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League Information
Weekly Online
1v1, Single-elimination
Start Date:


SCV Rush began in 2011, organizing weekly tournaments for various skill levels, hosted on EU and NA servers with small prize pools.

More notable "Masters Brawls" took place between 3 April and 1 May 2012 with $15 for 1st and $5 for 2nd place. From 15 May 2012 on, the prize pool had been increased to $100 and the tournament took off every two weeks. The last Master Brawl occurred on June 26th, 2012.

On 25 April 2012, a $500 showmatch between Netherlands  Ret and Ukraine  White-Ra was ran.[1]. More high stake showmatches were launched and called The Friday Faceoff.

On 6th of August 2016, SCVRush hosted the Gamersensei 200€ Open, followed up by the 300€ Grand Slam.

Tournament Overview[edit]

Currently the following tournaments are hosted regularly:

EU Tournaments[edit]

Day League restrictions Starting Time Prizes
Tuesday 19:00 CET $15 $10
Wednesday 19:00 CET


  • Single elimination.
  • Round of 32 onwards BO3, all previous rounds BO1. The finals are Bo5
  • Signing up is free but limited by leagues for particular tournaments.

Map Pool[edit]

SCVRush uses the current ladder map pool.


ID Name Position
United Kingdom  Flarnot Manager, Admin
Finland  Nunu Meeri Mäkinen Manager, Admin, Caster
Germany  MisterL Manager
Finland  Cenfict Caster
Finland  HeyBuddie Caster

Masters Brawls[edit]

Date # of Players Notes
EU Masters Brawl #1 2012-04-03
Sweden  StarNaN JunG
EU Masters Brawl #2 2012-04-10
Germany Yoigen United Kingdom Shibbxyz TL Invite Thread
EU Masters Brawl #3 2012-04-17
France etidrood Sweden iMtEkNa TL Invite Thread
EU Masters Brawl #4 2012-04-24
Russia  Noname Czech Republic  lumpas TL Invite Thread
EU Masters Brawl #5 2012-05-01
Germany Ballbreaker AG‡Absédé TL Invite Post
EU Masters Brawl #6 2012-05-15
Tournament canceled due to server issues[2]
EU Masters Brawl #6 Take 2 2012-05-29
Ukraine  Kas Denmark Utopi 200 USD prize pool (125/50/25) because previous one was canceled.
EU Masters Brawl #7 2012-06-26
South Korea  ReaL Sweden  viPro TL Post, Bracket

View Games[edit]

  • The tournaments are streamed at scvrush1 on Twitch.
  • Raw VODs of all streamed games can be found on the Twitch archives.


  • SCVRush's first streamed tournament was an NA BSG on 2011/8/24 with 13 participants.
  • The project originally launched in late February 2011 as a simple blog with just two people. Staff was around 40 and people from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark, Sweden, Serbia, United States, Canada, England and more.
  • Other features than tournaments were the custom chat page, content section, practice buddy search engine[3] or custom user profiles.
  • The largest event was the White-Ra vs Ret showmatch on April 25th 2012 - 120,000 views total, 6,600 concurrent viewers at most.
  • On April 9th, 2014, Vogin officially announced his departure from the organization and passed ownership to Roxas
  • On 2017, Flarnot, nunu and MisterL started managing the tournament


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