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[e][h] Rote
Player Information
Antonio Jesús Ortega
Total Earnings:
2013-06-01 — 2014-??-??
2014-07-17 — 2015-07-16
2015-11-01 — 2016-07-16
2016-07-17 — 2017-07-15
2017-10-01 — Present

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Antonio Jesús "Rote" Ortega is a Terran player from Spain who currently plays for Escuela Española de StarCraft 2, after leaving Team Kingz Gaming.

He is known for helping the Spanish community by creating tournaments like Spanish Proleague and SpanishCommunityCup since the beginning of Starcraft 2.


He joined Bushido Samurai eSports in which qualified to eStar in Dreamhack Valencia, July 2013.

He joined the Spanish team ClanMiC [1], on April, 2013, after winning Starcraft 2 Andalucia. [2],

After Dreamhack Valencia 2014, He left ClanMiC and joined InferiClub in which qualified to Gamergy Madrid Season 2 in December 2014, Ro16.

In November 2015 joined Infinity eSport in which achieved the final of the RSTL 2nd division losing the final against Team Psi, Russian_Starcraft_2_Team_League_Season_10/Play-offs

After Dreamhack 2016, he joined Team Kingz Gaming [3], In which he achieved his best level, 2nd position in Krom Gaming Madrid, April 2017, [4]

In October 2017, he joined Escuela Española de StarCraft 2, competing in team leagues under its banner.

Partner since 2014 with IllusionClock (Protoss) and Blackknight (Zerg),


In A3Minor and A5Monthly tournaments
2019-05-265 - 8thXelnaga Open Cup #10 : 2 SquuooD$0
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