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SHOUTcraft Kings

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SHOUTcraft Kings is a monthly StarCraft II tournament hosted by TotalBiscuit. It was announced on June 23, 2016.[1] It features a King-of-the-Hill format and a prize pool of $5,000.

[e][h]SHOUTcraft Kings
Series Information
Start Date:
King of The Hill
Total prize money:
≃ $93,000 USD
Liquipedia Tier:

Tournament Information[edit]


  • King of the Hill
    • 20 maps
    • The winner continues to defend until they are defeated.
    • TotalBiscuit picks the next challenger to make for entertaining matches.
    • The king picks an unused map from the pool until all maps are used, at which point any map from the pool can be picked.
    • The king of the hill remains king for the next month.

Prize Pool[edit]

For 2016, $5,000 (USD) were distributed per monthly event, with $250 going to every map winner.

In November 2016, the event was held offline at BlizzCon with a prize pool of $7,000 with $1,000 per win.

Starting in January 2017, Ting began sponsoring the event alongside Blizzard Entertainment. This lead to a $2,500 prize pool increase. The regular prize pool became $7,000, with $350 going to every map winner. Additionally, the King's Bounty was introduced.

The King's Bounty added a $25 "bounty" for every win a "King" or "Queen" has, meaning that when they are defeated, the winner gets an extra $25 for each map won by them, on top of the regular $350 prize.

In June 2017, Ting stopped sponsoring the event and the prize pool returned to $5,000 at $250 per map win. Additionally, the King's Bounty was retired.

In August 2017, Blizzard chimed in with the newly acquired WarChest profits to raise the monthly prize pool to $10,000 for the remainder of the year. Each map now awards $500.[2]


  • The format is based on the Royal Rumble wrestling event.

Longest Running King[edit]

Player Team Winning Streak Winnings (USD)
South Korea Terran INnoVation SK Telecom T1SK Telecom T1 SK Telecom T1 10 $2,500

Current King[edit]

Player Team Winning Streak Winnings (USD)
South Korea Terran Bunny ZZZZZ 3 $750

Overall Winnings[edit]

Player Team Wins Winnings (USD)
Poland Zerg Nerchio EURONICS GamingEURONICS Gaming EURONICS Gaming 17 $5,750
South Korea Terran INnoVation ZZZZZ 16 $4,125
South Korea Terran ByuN Team AcerTeam Acer Team Acer 15 $4,050
South Korea Zerg Solar SplyceSplyce Splyce 12 $5,250
South Korea Protoss Stats SplyceSplyce Splyce 8 $2,325
South Korea Terran aLive ZZZZZ 8 $2,550
South Korea Protoss herO ROOT GamingROOT Gaming ROOT Gaming 7 $2,325
South Korea Protoss Patience ZZZZZ 7 $1,875
South Korea Protoss Zest ZZZZZ 6 $1,850
Canada Zerg Scarlett Team AcerTeam Acer Team Acer 5 $1,350
Poland Protoss MaNa Team LiquidTeam Liquid Team Liquid 5 $1,250
South Korea Zerg soO ZZZZZ 5 $1,700
United States Protoss Neeb TingTing Ting 5 $1,250
South Korea Zerg ByuL ZZZZZ 4 $1,425
South Korea Terran Polt ZZZZZ 4 $1,000
South Korea Terran GuMiho ZZZZZ 4 $1,175
South Korea Terran Bunny DuSt GamingDuSt Gaming DuSt Gaming 4 $1,125
South Korea Terran Ryung True eSportTrue eSport True eSport 3 $875
South Korea Protoss Dear ZZZZZ 3 $750
France Zerg Stephano MeltdownMeltdown Meltdown 3 $750
Netherlands Terran uThermal Team LiquidTeam Liquid Team Liquid 3 $750
South Korea Zerg TRUE PSISTORM GamingPSISTORM Gaming PSISTORM Gaming 3 $750
South Korea Terran TY ZZZZZ 3 $850
South Korea Zerg Hydra ZZZZZ 2 $2,000
China Zerg iAsonu Invictus GamingInvictus Gaming Invictus Gaming 2 $750
Germany Zerg TLO Team LiquidTeam Liquid Team Liquid 2 $700
Brazil Terran Kelazhur ROOT GamingROOT Gaming ROOT Gaming 2 $650
South Korea Zerg Dark ZZZZZ 2 $625
South Korea Terran KeeN ZZZZZ 1 $425
South Korea Protoss Hurricane ZZZZZ 1 $250
South Korea Zerg Impact ZZZZZ 1 $250
South Korea Zerg Losira ZZZZZ 1 $250
South Korea Protoss Super ZZZZZ 1 $250
South Korea Terran Dream ZZZZZ 0 $0