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SCAN Invitational tournament

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The SCAN Invitational tournament is a series of eight-players invitational events organised by Team Dignitas and casted by Apollo, TotalBiscuit and Semmlertheriot.


Event Date Winner Runner-Up Thread
SCAN Invitational #1 2011-09-25 France Zerg Stephano France Protoss ToD R&S
SCAN Invitational #2 2011-12-11 Poland Zerg Nerchio Poland Protoss MaNa R&S
SCAN Invitational #3 2012-01-29 France Zerg Stephano Netherlands Protoss Grubby R&S
SCAN Invitational #4 2012-03-04 France Zerg Stephano Russia Zerg sLivko R&S
SCAN Invitational #5 2012-05-12 Spain Terran LucifroN Sweden Terran ThorZaIN R&S
SCAN Invitational #6 2012-09-01 Sweden Zerg SortOf United Kingdom Zerg JonnyREcco R&S
SCAN Invitational December 2012-12-15 United Kingdom Zerg JonnyREcco Ukraine Terran Kas R&S

Medals won per Race[edit]

Zerg 5 2 4
Terran 1 1 3
Protoss 0 3 5

Medals won per Player[edit]


 -  France Zerg Stephano
 -  Poland Zerg Nerchio  -  Spain Terran LucifroN  -  Sweden Zerg SortOf


 -  France Protoss ToD  -  Poland Protoss MaNa  -  Netherlands Protoss Grubby  -  Russia Zerg sLivko  -  Sweden Terran ThorZaIN  -  United Kingdom Zerg JonnyREcco


 -  Germany Zerg TLO
 -  Germany Protoss Socke  -  Romania Protoss NightEnD  -  Ukraine Terran Kas  -  Serbia Terran Beastyqt  -  Netherlands Protoss Grubby  -  Belgium Protoss Feast  -  South Korea Zerg HyuN  -  Ukraine Zerg DIMAGA  -  Denmark Protoss BabyKnight  -  Spain Terran LucifroN

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