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[e][h]Zerg SCBoy
Commentator Information
F91, XiaoSe and Zhou Ning
Years active:
Years active (caster):
2014 - 2020
Recent Matches
SCBoy China
China SoloAsR
2017-12-17 00:00:18UTC  
SCBoy China
Taiwan OnlyDespair
2017-12-17 00:00:05UTC  

SCBoy or SC2boy [星际老男孩, literally, Starcraft Old Boy(s)*] is a commentator group in China. SCBoy commentates IEM, Dreamhack and GPL along with other major foreign tournaments.

  • "Old Boy(s)" is a widespread Chinese pop song which communicates “the men have gorwn up, so they are old. But they still want to achieve their ambition or dreams, like boys.”SCBoy borrows the name to express their love of Starcraft/Starcraft II, their youth spent with Starcraft/Starcraft II.
  • they use both of scboy and sc2boy as English name.


The group consists of the following people:

  1. Zerg XiaoSe: One of the old-school Chinese StarCraft commentators. He has commentated many Brood War tournaments including MSL, OSL and WCG. He is now a member of NeoTV.
  2. Zerg F91: One of the most famous Brood War and SC2 progamers in China.
  3. Zhou Ning: Once a famous Chinese Warcraft III commentator, he now usually does some background works.

Former member: Protoss Joy: Another popular SC2 commentator in China. Known for his hilarious and analytic casts, he often co-commentates with Xiaose. He left SCBoy in 2014 and turn to casting Heroes of the Storm and now is a PUBG commentator.

Aside from casting tournaments, each member of SC2boy uploads their own videos to their Youku Channel and their Bilibili Channel: XiaoSe often uploads instructional build order videos and analyze match VODs of Korean players. F91 frequently records first person ladder matches against South Korean pros on the Korean ladder.

SCBoy organized the weekly Chinese vs South Korean Cup series, Kung Fu Cup and Joy personally sponsored the first three sessions of the cup until it gained enough popularity and became sponsored by NeoTV.

Notable Events Casted[edit]


  • Kung Fu Cup sponsored by NeoTV [1]