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[e][h] Rifkin
Commentator Information
Graham Rogers
Alternate IDs:
Rifkin, Rif_kingz, Rif_king

Graham "Rifkin" Rogers is a StarCraft II caster. He is known as the founder and main caster for BaseTradeTV.


Rifkin casted with PengWin in the After Hours Gaming League Season 3 "So You Think You Can Cast" competition.[1][2]


Rifkin is known to have had disputes with the former owners of regarding the reported theft of ad revenue from Rifkin and PengWin for their casts on Z33ktv. This issue was unresolved as of the shutdown of[3]

Rifkin also had a brief conflict with the owner of, where a third party uploaded and took credit for videos of Rifkin's casts.[4] The uncredited videos were removed from the site shortly after attention was brought to them.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

Rifkin founded BaseTradeTV around the end of 2012.[5] During this period he began casting weekly cups such as ZOTAC and Go4SC2 with various other community casters. He also began organizing showmatches between StarCraft professionals from various regions.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

In the Summer following the release of Heart of the Swarm, Rifkin hosted the SC2 Summer Survivor event, which featured well-known StarCraft II players and community figures, such as puCK and Temp0, and some lesser-known figures, such as brent and YuMe. At around this time he began casting as a community caster for the early rounds of DreamHack and the qualifiers for various other tournaments while continuing to host showmatches.

Events Run[edit]

See BaseTradeTV: Events Run

Tournaments Cast[edit]





  • Owns an "aceKait" hat in homage to the aceKait emoticon for BaseTradeTV twitch subscribers, which features kaitlyn.[6]
  • Claims to "very publicly dislike Liquipedia"[7], although there has been contrary evidence.[8]


In A1Premier tournaments
2020-08-16AwardWar Chest Team League: 5-6th's Team Captain$200
In A3Minor and A5Monthly tournaments
2017-06-3013 - 16thEsportsEarnings Casters InvitationalZZZZZ0-2Grp S.$73
Complete Results in any Tournament