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[e][h] Reynor
Player Information
Riccardo Romiti
(2002-07-01) July 1, 2002 (age 18)
Sponsored by:
Alternate IDs:
Reynor, iLPuPo, SamgyuReynor, Baby
The Italian Stallion, Little Caesar
Total Earnings:
Approx. Earnings 2021:
EPT EU rank:
Years Active:
2013 -
2019 WCS Winter Europe2019 WCS SummerDH SC2 Masters 2020 Summer: EuropeDouyu Cup 2020DH SC2 Masters 2020 Fall: EuropeDH SC2 Masters 2020 Fall: Season FinalsIEM Katowice 2021
× 8
201?-??-?? — 2013-09-27
2013-11-12 — 2016-01-10
2016-01-13 — 2017-06-12
2017-06-12 — 2017-09-04
2017-09-04 — 2018-01-19
2018-01-19 — 2018-11-12
2019-01-12 — 2020-01-05
2020-02-15 — Present
Recent Matches
Reynor  Italy0:3France  Clem
May 10, 2021 - 13:30 UTC
Reynor  Italy3:1South Korea  Solar
May 10, 2021 - 12:45 UTC
Reynor  Italy2:1Germany  Lambo
May 8, 2021 - 14:35 UTC
Reynor  Italy2:0Poland  Gerald
May 8, 2021 - 13:20 UTC
Reynor  Italy3:2South Korea  Dream
May 5, 2021 - 11:50 UTC

Riccardo "Reynor" Romiti (born July 1, 2002) is an Italian Zerg player who is currently playing for Team QLASH.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

Reynor started playing StarCraft II from a young age, following in the footsteps of his father who also played SC2. He started gaining a reputation at the age of 11, where he reached Master. With a rapid growth in skill, he was able to play at Italian LANs, including The Game Championship 2013 and 1st Next SC2 Tournament.

On November 12, 2013, mYinsanity announced that Reynor has joined the Team B roster.[1]

His first notable result was a second place finish at the Campionato Italiano Personal Gamer#2, losing 3:2 against Narcotic in the final. He was also invited to play at Vasacast Invitational 2014, but he fell out after losing to DeMusliM in the Ro32 with a 2:0 score.


DreamHack Bucharest 2013[edit]

Reynor made his first international appearance at the 2013 DreamHack Open: Bucharest. In the Group Stage, he would lose 0:2 against monchi and HwangSin, but was able to defeat Vicius with a 2:0 victory. He closed the tourney with a third place in his group.

DreamHack Bucharest 2014[edit]

Reynor appeared again at a DreamHack event, where he achieved a first-place finish in his group in Group Stage #1, beating sSak and Zeny with a 4-0 in total. However, he would lose to MC in Group Stage #2 and was knocked out from the tournament by sLivko with a 0-4 score.

Legacy of the Void[edit]

Reynor won the Italian LAN B.i.G. Party 2015, and in the NationWars III qualifiers, he won 3 games in a row against the Ukrainian team before losing to Bly.

In October 2015, Reynor qualified to DreamHack ROCCAT LotV Championship through the Southern Europe qualifier. In the Group stage, he lost 2-0 to Solar and Elazer but defeated Lambo, Avokado and Semper, closing the tournament with a fourth place in his group.

In 2016, Reynor continued to dominate the Italian scene, winning the LANs Torino Comics 2016 in April, the Sc2 Model Expo Verona 2016 on the 22nd of May and Level Up Roma October.

In 2017 and early 2018, Reynor has yet not been able to play in WCS events because of his age but has found success in online cups and minor tournaments such as Go4SC2 ESL, WardiTV Invitational 2, WardiTV Christmas Invitational 2, Proxy Tempest EU Open, GG year 2017 and many more.

In March 2018, Reynor reached top 8 in WESG, defeating Puck, iAsonu and SpeCial but was eliminated by Dark. A few days after WESG, he confirmed his high level of play by all-killing Team France in the ro32 of StarCraft II: NationWars V. During the Group Stage, he single-handedly defeated Team China and Team Norway with two all-kills, allowing Team Italy to advance to the Playoffs where the team fell to South Korea's all-kill executed by INnoVation.

During a BaseTradeTV King of the Hill event on May 3, 2018 he did a flawless 10 wins streak winning against PtitDrogo, DnS, Optimus, Snute, Nerchio, TLO, souL, Stephano, Denver and Harstem, breaking the previous record set by Serral.[2]

Korea and first steps in WCS[edit]

During his first official trip to Korea to train, Reynor participated in the qualifier for the 2018 Global StarCraft II League Season 3. There, he was successful in qualifying on the second day of qualifiers, defeating TOP, Trust, and Kelazhur to secure a spot in Code S.

Upon qualifying, Reynor was placed in the first group of the Round of 32, alongside Classic, Ryung, and sOs. He was defeated by Classic 2-0 in the initial match after Classic displayed superior builds with Glaive-upgraded Adepts and Double-Stargate Phoenix play. With this, he was then pitted against Ryung in the losers' match. In that match, Reynor came out victorious 2-0 after two late game ZvTs where Reynor displayed strong map control and late game control with brood lords. In the final match, Reynor had to face Classic once more in order to secure a spot in the Round of 16. During this series, Reynor adapted to the style of play that Classic displayed in the initial series, reading potential builds, enabling to first show his trademark multitasking. After two close matches between the two players, Reynor was able to take down the then #2-ranked WCS Korea player Classic 2-0, knocking a tournament favorite out early and becoming one of the youngest players to ever move on to the GSL RO16.

Having only turned 16 days before his GSL group, the 2018 WCS Valencia a week later would be his first ever WCS Circuit tournament. Due to the age restrictions placed on the tournament he wasn't able to attend the Challenger series and had to go through the open brackets. He managed to go through his first two groups 4-1, only dropping maps to Nerchio and Denver respectively. In Group Stage #3 he then beat both HuT and Showtime 2-0 each, moving on to the bracket stage in his first ever WCS Circuit tournament. In the Round of 16 bracket he hit SpeCial who was generally considered to be the best Terran outside of Korea. In the first game on 16bit, SpeCial seemed to dominate much of the early game, consistently harassing and trading, even taking out many of Reynor's hatcheries, but ended up falling to his late game. The two games after, where almost entirely controlled by Reynor, who eventually won the series 3-0. His next opponent would be the large tournament favorite in Serral. Coming off two WCS win in a row in both Leipzig and Austin, he was favored by many people to win the entire tournament. Having just barely edged out his last series against Scarlett however, people were looking at Reynor as the greatest possibility to take him out of the equation. The series itself however ended up being rather onesided in Serral's favor ending 0-3, ending Reynor's run in the Round of 8.

Top of the World[edit]

Reynor etched his name definitively into StarCraft 2 and E-Sports history with what he accomplished at the online IEM Katowice 2021. He went 4-1 in Group C to finish second after beating Dream, Trap, HeRoMaRinE and Astrea and losing only to the group winner, Zest. He then overcame deficits against four Korean opponents to win the tournament – in order, beating Stats from 2-1 down, beating Dark from 2-1 down to avenge his loss in the WCS 2019 final, beating Maru from 2-0 down and then finally beating Zest in a rematch after dropping the first game of the series. It made him the first foreigner to win the climactic IEM event and just the second foreigner World Champion after Serral in 2018. It also made him the first foreigner IEM event winner since Scarlett in Pyeongchang 2018 in the Olympic-partnered event.


  • Evaner coached him since he was a low master, helping him to improve and become stronger.
  • Was chosen by the community to represent Italy at NationWars II and NationWars III, where he managed to take 3 games from Team Ukraine.
  • He reached GrandMaster league at the age of 12 years and 40 days, becoming the youngest player to do so this far in the game.[3]
  • Reached 7000 MMR on the 12th of January 2018, it's then that he really started to think he could compete with the best of the best.[4]
  • Has not lost a single map in italian tournaments since the 29th of november 2016, where he lost a map against Purce, this has become a meme in the Italian community.
  • On May 3, 2018 he completed a 10-0 perfect streak in the PeopleImages Starcraft League 2 Europe Group KotH tournament.
  • His younger brother plays Terran with the ID BabyMarine. They share the same birthday, three years apart.
  • He is the first Italian player as well as the youngest foreigner to qualify for a GSL, at the age of 15, and to advance to the Ro16, at the age of 16.
  • He is the first Italian player to play in a WCS Final.
  • He is the youngest player to play in a WCS Final at the age of 16.
  • With his victory in 2019 WCS Winter Europe he is the first (and only) Italian player to have won a Premier Tournament in the history of StarCraft II.
  • He is the youngest player to make it to the Grand Finals of a WCS Global Final.
  • He is the only player to have reached a Global Finals two years in a row.
  • He is the only Foreigner to have reached an IEM Katowice Finals, also winning it.
  • He is the youngest player to have won an IEM Katowice Finals.
  • Along with SpeCial and TIME, he is the only player to have won 2 Regional Events of the ESL Pro Tour: 2020/21 in a row.
  • He is the only player to have won the Regional Finals and the Season Finals in the same DH SC2 Masters Event (2020 Fall).
  • Was ranked first in Aligulac for the first time on July 15, 2020 being the second foreigner to reach such achievement after Serral in LotV.
  • On April 11, 2019, he won the IVGA "Best Esports Player" award. [5]
  • On September 21, 2020, he won the IIDEA "Best Italian Player" Award. [6]


In A1Premier tournaments
2021-02-281stIEM Katowice 20214 : 2 Zest$65,400
2020-11-082ndDH SC2 Masters 2020 Winter: Europe2 : 4 Clem$8,375
2020-09-201stDH SC2 Masters 2020 Fall: Season Finals4 : 3 Trap$12,500
2020-09-131stDH SC2 Masters 2020 Fall: Europe4 : 3 Clem$13,375
2020-08-131stDouyu Cup 20204 : 1 Serral$7,199
2020-07-193 - 4thDH SC2 Masters 2020 Summer: Season Finals1 : 3 Trap$5,000
2020-07-121stDH SC2 Masters 2020 Summer: Europe4 : 2 Serral$13,375
2019-11-242ndHomeStory Cup XX3 : 5 Serral$10,000
2019-11-012nd2019 WCS Global Finals1 : 4 Dark$96,000
2019-09-082nd2019 WCS Fall1 : 4 Serral$10,000
2019-07-141st2019 WCS Summer4 : 2 Serral$20,000
2019-05-193 - 4th2019 WCS Spring0 : 3 Serral$6,000
2019-04-071st2019 WCS Winter Europe4 : 3 Serral$12,000
2018-09-092nd2018 WCS Montreal3 : 4 Serral$10,000
In A2Major tournaments
2020-11-293 - 4thASUS ROG Online 20202 : 3 Maru$1,500
2019-08-242nd2019 WCS Fall: Europe Qualifier0 : 4 Serral$1,200
2019-07-212ndWorld Cyber Games 20190 : 2 Maru$15,000
2019-07-073 - 4thWardiTV Team Liquid Map Contest #52 : 4 Classic$300
2019-06-222nd2019 WCS Summer: Europe Qualifier1 : 4 Serral$1,200
2019-01-134thOSC Championship Season 62 : 3 Solar$250
2018-05-272ndPeopleImages Starcraft League 23 : 4 HeRoMaRinE$1,120
In A3Minor tournaments
2021-04-302ndFunKa Showmatch #11 : 4 Clem$200
2021-04-262ndESL Open Cup #68 Europe1 : 3 Clem$100
2021-04-122ndESL Open Cup #66 Europe2 : 3 Clem$100
2021-02-151stESL Open Cup #58 Europe3 : 2 Neeb$200
2021-02-082ndESL Open Cup #57 Europe1 : 3 HeRoMaRinE$100
2021-01-211stTheatre of Dreams 23 : 2 Trap$500
2021-01-071stESL Open Cup #51 Europe3 : 2 HeRoMaRinE$200
2020-10-261stESL Open Cup #42 Europe3 : 1 Clem$200
2020-06-221stESL Open Cup #24 Europe3 : 1 Clem$200
2020-06-151stESL Open Cup #23 Europe3 : 1 HeRoMaRinE$200
2020-05-302ndaX Code CD - CynicalDeath Edition2 : 4 Stats$400
2020-04-302ndGlobal Clan Invitational2 : 4 Clem$225
2020-04-182ndWardiTV European League 2020: Point-Builder #12 : 3 souL$100
2020-04-061stWardiTV Spring Championship Pre-Season4 : 1 Clem$500
2020-04-051stESL Open Cup #13 Europe3 : 2 Clem$100
2020-04-012ndWardiTV We Sold Out2 : 4 Clem$150
2020-03-291stESL Open Cup #12 Europe3 : 0 Neeb$100
2020-03-221stESL Open Cup #11 Europe3 : 0 Harstem$100
2019-09-261stWardiTV Lenovo Legion Invitational 23 : 0 ShoWTimE$325
2019-07-292ndBonjwa Fight Night Club1 : 4 ShoWTimE$778
2019-07-271stQLASH SC2 Invitational 2nd Edition4 : 2 PtitDrogo$1,392
2019-04-161stRifkin's Back Tournament4 : 0 GunGFuBanDa$400
2019-02-061stBaseTradeTV 5W's - Europe4 : 3 Bly$200
2018-12-231stSleigh Them AllZZZZZ4 : 1 souL$250
2018-12-201stWardiTV Christmas Invitational 3ZZZZZ3 : 0 MaNa$300
2018-10-201stMy Sweet Sixteen Party4-0Grp S.$150
2018-10-181stMasters Cup 1153 : 2 Guru$125
2018-10-171stWardiTV Summer Championship3 : 0 Denver$375
2018-10-142ndBTSL S2: Cross Finals3 : 4 GuMiho$900
2018-09-291stEU Ladder Heroes August 20183 : 0 Namshar$200
2018-09-262ndTing Open Online Cups: Preseason Mega2 : 3 Elazer$75
2018-09-191stWardiTV Summer Championship: Europe3 : 2 PtitDrogo$250
2018-09-021stWHCompare Invitational3 : 2 PtitDrogo$150
2018-08-291stBTSL S2: Europe4 : 2 Nerchio$440
2018-08-032ndOSC All Stars 602 : 3 Solar$75
2018-07-192 - 5thThe BaseTrade Bubba Burger Brawl0 : 3 Hellraiser$109
2018-04-291stMasters Cup 1114 : 1 Hurricane$400
2018-04-271stBTSL S1: Europe4 : 2 PtitDrogo$300
2018-02-241stREGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #173 : 0 DIMAGA$134
2018-01-191stGo4SC2 December 20173 : 1 Snute$177
2017-12-301stWardiTV Invitational 23 : 2 uThermal$175
2017-12-301stGG of the Year 20174 : 2 souL$540
2017-12-211stWardiTV Christmas Invitational 23 : 0 Namshar$300
2017-12-172ndEU Ladder Heroes November 20172 : 3 souL$75
2017-09-212ndOG Cup1 : 4 Denver$180
2017-09-061stStarCraft 2: Powered3 : 0 Bly$297.81
2017-09-041stEU Ladder Heroes July 20173 : 1 TLO$200
2017-08-271stSunday Heroes Open #142 : 0 Bly$60
2017-05-012ndOG 6 Start1 : 3 Denver$209
2017-03-121stSc2 Model Expo Verona 20173 : 1 MagnuM$85
2016-12-111stLevel Up Roma3 : 0 VeniVidiVins$264
2016-09-171stGamer Sensei Grand Slam4 : 2 TOP$120
2016-09-101stTAW Open EU3 : 0 Matiz$50
2016-04-171stTorino Comics 20163 : 1 JeaL$282
2014-02-012ndCampionato Italiano Personal Gamer #22 : 3 Narcotic$337.19
In A4Basic tournaments
2020-08-041stOverthrow Match 45 : 0 SortOf$300
2020-07-141stOverthrow Match 35 : 0 Kelazhur$300
2020-06-251stOverthrow Match 25 : 2 Harstem$300
2020-06-161stOverthrow Match 15 : 2 Clem$300
2018-01-281stGo4SC2 Cup 7483 : 0 FeaR$124
2017-12-231stGo4SC2 Cup 7393 : 2 Bly$118
2017-11-121stGo4SC2 Cup 7273 : 0 SpeCial$116.65
2017-11-051stGo4SC2 Cup 7253 : 2 Nerchio$116.13
2017-08-131stGo4SC2 Cup 7013 : 0 Guru$118.25
2017-05-281stGo4SC2 Cup 6793 : 1 Arctur$111.79
2016-05-011stGo4SC2 Cup 5693 : 2 Snute$114.62
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Team Achievements

In A1Premier tournaments
2020-08-163 - 4thWar Chest Team League1 : 3$3,450
2019-12-083rdStarCraft II: NationWars 20194 : 3$2,319.45
2019-08-181st2019 GSL vs. The World: Teams Competition5 : 3$827.38
In A2Major tournaments
2018-03-111stOSC Team Championship 201714 : 7$25
In A3Minor tournaments
2020-05-192ndWardiTV Team League Season 91 : 4$152
In Premier/Major Team Leagues
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Intel Extreme Masters Intel Extreme Masters
IEM Katowice 2020
Preceded By:
South Korea  Rogue
IEM Katowice 2021
28 February 2021 - Present
Italy  Reynor
IEM Katowice 2022
Succeeded By:
DH SC2 Master EU ESL Pro Tour
Preceded By:
DH SC2 Masters 2020 Summer: Europe
12 July 2020 - 13 September 2020
Italy  Reynor
DH SC2 Masters 2020 Fall: Europe
Succeeded By:
Italy  Reynor
DH SC2 Masters 2020 Summer: Europe
Preceded By:
Italy  Reynor
DH SC2 Masters 2020 Fall: Europe
13 September 2020 - 8 November 2020
Italy  Reynor
DH SC2 Masters 2020 Winter: Europe
Succeeded By:
France  Clem
ESL Pro Tour ESL Pro Tour
DH SC2 Masters 2020 Summer
Preceded By:
Finland  Serral
DH SC2 Masters 2020 Fall
13 September 2020 - 15 November 2020
Italy  Reynor
DH SC2 Masters 2020 Winter
Succeeded By:
Finland  Serral
World Championship Series StarCraft II World Championship Series
2018 WCS Montreal
Preceded By:
Finland  Serral
2019 WCS Winter EU
7 April 2019 - 19 May 2019
Italy  Reynor
2019 WCS Spring
Succeeded By:
Finland  Serral
2019 WCS Winter AM
6 April 2019 - 19 May 2019
United States  Neeb
2019 WCS Spring
Preceded By:
Finland  Serral
2019 WCS Summer
14 July 2019 - 8 September 2019
Italy  Reynor
2019 WCS Fall
Succeeded By:
Finland  Serral
Douyu Cup Douyu Cup
Preceded By:
Douyu Cup 2020
13 August 2020 - Present
Italy  Reynor
Succeeded By:



2018: Hints of greatness vs the Year of Serral[edit]

Reynor and Serral first met on a big stage at WCS Valencia, in the Quarterfinals. Serral was the favourite and went on to defeat the newcomer, who had recently become of eligible age to participate in WCS, with a clean 3-0 to later claim the Title. In the following, last WCS 2018 Stop, Montreal, they met again in the Finals. For Reynor, BlizzCon 2018 was on the line; he would only get the qualification spot if he won the Title. For Serral, his perfect 2018 run and bragging rights as undisputed #1 WCS player were at risk. This time around, it was much closer. Reynor was up 3-2 but blew his lead to narrowly lose 4-3, due to a horrible throw in the 6th game. In the collective minds of the fans, this was just the conclusion of the expected performance. Serral then went on to win the Reynor-less BlizzCon 2018.

2019: The Rivalry heats up[edit]

The first 2019 WCS event was a two-region split event between Americas and EU. In the EU the rivalry finally heated up, as Reynor defeated the undefeated Champion of 2018 twice, first in the Round Robin Group Stage and again in the Final, to win his first premier Tournament. For the final game, Reynor used a hidden +1 Zergling all-in to overwhelm his opponent. He later stated that the built was poorly executed and he tried to improve on his general play. The two next met at WCS Spring in the Semifinals. This time Reynor tried to keep up in straight-up games, but ultimately failed to do so, and lost 3-0 to the eventual Champion of the tournament.

At WCS Summer the Rivals once again met in the grand finals, where Serral looked far superior to Reynor in the first half of the match. Reynor forgot Roach speed in game 1 and 3 and was harshly punished for that. Serral, on the other hand, failed with a Roach-all-in in game 2. In Game 4, Serral looked like he was on the way to a 3-1, pulling Reynor apart with his End-game composition plus Nydus harass. Reynor, down in every aspect of the game, was finally able to pay back for the crushing defeat one year earlier in Montreal and went for the "the YOLO move, F2 A-move, and it worked", unsieging all his Lurkers at the same time and devastating the natural of his opponent. Rattled by that loss, Serral was uncharacteristically sloppy afterwards, and Reynor took the remaining games to finally win his first WCS proper.

At the last WCS Stop ever, and of 2019, the two once again met in the finals, already guaranteeing that the winner of the Serral-Reynor match-up won every WCS Event from 2019 (apart from Winter NA). Serral made short work of the youngster once again, taking a decisive 4-1 victory. With all WCS tournaments done, Serral was still widely considered to be the more dominant of the two. His wins were more convincing, as he won all EU Qualifier Matches pretty one-sidedly and was more consistent in Global Events over the year, like IEM Katowice (Top 8 vs eliminated in Open Bracket), Asus Rog (Top 4 vs eliminated in Group Stage 2) and GSLvsTW (1st vs Ro16).

That's why Serral was, despite his losses earlier that year, still considered the favourite when they once again clashed at the BlizzCon 2019 Semifinals. In this series, Reynor relied less on tricks and gimmicky plays than before and was able to pull off the victory, withstanding Serral in straight-up games. Serral lost in a narrow 3-2 and went out with a (for his standards) disappointing 4th place. Reynor went on to become the youngest ever BlizzCon Grandfinalist, where he lost to Dark and finished in 2nd place.

But the year wasn't over yet. At HSC XX Reynor looked once again more dominant than his Finnish counterpart, getting to the Grand Final relatively unhassled. On the other hand, Serral had to fight tooth and nail in the Lower Bracket to get to his awaiting Rival. Serral's game was fierce, as he demolished everyone who stood in his way to get his BlizzCon revenge. Reynor's Winners' Advantage gave him a 2nd life, meaning Serral had to defeat him twice: 3-2 in a Bo5, and then 2-1 in a Bo3 to get the job done.

They clashed once more at Nationwars 2019, where Serral took 2 Maps off Reynor, bringing his Finnish team to the Final to beat South Korea, sending Reynor and his fellow Italians to the 3rd Place Match, where they defeated Clem and his French team.

2020: Rivalry at the top continues[edit]

In 2019 the two rivals came closer and closer in terms of skill level with every encounter. The beginning of 2020 seemed more reminiscent to the beginning of 2019 however. Reynor ultimately failed to get out of his IEM Katowice Group Stage, while Serral went on to finish top 4 in the event.

In the following Online-only world of Covid-19, the two met in the TSL5 Lower Bracket, sent there by HeRoMaRinE and Elazer respectively. Reynor took that Series 3-2 but later lost to INnoVation, ending his run. At the first online version of the HSC, the StayAtHomestory Cup #1, Reynor failed to reach his Rival awaiting in the Semifinals with a loss to Solar in the Ro8. In the 2nd instalment they clashed in the 2nd group stage, where Serral beat Reynor once again.

At the first Premier online competition of 2020, the newly established DH Masters Summer EU Division, the two met in the Upper Bracket Semifinals, where Serral won narrowly 3-2. Reynor then proceeded to destroy the Lower Bracket, mirroring Serrals HSC XX run from 8 months prior. In the finals, the two met once again, this time with Reynor out-multitasking Serral in dominant fashion and taking the series 4-1. With these results both Players advanced to the Summer Final where Reynor fell to Trap in the Semis, while Serral proceeded to win the Global Event. In the winners interview he stated, he was a bit sad, that he didn t face Reynor there, as he wanted revenge for the earlier loss.

Less than a month later the two Zergs met again in the Douyu Cup. They, once again, met in the Upper Bracket final, despite a strong field of Koreans (7 Code S - Round of 8 Players where also invited). And just like in DH Summer EU Serral had the upper hand there, sending Reynor to the lower Bracket. There the young Italian met Zest again, whom he defeatet 3-0 earlier in his run. The Korean Protoss delivered a way closer fight this time and almost denied another Serral - Reynor Final, going out 3-4. In the Grand Final, the Rematch Curse stroke once again, with Reynor winning another Final over his rival. With that Reynor ties the head to head record in Premier Tournaments finals 4-4.

Head to Head Results[edit]

As a Commentator[edit]

Reynor casted (as a Guest Commentator) some casual events:






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Matchup Statistics

 vs vs vs vs Total
as 3 - 633.3 %7 - 463.6 %3 - 260 %0 - 0-13 - 1252 %
as 0 - 20 %10 - 662.5 %5 - 550 %0 - 0-15 - 1353.6 %
as 599 - 29966.7 %650 - 40661.6 %658 - 38063.4 %2 - 0100 %1909 - 108563.8 %

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