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[e][h] SLoG
Player Information
Andrew An
Alternate IDs:
SLoG4[pG], SLoG4[TmG], FXO.SLoG

Andrew "SLoG" An is a Korean-American Protoss.




Brood War[edit]

SLoG was active in Brood War in the pG clan.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

SLoG was recruited by FXOpen e-Sports in 2011. On March 14, 2012 he announced on Twitter that he left FXOpen e-Sports.[1] On the following day he was announced to have been recruited by Eclypsia[2] as both a player and as a future captain of their South Korean team. On May 12, 2012 he announced on Twitter that he, Scarlett, Artist and DesRow left Eclypsia.[3]

Outside Korea[edit]

SLoG began participating in MLG's season opener in Dallas. There, he played in the open bracket against player MasterAsia and lost 1-2.

At Columbus he showed vastly improved results, defeating relatively unknown players until he lost in the semifinals to MorroW, which dropped him down to the loser's bracket where he would fall to Spades 2-0.

MLG Anaheim would continue SLoG's unfortunate MLG runs—again in the open bracket, he defeated several players 2-0, FireZerg and sycknesS, but lost to teammate qxc 1-2 in the quarterfinals. Dropping into the loser's bracket he would face a similar fate, defeating FireZerg once again with a 4-1 score but fall short against player kevzoid 1-2. Anaheim would be SLoG's final MLG to date.

Code A[edit]

SLoG participated in the GSL Season 1 Code A qualifiers and reached the semifinals, losing 0-2 to Revival.


  • Has been known to practice with South Korean players, like Clide.
  • Introduced the popular sup son catchphrase (brought into popularity by SeleCT) in the Brood War era, according to Artosis.
  • Was one of the major actors in the FXO and fOu merge, and continued to be important in the management sector of the joint team as well.