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Note: All time-related values are expressed assuming Normal speed, as they were before LotV. See Game Speed.


Rich Mineral Fields (Also known as Yellow minerals, High yield minerals, High yield crystals, Gold minerals, Gold crystals, Yellow crystals, Rich minerals and Rich crystals.) were introduced in SC2. They give 7 Minerals per worker trip, opposed to regular blue minerals that give 5, with the same overall mining time. In SC:BW, all minerals used to yield 8 minerals per trip.

This new concept offers many benefits to map makers and game depth. It allows for greater customization of strategy and decision making when taking an expansion.

Usage on Maps[edit]

Most rich mineral expansion bases have fewer Mineral Fields than a normal blue mineral base. (6 as opposed to 8 for blue), although most mineral fields in Starcraft 2 have 1500 per mineral patch. Each Rich Mineral Field give money faster, but also expire faster, forcing a player to expand again sooner than a normal base. As a Rich Mineral Base has only 6 as opposed to 8 Mineral Fields, it means that a saturated Rich Mineral Base only gives 5% more than a Blue Mineral Base. The difference is that it requires fewer workers to saturate.

Just like regular expansions, most rich mineral bases come equipped with 2 Vespene Geysers.

Additional Information[edit]

  • Since Patch 1.4.3 MULEs will mine 30 minerals per trip on yellow minerals (same amount as on blue) instead of 42 mined previously.