorAlpha SC2 Team League: Season 10 EU ProAlpha SC2 Team League: Season 10 EU Pro1 : 3$0
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