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Team SCBoy

[e][h]SCBoy (Team)
Team Information
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Recent Player Trades:
2018-07-05 JIN leaves
2018-04-03 danran joins
2018-04-02 TIME leaves
2018-03-31 Chick leaves
2017-12-01 JIN joins
2017-06-20 - Mayuki leaves
2017-06-10 - Silky is released
2017-06-05 Chick joins

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X-Team is the first Heroes of the Storm team in China created by F91. X means x of equations but in Chinese, it is thought that there is the other meaning - Xie (谐 in Chinese, means many words like humorous, funny and so on).
On September 3, 2017, team name was changed to OM.X-Team.


As Team SCBoy [edit]

  • March 31 - F91 announced that Chick has left the team.[4]
  • April 2 - TIME has left the team.[5]
  • April 3 - F91 said on his stream that danran has joined.
  • July 5 - JIN leaves, joining TVS Gaming.[6]
  • July 15 - F91 announces that they will have a youth team.[7]
  • July 29 - The player list of youth team is announced.[8]
  • December 18 - The manager of OM met financial difficulties, thus OM is disbanded. Xiaose said in his stream that OM.X-Team will return to an online clan, its name will be changed to SCBoy and will be sponsored by SCBoy.[9]

As OM.X-Team [edit]

  • September 3 - X-Team cooperates with a Chinese HearthStone club One More, and gains its own offline training house.[10]
  • December 1 - It was revealed that JIN is in OM.X-Team's trainning house.[11]

As X-Team [edit]

  • June 4th - F91 decided to recruit Shana as a pro SC2 player.
  • June 8th - Courage, HunteR, Mayuki, Aloha, CarsickZerg, Xiaose and F91 himself formed the team.
  • In order to participate in Starcraft League 2015‎, later, On July 15, YHY and Kurafi joined it.
  • Oct 18th, during the transfer window of Starcraft League 2015‎, Ein and ByuN were recruited in order to stay in the league, while HunteR was removed from the roster without playing a single match during the first half of the league.[22]
  • Dec 27th, Xiaose, one of spokesmen of X-Team, announced that the team would not plan to sign another Korean player after ByuN. They are going to focus on rising Chinese players.[23]

Player Roster[edit]

Main Squad[edit]

Active Squad
IDNameJoin Date201120122013201420152016201720182019
ChinadanranGuo Zhi (郭志)2018-04-03-------Challenger League 13 - 16th GPL 2018 Season 2Challenger League 13 - 16th 2019 WCS Fall: China Qualifier
ChinaF91Sun Yifeng (孙一峰)2014-10-??5 - 8th World Cyber Games17 - 24th 2012 WCS Asia Finals-------
ChinaXiaoseHuang Xudong (黄旭东)2015-06-08---------


Inactive Players
IDNameJoin DateInactive Date20162017
ChinaEinGao Kun (高坤)2015-10-17Challenger League 9 - 16th GPL_2015/Grand_FinalsChallenger League 9 - 12th GPL_2017_Season_1_First_HalfGPL_2017_Season_1_Second_Half

Youth Team[edit]

Active Squad
IDNameJoin Date20182019
ChinaForeerChen Xuanhui (陈炫晖)2019-03-30--
Chinasplr1tZhang Zuokun (张祚昆)2019-03-30--
ChinayryfZhang Tianyi (张天一)2019-05-04Challenger League 9 - 12th GPL 2018 Season 2-


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
ChinaAlohaJiang Chengyuan (江澄远)2015-06-082017-02-05 Retirement
ChinaApologizeXie Weike (谢蔚科)2018-07-292019-01-18 Triumphant Song Gaming
Korea (South)ByuNByun Hyun Woo (변현우)2015-10-182016-05-25 Team expert
ChinaCarsickZergLei Tiantong (雷天同)2015-06-08201?-??-??
ChinaChickWu Chuantao (吴传涛)2017-06-052018-03-31 TVS Gaming
ChinaCloudyGao Yuan (高源)2016-02-222019-01-18 Triumphant Song Gaming
ChinaCourageQian Zanqi (钱赞企)2015-06-08201?-??-?? Retirement
ChinaFireflyXue Tao (薛涛)2017-04-012019-01-18 Player 1
ChinaHickokHe Yanbo (何彦博)2018-07-292019-01-18 Triumphant Song Gaming
ChinaHunteRZhang Kaiyuan (张开元)2015-06-082015-10-18
ChinaJINZheng Zhuoming (郑卓铭)2018-01-012018-07-05 TVS Gaming
ChinaKurafiHuang Feipeng (黄飞鹏)2015-06-082015-12-27 Player 1
ChinaMayukiMa Xue (马雪)2015-06-082017-06-20 Team LeiFeng
ChinaMigiZhu Hongcheng (朱鸿诚)2018-07-292019-01-01
ChinaMisakiLi Yuzhang (李雨璋)2018-07-292019-08-12 KaiZi Gaming
ChinaNDNi Dan (倪诞)2018-07-292019-01-01
ChinaShanaWang Yulun (王雨伦)2015-06-042016-01-23 Retirement
ChinaSilkyYin Yongxin (殷泳鑫)2016-07-052017-06-10 TVS Gaming
ChinaTIMELi Peinan (李培楠)2016-01-042018-04-02 Newbee
ChinaWantedChen Sicheng (陈思成)2018-07-292019-03-22 Team LaoPaoer
ChinaY74He Yu (贺昱)201?-??-??201?-??-?? Brave Heart
ChinaYHYYang Hanyu (杨汉宇)2015-06-15201?-??-?? Retirement


ID Name Position
China F91 Sun Yifeng (孙一峰) Founder, Manager, Coach and Sponsor
China Xiaose Huang Xudong (黄旭东) Sponsor

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Placement Tier Tournament Result Prize
2017-12-30 3rd A1Premier NEO Star League 2017 2 : 3 $2,950.07
2017-06-04 2nd A1Premier NEO Star League 2016 2 : 3 $7,256.57
2015-12-27 1st A2Major Starcraft League 2015 3 : 2 $6,400


  • The logo of X-Team is two axe putting a modelling like the letter "x". However, the other modelling will be thought of - iaguz. He is called 斧王 (King with Axe) from Chinese casters' words in order to describe his play style.

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