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A rush is a powerful attack very early in the game. By performing a rush, the player typically sacrifices late-game stability in favor of a strong early army. While not cheese, rushes still leave the attacker in a weak position. If the defender can stave off damage, your opponent will be in a much more secure mid-game.

All In[edit]

If scouting reveals a fast teching opponent, the attacker may decide to move for an All-In attack, committing most or all of their workers to the attack to supplement whatever offensive units were produced.


A rush can be considered successful if any of the following are accomplished:

  • Win outright
  • Force the defender to overcommit to defensive units or structures
  • Kill all or most workers

It should be noted that even if the attacking force is completely wiped out, a rush can still leave the attacker in a better position if enough damage was done to the defender.


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