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[e][h]RoX.KIS Multigaming
Team Information
Igor "Bruce" Utkin
Dmitry "CRAFT" Murko
Roman "Spirit" Soldatov
Dmitry "Pengo" Kosterin
Team Earnings:
Player Breakdown
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RoX is a long-standing Russian multi-gaming organization established in December 2004 and affiliated and supported by the popular eSport community website The full team name in Russian is "Российское Общество Компьютерного Спорта" (РОКС), meaning "Russian Society of Cybersport". The initials become ROCS in the Latin alphabet, which gives the name RoX. KIS is the acronym of the main sponsor Kaspersky Internet Security.

RoX.KIS was a top rated Brood War team internationally; their lineup included some of the best Russian and Ukrainian players around such as DIMAGA, Brat_OK, Pomi, and A2.

The StarCraft II team was established around August 2010, merging elements from RoX's Brood War and Warcraft III squads with Brat_OK, HappyZerg and Pomi from the former, and Neytpoh and Abver from the latter.[1]. They were quickly joined by fraer, TitaN, sLivko and LiveZerg. Throughout the years, RoX maintained a strong team of players mainly originating from Russia and Ukraine.


Player Roster[edit]

Main Squad[edit]

Active Squad
IDNameJoin Date2011201220132014
RussiaPomiSergey Rodionov2010-08-105 - 8th SteelSeries StarCraft II Challenge5 - 8th Intel Extreme Masters--
RussiaTitaNOleg Kuptsov2011-??-??4th World Cyber Games9 - 12th ASUS ROG Summer 20129 - 12th Intel Extreme Masters HomeStory Cup VIII-


Main Roster[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
RussiaAbverAlexei Drunin2010-08-102013-07-03 Vega Squadron
UkraineALFAleksandr Yatsenko201?-??-??201?-??-?? Natus Vincere
RussiaBrat_OKPavel Kuznetsov2008-??-??2011-07-31 Guild of Imbalance
RussiaCreedAndrey Romanov201?-??-??2014-05-01 Vega Squadron
UkraineDIMAGADmitry Filipchuk2008-06-282010-07-24 mTw
UkrainefraerIgor Turchin2011-04-??2014-09-04 Vega Squadron
UkraineHappyZergSvyatoslav Vlasyuk201?-??-??201?-??-?? Virus Gaming
RussiaLiveZergAndrey Guldyashov2011-04-??2014-05-01 Vega Squadron
RussiaNeytpohYuri K.
RussiaPoDoXDenis Pestretsov
South KoreaPro7ecTKim Jae Gon012-05-182013-08-?? Retirement
RussiaScrollAlexandr G.
RussiasLivkoArtem Garavtsov2011-09-182012-08-24
UkraineWhiteStepan Yerichuk201?-??-??2012-01-?? NewRoSoft

Junior Squad[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
RussiaAvACherniavsky Boris Y RuW
RussiaCoolTeaDenis M.201?-??-??2012-07-07 incredible Panic
RussiaForberDmitry Burov
RussiaJeRicVasya Pupkin Retirement
RussiaRengerEugene Kozlov
BelarusSafaSergey I.
RussiaStrangeAlexey Solyakov201?-??-??2012-01-02 3D!Clan


ID Name Position
Russia BruceIgor Utkin Coach/Manager
Ukraine CraftDmitry Murko Manager
Russia PoDoXDenis Pestretsov Manager
Russia SpiritRoman Soldatov Manager
Russia PengoDmitry Kosterin Manager
Poland ArrOwMateusz Obst Manager (Deceased)

Team Achievements[edit]

2013-10-04IC9 - 12thA3MinorRaidCall ESL Euro Series Summer 2013RaidCall ESL Euro Series Summer 20131-2Grp S.$0
2013-06-21IC9 - 12thA3MinorRaidCall EMS Spring 2013RaidCall EMS Spring 20131/2Grp S.$0
2012-12-16BA2ndA2MajorEvil Geniuses Master's Cup Series League VIIIEvil Geniuses Master's Cup Series League VIII1 : 3$3,000
2012-10-24BA2ndA3Minorincredible Panic Team League Season 4incredible Panic Team League Season 44 : 6$500
2012-05-27AA1stA3Minor4PL Clan League Season 24PL Clan League Season 23 : 0$2,515
2012-04-08CA3rdA3Minorincredible Panic Team League Season 3incredible Panic Team League Season 31 : 4$200
2011-09-15EA5 - 6thA3Minorincredible Panic Team League Season 2incredible Panic Team League Season 21 : 4$0
2011-07-30AA1stA3MinorRussian-language Pro League 4Russian-language Pro League 44 : 0$3,000
2011-03-29AA1stA3MinorRussian-language Pro League 3Russian-language Pro League 34 : 1$500
2010-11-20AA1stA3MinorRussian-language Pro League 2Russian-language Pro League 24 : 2$587
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