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Team Information
Kai "Migdelta" Magnier,
Team Earnings:

Redbloods is a professional StarCraft II team based in EU, created on 3 august 2014, made by 2 community leaders (Openclan since 2011 & Redbloods since 2014) with the same common objective, creating a major StarCraft II professional team starting with a solid base, consisting of the players like Lillekanin , SpaceMarine, HaNfy and Ignite.


  • April-May: Redbloods organized tournaments with a total prize pool of 750€ hosted by Gamerichy and Cloudetix.
  • August 3, Redbloods merges with Openclan and becomes a Major clan.
  • September 26-27, 2014 DreamHack Open Stockholm. Redbloods send out all players to fight and SpaceMarine was able to beat MC 2-0 on the mainstage casted by Apollo in round of 32.
  • October 10-12, NPF 15 Redbloods attended The largest event in Denmark NetParty Fyn The 15th edition & came out as a major winner, securing 1st Lillekanin, 3rd SpaceMarine & 4th Ignite.
  • October 14, Redbloods now official sponsors SC2Improve_Team_League.
  • November 23, French Terran player BlitzTao joins.[22]
  • December 31, the contract with Ignite expires and the organization decides not to renew it.[23]

Former Members[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
FranceBlitzTaoKevin Cumine2014-11-232015-02-26 Retirement
RussiaEnigmAVladimir Yegorov201?-??-??2017-10-11 Iron Chain
CroatiagoblinLeon Vrhovec2017-06-262017-12-27 Team Ancestral
GermanyHaNfyFabian Kattner2014-08-102016-01-?? EURONICS Gaming
NorwayHeltEnTorbjørn Næristorp2017-08-202018-02-14 Team Cladocera
DenmarkIgniteAlexander Haugsted2014-08-142014-12-31 Retirement
GermanyKrasSAndreas Ullrich2015-02-272015-06-01 Retirement
DenmarkLillekaninSteffen Hovmand2016-06-192018-02-13 ePunks
DenmarkMperorMMathias Bonde2017-01-212018-07-20 Retirement
United KingdomMythiCThomas Simpson2016-10-142016-07-10 Forged Force Gaming
RussiaNepfionMaxim Tokarev201?-??-??201?-??-?? Retirement
DenmarkPainGamerMark Holm Jensen201?-??-??2016-03-24 ECVisualize
DenmarkPappiJoeNikolai Tolstoy201?-??-??2016-03-29 Redbloods
DenmarkPappiJoeNikolai Tolstoy2016-07-062018-02-18 ePunks
KazakhstanPiLiPiLiPavel Pilipenko2014-06-052014-07-05 Redbloods
KazakhstanPiLiPiLiPavel Pilipenko2015-01-022015-08-01 PSISTORM Gaming
HungarypszSzabolcs Pásztor2016-10-312018-07-20 Retirement
FranceShinoMaxime Hego2017-05-092018-07-20 Simplicity
FranceSirAspiCAxel Etienne201?-??-??201?-??-?? Retirement
DenmarkSpaceMarineSuayb Köse2014-08-032015-03-15 Redbloods
DenmarkSpaceMarineSuayb Köse2015-11-042016-03-28 Redbloods
DenmarkSpaceMarineSuayb Köse2016-08-302017-11-11 ePunks
DenmarkSpazymazyMartin Mouritzen2016-10-152018-02-14 ePunks
DenmarkTheoTheodor Mikkelsen2017-01-052018-02-20 Retirement
DenmarkTymliThomas Christiansen201?-??-??201?-??-?? Retirement
DenmarkWPzEmil Worsøe-Petersen2015-06-012015-11-04 Redbloods
DenmarkWPzEmil Worsøe-Petersen2016-01-022016-03-28 Retirement


Staff at time of Disbandment
ID Name Position
France MigdeltaKai Magnier Owner
Belgium BossJonathan Jeurissen Co-owner & Stream Head Manager

Team Achievements[edit]

2015-11-11CA3rdA3MinorAlpha SC2 Team League: Season 3Alpha SC2 Team League: Season 33 : 1$20
2014-11-30AA1stA3MinorRussian Starcraft 2 Team League Season 6Russian Starcraft 2 Team League Season 63 : 0$236
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Earnings Statistics


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