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Robotics Facility (Legacy of the Void)

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This article covers the current multiplayer version of this building. For another version see Robotics Facility (Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm).
[e][h]Protoss Robotics Facility
Building Information
 150  100  46
V → R
450 450 1 Armored, Structure
Unlocked Tech:


The Robotics Facility (or Robo), is a unit producing structure for the Protoss, which requires a Cybernetics Core before it can be warped in. The Robotics Facility can produce the Observer, Warp Prism, Immortal, and, after a Robotics Bay has been completed, the Colossus and the Disruptor.

Like most Protoss structures, the Robotics Facility can only be warped in at a location powered by the Psionic Matrix. It can only produce units while it remains within the Matrix, otherwise it becomes unpowered and cannot function.

Unit Minerals Vespene Gas Supply Build Time Key
Observer 25 75 1 21 B
Warp Prism 250 0 2 36 A
Immortal 275 100 4 39 I
Colossus 300 200 6 54 C
Disruptor 150 150 3 36 D

Competitive Use[edit]

All of the units built from the Robo are excellent support units that won't make up the bulk of the Protoss army, but are crucial in a good midgame army composition.

Because it enables the production of the only mobile detector for the Protoss (the Observer), getting a Robotics Facility early is a priority in most matchups. Without mobile detection, Protoss armies are vulnerable to any cloaked or burrowed enemies. For that reason, most strategic options favor (or even require) a route through the Robotics Facility, even if the Observer is the only unit produced from this structure.

The Immortal is a unit used to support the early/mid-game Protoss army, they can be crucial for holding off early pushes and also make a great addition to heavy gateway unit based pushes to deal with large amounts of armoured units that normal gateway compositions may have trouble with, such as Roaches or Marauders and can also be used to break Bunker defences.

The Colossus, due to its ability to dominate the ground, is often at the center of strategic plans. Obtaining a significant number of Colossi quickly, sometimes on just one base, is a common goal of Protoss players. This means that many players build a Robotics Facility and Robotics Bay with very careful timing, as early as possible in the match.

The Disruptor, added in Legacy of the Void, is an alternative to the Colossus. Its Purification Nova ability provides more splash damage than the Colossus, but the unit requires more micro management. It works well against death balls, which will need micro management to avoid massive damage. The Purification Nova is also a way for Protoss to kill Lurkers without getting in range or their spines.

Patch Changes[edit]


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