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SC2 Summer Survivor

[e][h]SC2 Summer Survivor
League Information
North America
Canada Canada
Tribal Council Voting System
Mix of custom and melee maps
Prize pool:
1,087 CAD (≃ $1,049.88 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:


SC2 Summer Survivor is a tournament hosted in collaboration between BaseTradeTV and Quantic Gaming. Unlike conventional tournaments, games are not played solely on conventional melee maps, but also on custom arcade maps. Additionally, advancement, or in this case survival, is not based on victory, but rather through the voting of one's teammates. The format was designed around that of the TV show "Survivor".


Protoss Protoss (3) Terran Terran (2) Zerg Zerg (5)
United States puCK
United States brent
United States Temp0
Canada TubbyTheFat
Australia YuMe
Canada kaitlyn
Sweden QueenE
United States Suppy
United States MaSsan
United States Sasquatch


Every week will feature two different sets of challenges, one for reward, and one for immunity. Players will not have advance knowledge of what games, or what format will played be beforehand. There will be a mix of various games from the Starcraft 2 Arcade and melee maps. The losers of the immunity game(s) will be forced to attend Tribal Council.

Reward: This challenge will often help a team/player either by giving them an advantage going into the immunity challenge, or a personal benefit.

Immunity: Winners of the immunity challenge will be immune to voting when Tribal Council comes to session. When in team format, this means that team does not have to vote any of their players out that week, and when in solo format, that player may not be voted out.

Tribal Council: Teams/Players will be forced to vote out one of their own every week in this session. After a set number of players have been voted out of the game, the two teams will merge into one and the game will be more about self survival, than team.

The game will start with 10 players, and after 4 have been voted out, the next 4 to be eliminated will become members of the jury that will determine who wins the game at the very end. The community will act as a fifth vote to prevent ties. This vote will be given to the player whose personal tip jar has acquired the most donations by the time of the vote.

Initially, donations will add to the prize pool as a whole. The finalists will be given personal tip jars from which the donations will go directly to the individual player.

Prize Pool[edit]

The original base prize money was $250. By the end of the competition it had become $865 through donations, which was divided through a 70%-20%-5%-5% split.

Base prize money
Place Prize (CAD) Percent
1st $605.50 70%
2nd $173 20%
3 - 4th $43.25 5%
Player Tip (CAD)
Canada  kaitlyn $135
United States  brent $87

Converted USD prizes are based on the currency exchange rate (taken from on October 11, 2013: 1 CAD = 0.96586 USD.

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