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Russian Starcraft 2 Team League Season 8 - Division 1B

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Division 1B Standings
1. CascadeCascade Cascade 9-0 36-12 +24
2. IsIMBAIsIMBA IsIMBA 7-2 34-20 +14
3. Extreme SupremacyExtreme Supremacy Extreme Supremacy 7-2 32-16 +16
4. RedbloodsRedbloods Redbloods 6-3 32-20 +12
5. Romandy GamingRomandy Gaming Romandy Gaming 6-3 30-23 +7
6. ClankClankClankClank ClankClank 3-6 23-30 -7
7. against All authorityagainst All authority against All authority 4-5 18-24 -6
8. 7x Team7x Team 7x Team 1-8 18-34 -16
9. Mistral eSportMistral eSport Mistral eSport 1-8 14-35 -21
10. NoN-eSportsNoN-eSports NoN-eSports 1-8 12-35 -23


Round 1[edit]

Extreme Supremacy Extreme SupremacyExtreme Supremacy42ClankClankClankClank ClankClank
aAa against All authorityagainst All authority41Mistral eSportMistral eSport Mistral eSport
Redbloods RedbloodsRedbloods42NoN-eSportsNoN-eSports NoN-eSports

Round 2[edit]

Cascade CascadeCascade41Extreme SupremacyExtreme Supremacy Extreme Supremacy
against All authority against All authorityagainst All authority04IsIMBAIsIMBA IsIMBA
Redbloods RedbloodsRedbloods43ClankClankClankClank ClankClank
7x Team 7x Team7x Team42NoN-eSportsNoN-eSports NoN-eSports

Round 3[edit]

Cascade CascadeCascade40against All authorityagainst All authority against All authority
Redbloods RedbloodsRedbloods24Extreme SupremacyExtreme Supremacy Extreme Supremacy
Romandy Gaming Romandy GamingRomandy Gaming43IsIMBAIsIMBA IsIMBA
NoN-eSports NoN-eSportsNoN-eSports43Mistral eSportMistral eSport Mistral eSport

Round 4[edit]

Cascade CascadeCascade43RedbloodsRedbloods Redbloods
Romandy Gaming Romandy GamingRomandy Gaming42against All authorityagainst All authority against All authority
7x Team 7x Team7x Team04Extreme SupremacyExtreme Supremacy Extreme Supremacy
NoN-eSports NoN-eSportsNoN-eSports04IsIMBAIsIMBA IsIMBA
Mistral eSport Mistral eSportMistral eSport34ClankClankClankClank ClankClank

Round 5[edit]

Cascade CascadeCascade42Romandy GamingRomandy Gaming Romandy Gaming
7x Team 7x Team7x Team04RedbloodsRedbloods Redbloods
NoN-eSports NoN-eSportsNoN-eSports14against All authorityagainst All authority against All authority
Mistral eSport Mistral eSportMistral eSport04Extreme SupremacyExtreme Supremacy Extreme Supremacy
ClankClank ClankClankClankClank34IsIMBAIsIMBA IsIMBA

Round 6[edit]

Cascade CascadeCascade437x Team7x Team 7x Team
NoN-eSports NoN-eSportsNoN-eSports14Romandy GamingRomandy Gaming Romandy Gaming
Mistral eSport Mistral eSportMistral eSport14RedbloodsRedbloods Redbloods
ClankClank ClankClankClankClank04against All authorityagainst All authority against All authority

Round 7[edit]

Cascade CascadeCascade40NoN-eSportsNoN-eSports NoN-eSports
Mistral eSport Mistral eSportMistral eSport437x Team7x Team 7x Team
ClankClank ClankClankClankClank34Romandy GamingRomandy Gaming Romandy Gaming
IsIMBA IsIMBAIsIMBA43RedbloodsRedbloods Redbloods

Round 8[edit]

Cascade CascadeCascade40Mistral eSportMistral eSport Mistral eSport
ClankClank ClankClankClankClank40NoN-eSportsNoN-eSports NoN-eSports
IsIMBA IsIMBAIsIMBA417x Team7x Team 7x Team
against All authority against All authorityagainst All authority04RedbloodsRedbloods Redbloods

Round 9[edit]

Cascade CascadeCascade40ClankClankClankClank ClankClank
Extreme Supremacy Extreme SupremacyExtreme Supremacy42NoN-eSportsNoN-eSports NoN-eSports
aAa against All authorityagainst All authority427x Team7x Team 7x Team