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Austin "Xpired" Guidry
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Rise Esports is an internationally founded multi-game team, with players in countries ranging from a large number of countries and nationalities.

It was created on March 1, 2018[1] from the disbandments of 1F Pro Gaming[2] and Rival Gaming.[3]


Current Players[edit]

Main Squad[edit]

ID Name 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
pePeru z BLord Julio Sotomayor 17 - 20th World Cyber Games 2013 - - Challenger League 13 - 16th Copa_America_2016/Season_2 Challenger League 5 - 8th Copa_America_2017/Season_2 Challenger League 13 - 16th 2018_WCS_Leipzig/Qualifiers/Latin_AmericaCopa_America_2018/Season_3 -
crCosta Rica z EON Alejandro Decaire - - - - - - -
caCanada z Flood Thomas Brenner - - - - - - -
auAustralia z Yours Cameron Foster - - - Challenger League 13 - 16th 2016_WCS_Winter_Regional_Challengers/Oceania_SEA_Japan2016_WCS_Summer_Regional_Challengers/Oceania_SEA_Japan Challenger League 4th 2017_WCS_Montreal/Qualifiers/SEA_Oceania 17 - 24th 2018_WCS_Leipzig Challenger League 13 - 16th 2019 WCS Spring: Oceania, SEA Qualifier


ID Name New Team
usUSA t Kozan Blaine O'Brien Icebound Esports
usUSA z Nistic Hans Foster Alpha X
usUSA p Seigifried Peter Spoto Icebound Esports
clChile p Darkness Diego Garcés ZZZZZ
usaUSA p Hjax Kevin Konrad ZZZZZ
brBrazil p TurkeyDano Daniel Fernandes Icebound Esports
usUSA t LastSurprise Jerry Gu Alpha X
usUSA p mykohchoo Michael Shrew Shrek5
usUSA p Aoret Josh Hoffman Infinity Gaming
usUSA t FoxeR Matt Harris All-Inspiration
usUSA t Cuddlebear Maximilian Risdall ZZZZZ
caCanada p Lightning John James Alpha X
usUSA t BuBBa Alex Garrett Shrek5
usaUSA z CalebAracous Caleb Jones Shrek5
caCanada z Ryuga Alex Shrek Shrek5
usUSA t WildGame Brian Flores Shrek5
usUSA z Arkthelegend Henry Tum Shrek5
usUSA t Future Joseph Stanish Infinity Gaming
caCanada t Ryu Tariq Ramadan ZZZZZ
caCanada T Semper Alex Dimitriu ZZZZZ
usUSA t DisReSpeCT Brian Rowntree Born Gosu
usaUSA p Pure Chris Sampson All-Inspiration
hkHong Kong p Bistork Patrick Ho Dark Society Gaming
caCanada z Mackintac Mack Robinson ZZZZZ
vnVietnam z MeomaikA Tran Hong Phuc Dark Society Gaming


ID Name Position
USA Xpired Austin Guidry Owner/CEO
Australia Wolf Kynan Anderson Director of Media

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Place Event Result Prize
2018-10-13 2nd WardiTV Team League Season 8 Open Rise Esports 1 : 4 3D!Clan $100
2018-07-26 1st Alpha SC2 Team League Season 11: Americas Rise Esports 3 : 1 Infinity Gaming $0
2018-04-04 5th ANZ Proleague Season 2 Rise Esports 1 : 3 OSC Elite $200